in this video I’m going to show you how
you can start at $200 a day blog in a very simple niche
I’m gonna show you how this niche can help you generate results similar to
what you can see here on the screen seventeen thousand dollars in a single
month on a simple website and I’m also going to reveal to you
keywords similar to what you can see here on the screen with keyword
difficulty of between 1 and 4 so super newbie keywords that have a lot of
search volume and are very they’re easy to rank for recently somebody actually
offered to buy my travel website travel crop calm I’ve had this website now for
a couple of years and I actually have been neglecting this website I really
like the domain name and I just don’t have the time to actually properly grow
it still even though I’ve pretty much neglected this website I haven’t posted
any new content on it if we look at the organic search you can see that it’s
been growing since 2017 when I started this website till now it’s been growing
in a straight line and I actually am managing to rank for a lot of the
keywords that you can see here Bora Bora sharks and center a lot of keywords I’m
managing to rank in position one for them and I am actually getting a decent
amount of traffic so you can see Travel croc I’m getting currently anywhere from
100 to 200 visitors every single day even though I have been absolutely
neglecting this website I’ve done zero on it in the last two years so I know
there is potential without any backlinks just by putting up content I’m managing
to get 200 visitors every single day to this site and that’s how I got the idea
for this video because some of you guys might be wanting to start a blog or a
website in this niche and I want to show you how easy it is to actually rank in
these in this niche first of all let’s try to figure out whether it’s actually
possible to make money in this niche so last week when I was making a video I
came across this website two wandering souls calm and I came across their
income report from June 2019 so these guys actually post content that is quite
similar to the content they are post on Travel croc they just posted a lot more
content and they’ve obviously been spending the time to build up their blog
but let’s look at their numbers so they made seventeen thousand eight hundred
and $11 in June 2019 and if we look at the
breakdown of the earnings you can see that they made $12,000 roughly from
affiliate marketing and 5,000 786 from advertising on media vine so I feel that
marketing you know earnings are great but just if we look at advertising let’s
try to figure out whether there is actually profits to be made just from
traffic and just from ads in this niche so five thousand seven hundred and
eighty six if we divide that by the amount of traffic that they have
received which was two hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred ninety
five sessions we can see that they’re making two and a half cents roughly per
visitor that they get onto their website so if you multiply that by 1,000 we get
rpm or revenue per thousand visitors of twenty five dollars which is pretty
awesome it’s as good as a lot of other niches such as home improvement etc and
certainly my stats on my own travel croc website are reflecting similar numbers
as well I’m using Adsense so my earnings per 1000 visitors are actually lower
because these guys use media vine as they said however I know roughly that
you know I’m making in the same league like my earnings are not ten times worse
or anything like that so we now know that this niche is actually an
absolutely profitable niche you can obviously then also promote various
affiliate programs in there as well such as a god or etc etc so now
let’s talk about how do you actually get traffic in this niche now we know that
the niche is profitable and you know it’s absolutely worth getting into but
what kind of traffic can you generate and how so one of the very common search
queries that people interested in traveling type into Google are things to
do in and then you can see because I’m in Sydney it’s Google are suggesting to
me Sydney immediately but of course you know if they are for example they might
type in something like things to do in bali things to do in adelaide or things
to do in melbourne things to do in melbourne with kids
things to do in melbourne at night etc so this is a very common part of the
search query things to do so with that in mind let’s jump over to h Refs
and let’s stop in things to do and let’s search United States just out of
interest because the United States is the hardest country for all kind of
things you know to rank because that’s sort of the the traffic that generally
is considered the most profitable traffic so still let’s do this thanks to
the google united states click search and then we go for having same terms and
now we can see there is one point five almost million keywords obviously we
need to filter this list down so let’s type in keyword difficulty or between
one and four right now there is a bit of an issue with a través database for
keyword difficult determines 0 so that’s why i’m going between 1 and 4
once that’s fixed in a couple of days we can go from 0 to 4 but let’s just do 1
to 4 for now hit apply and then we still have twenty nine thousand two hundred
and forty keywords so let’s go 300 search volume minimum to go four really
sort of good keywords and we’ve got 1649 keywords just with the base phrase of
things to do now look this is awesome things to do in Orange County in
Pasadena Cocoa Beach in Berkeley Idaho Falls etc etc so let’s take a closer
look at some of them so I’m gonna for example this one things to do in Twin
Falls Idaho 2300 searches on us Google per month and that’s just of this
keyword term obviously there’s going to be a lot of related ones for example
things to do in Twin Falls Idaho with kids at night and so on but this is sort
of the base keyword or keyphrase that you can target if we expand this and
look at the search engine results we can see that on page one we’ve got some
really weak sites that will be super easy to outrank let’s look at a couple
of stats here one is this thing a are what we’re looking for is high AR values
because loyal AR site’s means that they’re very strong very high AR values
means that the website is actually really weak so we can see one result
here with 14 million ir rank so anything over 1 million is
basically in a week website we can see another one with 1.2 and we can see
another one with 6.5 mill so there are three websites in here there are really
week websites so this is starting to look really good the other things to
look into here are backlinks and domains so this week website with rank of 6.5
million has got zero backlinks and it’s still on page one so this is how I
normally verify the difficulty to make sure that there are no mistakes let’s
take a quick look at this so let’s open up Eagle would calm and what I can see
here is that there is not a lot of content if I select all of these content
and if I count these words we can see there is only 540 words not sure if you
guys can see this hopefully you can see this 540 words on this whole page so
with very short content they managed to rank now let’s take a look at something
else here this one traveling spot let’s open that one up and we can see once
again it just says 9 things to do in Twin Falls Idaho it says hi I’m Caty so
this is not a corporate website it’ll be pretty easy for you guys to compete with
this one even if you have a brand new website like let’s say you register
domain today it will still be very easy for you to rank for this so 9 things to
do in Twin Falls Idaho let’s select all of this content let’s once again measure
how difficult it is okay so this one is count these words 1187 words and these
domain traveling spot is has got a rank of 14 minutes this is a super weak
domain guys so now I am look based on these I am 100% convinced that this
keyword will be very very easy to rank for and you know the content is easy to
create you don’t need to create long content so basically if you write one
and a half thousand words or two thousand words even on a brand new
domain you can probably rank for this as you can see you know there’s there’s
articles that are ranking with zero backlinks so your next question might be
well how do you actually create content for this I mean obviously there are very
nice photos on here and to create the content I’m going to explain to you what
I did with so let’s say if I wanted to write an
article on things to do in Twin Falls Idaho I would go and I would search in
Google for this and I would make a list or let’s say I decide to write about 15
things to do in Twin Falls Idaho so I will then open this up and I would take
a look at this and it would say taking the views from the canyon rim trail so
I’ll actually then start making least okay like this taking the views from
brainian canyon rim trail dine on the edge of the profit Canyon and then maybe
I’ll take another one zip the snake so something like this then I will go into
another result and for wonder wisdom I’ll take another 3 from here just so
that it does not look obvious that you’re ripping off one particular
website okay so you’re doing your own research so I’m gonna go out here visit
shoshana Falls and then maybe visit this sawtooth National Forest okay so I’ll
get a couple from here and then I’ll basically what I’ll do is I’ll make a
list of 15 or 20 things that I’m going to write about so the content is
actually very easy to create because you just have a list of things and you
literally write a few paragraphs about each of them and you do that research
now where do you get the images because obviously to write about those things
it’s very nice if you also have the images so when I was doing this on
travel crock for example this article here what to do in Rio de Janeiro okay
you can see I’ve got all these images we just literally made comments sort of
several sentences a paragraph about each of these things like Copacabana beach
etc the first way to get this content is you can google for images that have got
the license for you to be able to use on your own website so let’s say when I’m
writing about sure Sharan falls apologize if I’m not pronouncing this
correctly don’t know how to say this okay so I’ll just like that and I’ll
type it into Google and Google for and I can see these are the falls yes nice
obviously I can’t use these photos because that would be stealing so what
we need to do is go into images and then go into settings and then
Advanced Search and then here at the bottom choose usage rights free to use
share or modify even commercially he’ll Advanced Search and look at what comes
up now I can see the images of those same same waterfalls and I can see that
some of them actually have got that license for example I can possibly use
this border from Flickr Flickr comms I can just go here and look at the license
on Flickr and when I open this photo on Flickr I can have a look at the license
terms so let me just scroll through see it says some rights reserved
so let’s just double check and make sure that this license is correct
it says attribution share-alike 2.0 generic all right so here it says you
are free to share and adapt so it says remix transform and build upon the
material for any purpose even commercially so you can use this photo
on your website provided you adhere to these additional terms you need to give
attribution so you can look at how to give appropriate credit but basically
you guys can use this photo you can just take this photo and use it as your own
on your website and then you can just do the same thing with all of these items
that you’ve decided to cover you can generally find photos under Creative
Commons if you can’t for whatever reason just remove that and replace it with
another item for which you can’t find photos now we’ve covered just one
keyword term here for things to do in Twin Falls Idaho you actually have
another 1649 keywords to go through in total which are super super super low
key word difficulty so the opportunity is limitless pretty much here and that’s
just for United States you can actually do the same thing for let’s say Canada
okay on your same website just register a generic sort of travel website and
once you once you go forward canadian search engine let’s go a keyword
difficulty to again between one and four and volume we go for from 300 onwards
okay there is another hundred and twenty seven keywords here for things to do in
Canada then we can do the same thing for
Australia and all other countries that you can possibly think of you can do
this so for Australia if we choose queuing
difficulty between one and four and volume from 300 onwards we’re gonna get
a bunch of keywords here as well 241 keywords that you can write on here so
the opportunity to publish content and to make money is literally endless if
you do decide to set up a blog at least niche then I’ve actually got
step-by-step videos on my youtube channel that you can watch for free that
will show you step-by-step how to set up that blog how to start publishing the
content and how to start making money from this blog if you’d like even more
help if you’d like my training course and my mentorship package then just a
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