SNL: Jon Hamm’s Bill Taylor Brings ‘Pizzazz’
to Trump Impeachment Hearings. SNL reimagines the Trump impeachment hearings
as a soap opera (feat. Jon Hamm). Almost the entire “Saturday Night Live”
cast reunited in this episode to give a melodramatic rendition of the week’s public impeachment
inquiry hearings against President Donald Trump. In the House’s first public testimonies
on Wednesday, State Department officials William Taylor and George Kent discussed their concerns
about Trump potentially withholding aid from Ukraine to further his agenda to have Ukrainian
prosecutors investigate the Bidens. On Thursday, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
Marie Yovanovitch testified about how she was ousted from her position for what she
believes was backlash against her anti-corruption work in Ukraine. David Holmes, the political counsel at the
U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, also testified Friday about overhearing Trump and Ambassador to
the European Union Gordon Sondland to discuss “the investigations” during a phone call. The “SNL” Cold Open turned the hearings
into a “Days of Our Lives” soap opera spinoff called “Days of Our Impeachment,”
where, according to the narrator, “the only thing at stake is a democracy.” The soap opera parody is seemingly a tribute
to NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” which recently released its entire cast from their
contracts and is set to go on an indefinite hiatus amidst a long-time decline in ratings. TVLine first reported the news. Alex Moffat plays House Intelligence Committee
Chairman and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif; Mikey Day plays Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio; Cecily
Strong plays Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch; and “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm makes a special
guest appearance as acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor. Kyle Mooney plays a Sondland who claims he’s
recovering from amnesia, a common soap opera trope. The parody also mentions an actual moment
from the hearings, where Schiff read a Trump tweet attacking Yovanovitch in real-time as
she testified. Some have called the tweet witness intimidation,
to which the White House responded: “The tweet was not witness intimidation, it was
simply the President’s opinion, which he is entitled to.” “If the president wanted to intimidate you,
he’d shoot you in the face on Fifth Avenue,” Day’s Jordan says in the “SNL” parody. The comment is a double reference that’s
more recently tied to an argument made by Trump’s lawyers about the limits of the
presidency’s legal protections. Trump himself claimed he “could stand in
the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, okay, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” at
a campaign event in Iowa in January 2016. The “SNL” version was also complete with
Heidi Gardner playing a constantly fainting woman who repeats certain phrases for emphasis,
a must on any soap or telenovela. Of course, the show took some additional creative
liberties by including faces that haven’t appeared at the public hearings. Kate McKinnon reprises her role as Trump’s
personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Beck Bennett appears as Senate Majority Leader
Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Pete Davidson also makes a rare Cold Open
appearance as celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, who famously helped the president hide his
extramarital affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., (Melissa
Villaseñor) appears with cued wind blowing through her hair to start an unexpected romance
with Taylor. Kenan Thompson also participates in the skit
as Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns player who was suspended this week after attacking
a rival with helmet during a game. Harry Styles, a former One Direction member
gone solo artists, devoted his first “SNL” host’s monologue ever to proving that he
is, in fact, a “serious musician.” “I’m not in a boy band anymore,” Styles
reminded the audience. “I’m in a man band now.” He also teases all the former Directioners
— a name for One Direction fans — in the audience by wondering how crazy it would be
if his former bandmates were with him during his monologue. “But they’re not,” he said. Although audience members could only guess
if Styles was actually playing the piano — which continued playing as he took a sip of a Martini
with a garnish of three olives — there’s one thing they could be sure of. “I just want to make it clear to you all
that my priority is the music.” Styles said. “It goes music, then fantastic hair, then
comedy, then family, then friends.” The “Weekend Update” segment returned
to Trump’s twitter tirade against Yovanovitch Friday, with Colin Jost pointing out that
even a Fox News host said the comment made the president look like “a big dumb baby.” “And that’s what they’re saying on his
favorite channel,” Jost followed. Michael Che begrudgingly admitted he didn’t
watch the hearings, but Che got even more honest about his feelings on the impeachment
inquiry. “I don’t think I care if Donald Trump
is actually guilty,” Che said. “I just want something to happen to him. Hypothetically, if you found out for a fact
that Donald Trump was actually innocent, but they were sending him to jail anyway, would
you mind?” Che and Jost also discussed topics less related
to Trump, like the world’s largest Starbucks opening in Chicago on Friday. Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) shows the “Weekend
Update” desk and audience his latest campaign ads for his bid for U.S. Senator of Alabama. Jost and Che can’t help but notice that
Sessions seems to be working a little too hard to mend his relationship with the president. “Vote for Jeff Sessions because I will bend
over backwards for you Alabama, and bend over forwards for Mr. Trump.” President of Distribution Scooter Rineholdt,
president of distribution at a dairy milk producer company, defends his love of cow’s
milk and reads the latest “news” on what’s happened to people who stop drinking it. For his first set, Styles performed “Lights
Up” while wearing a black glittery bodysuit with a deep V-neck and lightly padded soldiers
which contrasted with the stage’s sharp white background. Styles then took to the stage for a second
time with single, “Watermelon Sugar,” while donning a watermelon-inspired outfit. He released the song just hours before his
performance for the “SNL” audience. Both songs are from Styles’ upcoming album
“Fine Line,” which is expected to drop December 2019.