I’m going to show you how to use ShopSite’s OrderAnywhere feature within the Weebly Drag and Drop
application. First, open your control panel, then click on Weebly Drag and Drop. Make
sure the URL you have set is the one you want to use
and then click on Edit My Site. Once you’re in the Weebly application, you can add in the fields that you want. I’m going to add the two column layout so that I can add the image on one side and the product information on the other. And then I click to add my image, select the image from the desktop, and view it in my store. Then I’m going to add Paragraph with Title on the other side so that I can have the product name as the
title and product description in the paragraph. So here I’m going to type in Alphabet Blocks (which is the product name) and then paste the paragraph of the product description. Below the description I’m going to add the price of my product. I’m going to go ahead and make that bold
and increase the font just a little. Once you have it set up the way you want, you can add in the Custom HTML where you want the product Add to Cart button to go. Next open your
ShopSite store. In ShopSite go to Merchandising>OrderAnywhere. Click on your product, and then click on Show Selected HTML. Select all the code and then copy it. Return again to Weebly and where you added the HTML, click to set the custom HTML, then click on Edit Custom HTML to paste it. You can now view your Add to Cart button. I’m going to go ahead and edit that Custom HTML again and add in a
tag to cause a break. So I’m going to find my Add to Cart button and then at the beginning of that input tag I’m going to add the
so it’s on a new line. Now you’re done. You
can publish your website and test your Add to Cart Button.