in today’s video I am going to another
supermarket soon it’s called Morrison’s Morrison’s what? Is it
Morrison supermarket or Morrison’s well they just call it some
Morris true to say hi so a great summary since the first time I went so pain I
forgot my nylon or I didn’t know tech nylons but this time around I’m ready
for them so I have my nylon with me here not getting something yeah the subscribe
please is the red button that says subscribe to subscribe family it is past
7 here so most of the shops are closed the last one I bought there were sticks
in there but not yeah and Murray sings I don’t even remember multi-roters today
nineteen so it expired six days five days so these are fresh tomatoes but I’m not
ready to put soup now some but only gets in any tomatoes cherry tomatoes here no
no red pepper Andalites Oh he’s a mental bridge
I will find their footballs just not yes and these are bananas how do you need to
get a do you want to get some how much your price down city Takashi for these herbs and spices
and this are the red pepper 0bl bell pepper data coding bell pepper power Spiner salad onions nothing then happen they do I need to get it shop now I don’t think
the sells single shop no this is funny guys my brow pencil that I bought okay I
brought one from Nigeria and I bought another one err there are no sharpness
there and it’s really getting difficult using blades to sharpen them so I really
need to get a sharp knife okay you need milk okay right you were rise to there’s a
particle of brown want this undecideds I have not sent a one you
want well and this is great they have
different categories of food you know like the Irish let it be I’ll
get some other okay the issue the Indian and different order take it okay let’s change you then okay so he’s if we find our cave okay so this is the meat and poultry indulge in some please let’s see oh my god how I love vanilla I really
love vanilla ice cream so let me yeah anyway you don’t see them
yeah any geometry no no rebound or anything yeah only the best people can
remember Thanks and being here having to still the way I
am you stay away from hot steamy from you
miles and high screams so does vegtables I’m
just I’m just trying to salts everything that I’ve bought and I wanna put some in
the fridge