This is the Ghost-riding Bucket. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Lets go! Dude Perfect. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Super Bowl
stadium trick shots. Here we go! This is the knock down,
ring, ring, ring, ring shot. There’s four. Four loops and a punch
out target, bang. Fun fact, most NFL kickers
prefer one hash or the other. Gar, believe it or not,
prefers the end zone. That’s why I’m not
an NFL kicker, Ty. Hey, good luck with that. This is the skinny field goal. Boom! Let’s go. Feel like my toenail’s
about to fall off. Hold it together
for the viewers. Cody and Garrett have
got the basketball goal in the back of the golf
cart down on the field. We’re at the top of section 300. It’s go time. (ON RADIO) All right,
we’re ready down here. You guys ready? Yep. Tell Codes to send a cart. Let’s do this. Let’s go baby. This is the upper decker
mobile golf cart bucket. Let’s go. Yeah! Let’s go! Woo! Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. This is the low- to -high. Got him! Woohoo. All right, so we’ve
got a very obnoxious Ty and Gar driving the golf cart
for the Full Send Hail Mary. Let’s get it. Here we go! Here we go! Woohoo! Let’s go baby. We both sent it. Mini battle time, welcome to
the Pin’em Deep Challenge. Each guy gets one punt from the
40, closest to the goal line is the winner. Here we go. The real Team Coby
fans realize I’ve won many a mini battle in my life. Which means nothing! No one care more about
mini battles than this guy. Hey, be honest, did you
just watermelon-punt it? He watermelon-punted? Absolutely! It’s a great punt style. That’s just, folks that’s sad. This is the World’s
Longest Crossbar Hit. Yeah! Woo! Time for a twin shot. First, I hit my
target, which releases the string, tires going to
swing, then I pop the balloon. This is the Twin Tire Buster. That’s nice. Honestly, the laziest trick
shot I could think of. You know, as we wait,
let’s enjoy another trick shot from Ty. The white balloon is the target. This is Threading the Needle. Bang! Let’s go! What a shot, T. Man,
those are fun to watch. Anyways, my turn. [CHEERING] Like I said, laziest trick
shot I could think of. That was fun. We got three dominoes. Cody’s going to be driving
the golf cart on the back, he throws, hits the
first domino, boom, hits the second domino, boom,
hits the third domino, smashes the lever. Oh, OK. Launching the skeet in
the air, hopefully I hit it before it hits
the ground and breaks. Bang! Let’s go. Yeah, buddy! It’s hard driving
these guys, you know? Oh my god. Have you lost your mind? Upon further review, Ty
and Coby are so close, in the event that they’re
tied in the final, they’ll do a punt-off. All right, quick update,
with Corey’s touchback, that means inside the
five is wide open, let’s put the ball there. Well, Cobes and I finished
near the goal line. We did. Obviously, I don’t
want to win like that. So we’re going to
go to a punt-off. That’s convenient, because I
don’t want to win like that. So we’re going to do a punt-off. I would have given
it to Ty anyways, because he didn’t
watermelon-kick it. [LAUGHTER] [BELL CHIMING] Another mini battle! Another mini battle. I thought you
mentioned something about there being a mini
trophy for the winner? So you guys know, it
took him 0.2 seconds to ask for his trophy after
the watermelon-kick punt win. Hey, congratulations
Coby Cotton, there it is. Thank you, Tyler,
it means the world. He’s a great guy. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s
everyone’s favorite time, the Big Shot. Typically, we go to
the top of the stadium, like section 300, 400 is max. This is like a stadium
on top of a stadium. And I don’t like it. Let’s do this. I do not like heights. Take a look folks,
take a look at that. That. Woo. All right, here we go. This is the Rooftop
Super Bowl Swisher. [CHEERING] Yeah! Woo! We’re so high! I get to go down,
that’s why I’m excited. [CHEERING] ‘Atta baby! I am going to take all
the credit for that one. I told him to
throw it, you know? East-west wind, so anyway, it’s
kind of my shot, pretty cool. Thanks Gar. What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
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