hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch this week’s beverage taste test so today it’s on the ginger flavored
sprite I feel like spring is coming out with a whole bunch of different flavors
yeah I had never seen this I do think this is new but spring ginger lemon lime
and ginger flavored so that you don’t like to interview I don’t think that I
prefer Mary Ann anyway if you’d like to see us give this a try
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that we can come on back and watch whenever you would like to still trying
to find that cinnamon coke and the peach flavor of Mountain Dew but for some
reason it’s not in our stores but I haven’t seen anything I have never said
never seen a commercial or advertisement for the spring ginger same with like the
sprite lemonade or whatever yeah we tried eight I had never seen anything
about that but we’re gonna go and give this a try it is nice and cold did you
feel that through your beard on any skin anyway yeah we’re gonna go and give this
a try it’s been in the fridge overnight so we’re giving it the best chance we
can I love ginger so I’m just gonna say I’ll probably love this but we’ll see okay okay this looks right I smell a little
bit of ginger it smells it smells like a cleanser it smells like a bathroom on
kitchen cleanser what does it smell like it does have a
little bit of a pints all set just so weird okay okay you ready okay tiniest bit of ginger flavor to me
it okay any time for my experience all the different clickers right we tried we
tried the cranberry the lemonade this we tried a different one is that it all the
flavored sprites tastes like Diet Sprite to me sprite was something else maybe
the very very first okay it’s really carbonated and so like after you get
through the carbonation the very first thing I do taste is a very very slight
hint of ginger like it’s after after I swallowed it
that kind of that ginger comes through but it’s very very light I don’t know um honestly I would rather just drink
regular spray at least sprite tastes like sprite it seems like when they try
to do different flavors it doesn’t taste like sprite anymore it just tastes like
Diet Sprite it just to me this tastes almost like carbonated water there’s
like no sprite taste and like no ginger taste to me it just tastes like
carbonated water I’m kind of disappointed cuz I really like ginger I
like like ginger sodas I like ginger candy I like ginger and this hardly has
any ginger flavor to me it’s 160 calories for the bottle I’m sorry it’s
210 calories I’m so sorry it’s 210 calories for the bottle this is a wasted
calories in my opinion I mean yeah this so carbonated water high
fructose corn syrup natural flavor citric acid and sodium citrate so
there’s like it’s not it’s not even listed that there’s ginger unless unless
it’s considered the natural flavors but there’s there’s like no ginger flavor
okay I’m gonna stop complaining if you have to give it a scale of one to five
just a three I think it I would give it a one um I’m sorry when it says ginger
sprite I want ginger and there’s hardly any ginger flavor like there’s there’s
like no sprite flavor either so yeah yeah no I’m too new you like better
no I to me there was saying sprained something I put the same to me okay yeah I to me 7up and sprite tastes
the same they’re totally interchangeable for me
you know I think a lot of people they would drink sprite when they’re sick or
something up when they’re sick this I mean ya know if you’re expecting the
sprite to actually have ginger flavor it doesn’t doesn’t have Spray flavor either
to me personally but yeah I’m disappointed I thought this ginger
sprite would be pretty good honestly the next time I see a new sprite flavor
I’m honestly I don’t even pick it up this is like the third sprite we’ve
tried flavor and it’s nothing so sprite because I know you’re watching
this is at PepsiCo who makes spray I don’t know who makes spray is it
coca-cola coca-cola coca-cola if you’re watching this a no-no I know you’re not
gonna do sprite flavors actually make them taste like the flavor just a
suggestion anyway um yeah this this is a no-go for
me and I gave it a 1 you give it a 3 so yeah anyway at least you’re consistent
at least they’re consistent lettuce driven a different label yeah there’s
like yeah yeah anyway thank you so much for coming back to watch of this week’s
beverage taste test I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to grumpy
I’m just if it says something I wanted to actually taste like that I’m sorry
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