Hey Youtubers it’s Charlie is going to be
my Star Wars trailer breakdown everybody let’s freak out this is like the last big final
trailer will get a lot more footage but this is one of the last big huge trailers high-fives
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you if you started crying like whenever the Star Wars music you start applying but this
is all about the force awakening it’s calling to you just let it in so it sounds like we
actually heard Lupita’s character I did next to see her but it opens on Rey’s character
I know a lot of you sounded disappointed that Rey wasn’t holding a light saber in and the
poster but I do think that she’s force sensitive is a reason she’s holding her staff parallel
to Kylo Ren here but I think in these opening scenes with heard the voices were hearing
our Lupita’s character Moss Cannata talking to Rey and a lot of people are thinking that
Lupita’s character might be the one to give the protagonist Anakin Skywalker’s light saber
that we’ve seen in previous trailers but he is really interesting them them putting her
at the beginning of this trailer in what she’s doing here tells you about what’s going on
she’s investigating the star destroyer wreckage from the battle of Jakku so it’s almost like
she’s rediscovering the past and that’s another big theme in the trailer all the stories you’ve
heard their true consoles just think the Jedi the dark side the Empire all those things
that happen 30 years ago they are totally true it does make you wonder what the Imperial
propaganda machine is turned into is just really icing on the cake the fact that she
says I’m no one it just makes you think of arias Stark in game of thrones she is kind
like the arias Stark of this movie video looks like he starts out with the first-order like
he has a crisis of conscience he just doesn’t know what he supposed to be doing with his
life I don’t know what my purposes that’s a big theme of this movie to these new characters
recognizing their purpose so he crashes on Jakku and there’s a disturbance in the force
we actually got we heard that in the last trailer to talking to Kylo Ren’s character
have you felt it this is awesome seeing this close-up of his mask if you haven’t bought
one for hollowing now’s the time to do it you can clearly see that he has gone and scavenge
the remains of Darth Vader’s armor sweeties talking to the helmet like he feels like Darth
Vader was doing something really awesome and he wants to continue the mission here’s Poe
Damron who it looks like they captured and are interrogating is the star destroyer wreckage
again maybe after they rescue the new characters that just looks so much more awesome inside
the morning falcon of the battle little bit of CG most of this is all practical though
on everybody like really appreciate is that they built a real set on solo speechifying
the past bunch of chewy Kylo Ren with a bunch of first-order troopers I don’t think that
these are the nights of rent that’s the organization that he got his name from like he took that
name I don’t know if that’ll still be a thing when the movie picks up this looks like it’s
after Finn his join the resistance account remind you of a new hope when Han Solo and
Luke Skywalker are saying their last goodbyes before they go to a soul the death Star like
good like kid this is on solo looking like he might be taking them to some sort of Jedi
Temple maybe he’s taking them to Luke Skywalker that I should be really awesome I’m not expecting
to see him in any of these clips supposedly he’s just going to be a bigger character in
episode a penny is an episode seven Captain Phasma looking fabulous JJ Abrams actually
said that she is like his favorite new characters I’m interested to see how many people love
Captain thousand she’s probably going to become like the Boba Fett person of the movie is
it that one quirky character that everyone wants to cosplay as this is like someone really
important as diets everyone theory craft I think it’s going to be a main character but
it might be a new main character it might not be one of the original ones she gets real
this ice planet is supposed to be where the star killer bases and it might even be inside
the planet’s core like so big that the planet itself hides it the poster makes it look like
it’s another death Star like it it’s is like an external thing that floats around but it
might be inside the planet to we we don’t we don’t know yet more awesome battles this
will all be playable in video games so if you guys want to play these don’t worry you
will get the chance Princess Leia for the first time on the resistance base and light
saber battle she gets real so I will go ahead and say that I do not think that Darth Vader
is gonna be a big thing in this movie a lot people were wondering they were there theories
that he might be resurrected he might appear in some way if he appears it would be in a
flashback I’m not expecting flashbacks Kylo Ren’s character just wants to pick up where
Darth Vader left off even though Luke Skywalker was able to redeem Vader invader, changed
his plans in the fourth quarter deep in the fourth quarter but it is freaking awesome
footage everybody was freak out and rewatch this like 10 more times but I do tomorrow
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