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that one seven days a week as well o we get down below for you okay so obviously
I gonna shower bath a little while ago and I used this for the first time I
picked this up actually today at my local Kroger’s and it was less than
three dollars and it is a huge 32 fluid ounce bottle so this is a pH balanced
two and one so it’s shampoo and conditioner mixed and it’s mas not
supposed to leave any kind of heavy residue at which I love to in ones
because they’re fast they’re easy they do save you some time
but a lot of them can leave kind of a build up in your hair and this one
claims not to so it has a micro moisture complex it’s pH balanced it cleanses and
conditions hair and yeah so using us so this stuff I was really surprised I
was used to swap having kind of like a coconut smell this smell is totally
different it has no coconut smell to it it kind of smells a little bit like
Nexus smells really really good has a really nice light fragrance to it smells
really really good I love that it does have a pump and it’s very creamy it
lathered very well I was really really surprised so I’ve been combed my hair
yet so and I haven’t put anything else in my hair and it uses a separate
conditioner I don’t use a leave-in nothing like that so let’s go ahead and
see how this goes so right off the bat is a little bit
more painfully than when I use my Pantene to Anaheim shampoo conditioner
but it’s definitely not bad I have some shampoo and conditioner sets that my
hair’s this tangled so that doesn’t really bother me but I definitely have
tried other two on ones where it’s a little bit more smooth or I guess just
easier to get a comb through but to be fair I’ve been out of the bathtub for
like 15 minutes I was sitting watching Gordon Ramsay so could have been a
little bit you know my hair is starting to dry a little bit uh my hair doesn’t have any kind of
scent to it so even though it is lightly scented it doesn’t linger in the hair
which that doesn’t bother me I usually spray you know body spray or
perfume in my hair so it’s I don’t really need like a lingering scent with
my shampoo or conditioner I have to say I am pretty pleasantly surprised I feel
like I haven’t used a suave shampoo or conditioner in a very very long time
I like suave hair sprays but yeah I used a swamp shampoo conditioner in a while
it feels like it’s when I did see this huge bottle for less than three bucks at
my local store I know I had to give it a try I really do like suave over the last
I’d say like five years or so they’ve definitely come out with a lot more I
know suave makes like a rosemary mint shampoo a lot of their shampoo
conditioners seem to be like compared to like salon brands so they suave has a
ton of different hair care needs like moisturizing color-treated you know
stuff for volume stuff for dryness so you know it is extremely affordable it’s
also made by Unilever it is not cruelty free
you know we versatile tests on animals and on the packaging it doesn’t say that
it’s cruelty free so it’s not cruelty free um yeah I’m pleasantly surprised my
hair feels clean it feels moisturized and also like I said my hair starting to
dry like up at the roots I am I can feel that it’s starting to dry and my hair
feels pretty lightweight I will definitely update the description
box with how my hair felt I’m gonna keep you to use this um and
I’ll just let you know also I’m starting into the first video already went out
but I’m going to be giving updates on products that I
I only feel like that’s fair first impressions they are exactly that first
impression so I would love to continue to update on products that I try and do
is to like them or whatever I do think that if you have very dry hair I
definitely don’t think this would be enough moisture for you you would have
to use a separate conditioner or just not buy this I think if you have normal
to combination hair oily hair like I have combination here oily roots dryer
ends I think this would be a really good alternative
I do like two one ones like I said because they are fast there are some you
know I get off very late in the evening and you know when I’m in the shower and
the tub I need to be in and out and I know I know rationally doing shampooing
and rinsing and then doing conditioner I know it doesn’t take a horribly long
time but doing it to a one is quicker so I will let you know you know I’ll
continue use this and like I said you will see an update on this as well but
yeah so far first impressions I really like this suave two-in-one daily plus
shampoo conditioner I like that it’s pH balanced I like that it’s not gonna
supposedly leave buildup in my hair which I really do appreciate so yeah I’m
super excited I like the packaging and I like the huge bottle for less than 3
bucks but anyway I hope you enjoyed this week’s haircare review you did who’s
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