Yeah, Flip’s girl is a little melanin challenged… TAYLOR>>
Not the tribe, huh? FLIP>>
She’s cool. Studies race dynamics in inner-city
schools. TAYLOR>>
As opposed to the outer city? KENT>>
[Laughs] CHERYL>>
Oh, she white? FLIP & KENT>>
She’s Italian! KENT>>
[Laughs] KENT>>
So, this is Taylor. FLIP>>
Yeah… we go way back. KENT>>
Yeah? TAYLOR>>
No! FLIP>>
Yeah, all the way back to the living room. TAYLOR & FLIP>>
[Tense laughter] TAYLOR>>
[Insincerely] Well it’s nice to meet you. [PHONE RINGS] FLIP>>
Oh, hold on. [PHONE RINGS] I don’t answer it on vacation. CHERYL>>
What about your patients? KENT>>
Ohhh… nice. You got one! FLIP>>
Oh yeah…. my assistant stood in line for 12 hours. KENT>>
Sweet… sexy… FLIP>>
Damn straight. CHERYL>>
Oh you can leave the oatmeal on the counter, we go through it pretty fast. Um… Flip. You never liked White girls. FLIP>>
She’s Italian. KENT>>
Where are mom and dad? I thought they were supposed to be here? Doctor LeVay got called into an emergency, they should be up early tomorrow. Want me to make dinner? KENT>>
No thanks, I think I’ll show Taylor around. You wanna come Flip? FLIP>>
Oh no, I’m cool. I’ll stay here and help our girl with the house. KENT>>
Sooo… what’s first? TAYLOR>>
[Giggling] I don’t know…. whatever you wanna do. You could show me the ocean. KENT>>
You’ve seen oceans. We could go down to the wharf. TAYLOR>>
The wharf? KENT>>
Town. Look around, lots of shops and galleries. TAYLOR>>
I’ve seen towns. KENT>>
Maybe I should show you my room. TAYLOR>>
I’ve seen rooms. KENT>>
Maybe there’s something in my room you’ve seen before, that you’d like to see again. TAYLOR>>
Flip’s girlfriend is white? KENT>>
[Laughing] No. She’s Italian.