Good morning 🙂 I dropped off my child at kindergarten and changed into comfy clothes. I start my day off by cleaning in the morning. I found my child’s lost toy. Make the bed with fresh sheets. The sound makes me want to sleep again. I changed the blankets to thin blankets. The changed atmosphere makes me happy. I don’t know why this makes me feel good in the morning. I guess happiness depends on how you think of it. On a relaxed day than others, I clean the house in the morning. Making natural detergent I postponed for so long. Mix soju with freshly washed lemon with baking soda. Lemon soju is good for disinfection. It’s better if you let it sit for a few more days, but I’m going to let it sit for just an hour today. Mix vinegar with baking soda and clean the grime off the sink. Vinegar is also good for getting rid of mold and disinfection. Make all-purpose detergent by mixing baking soda, water, vinegar, and kitchen detergent. It’s really effective for greasy pans and pots. I’ll clean the window frame first. I’ve gathered old clothes and wet wipe I’ve only used once. Use a wooden chopstick to wipe places you can’t reach. Wipe one more time with a wet tissue and it’s done. Pour the fermented Lemon soju into a sprayer. Wipe the stains immediately when you see them. I’m cleaning here and there of the house with natural detergent. Opening my own home cafe, since I had a sweet tooth. Toast with butter and sugar mixed at 1:1 ratio. You can make a home cafe without special materials. Today’s drink is ‘coffee milk’. Pour the coffee mix into cold milk. It’s nice and crispy. It makes me want to eat again. I’m pampering myself for the hard work I’ve done. There’s a quote a father told his daughter from a TV show. Daughter, now you are going to be a wife, And a mother of your children. And your life will continue like that… But my daughter.. Even if you become somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother Don’t give up your own happiness… Don’t forget you are daddy’s precious little girl. Never forget that you and me, we’re all important. I had a good time. These days I love watching cookbooks. I still have a lot to learn, but getting to know new recipes one by one, and caring for my family with the food I made is quite satisfying. I’m trying to cheer up since I have a tight deadline due today. I’m making ‘Corn pancakes’ for my child’s snack from my cookbook. One cup of corn, two table spoon of flour, one table spoon of water, and one table spoon of cooking oil. Spread cooking oil nice and smooth on a paper foil. Air fry at 190 degrees for 15 minutes. It’s more delicious with honey. We’re seeing around places when kindergarten’s over. A few days ago, Siyoon said daddy has ‘0 points’. I asked him one more time. He said daddy gets no point cuz he’s got a big belly. Come out~ it’s here. This is the animal book Siyoon is into these days. “I haven’t seen this one.” “I haven’t seen Cuckoo” “You wanna see Cuckoo?” “Yeah.” Superman daddy is on a mission for Siyoon who wants to see animals. Siyoon was ecstatic all day seeing his animal friends. Nature’s sound and the green field was so beautiful. When a child grows up, they say that raising kids when they are still baby is the most beautiful and happiest moment. They say time flies and a child is only a child for a short time. You are growing up as a child, and me as a mother. And we are recording moments that will never come back. Thanks for watching my video till the very end.