Hi. I’m Kayla from Creativeminds. Today we’re
looking at the Map Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows you to create
a catalog of map routes using Google maps and your WordPress website. The plugin allows
you to use Google Maps to draw your route, create points of interest and way markers
along the way, show an index map with all routes drawn, search routes by location or
keyword and upload or download routes to or from a phone or navigation device. Let’s take
a step by step look at how the route manager works. This is what the route index look like. You
can show all of the routes in a certain area or search for route by category or by keyword.
Open an individual route to get a detailed map which can be viewed in 2D or in satellite.
IF you scroll down the page, you”ll find a detailed description of the route including
photos, elevation, weather as well as route descriptions. All routes can be exported to
a KML file to be viewed on your navigational device. Wilderness routes can be personally
plotted by the adventurer and information about the trail is accessible to everyone. That’s how you set up the Map Routes Manager
Plugin to create and display both city and wilderness trails. To download the plugin
today visit www.cminds.com.