[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey this is
Tatiana King Jones, and watch Marvel
make me the hero. I realized that I love
to produce and podcasts, because when I went online
I noticed that people had a chance to talk about
everything they loved about geek culture, whether
it was about the characters, whether it was about the
design, whether it was about the stories
that they appeared in, people had a voice online. And I’ve always
been a great writer. I’ve always loved to write. So I realized I can
put the two together and make something happen. It was like late ’90s. You know, I’m in
elementary school. And I was kind of like the dork. Like no one wanted to– everyone
said, oh, she’s so weird. She’s into all these
weird things, into tech and engineering, and comics. But as I got older, I started
meeting people who realized, you know what? That’s really cool
that you like that. And I think that’s what it was. It was just growing up. And really comics helped me
meet new people, helped me grow, and realize there
are different ways, there are different
people, there are different attitudes about
everything you like in life. The fact that now
with the podcasting I have this community that
not only embraces my thoughts and my words, but also they
want to have their own thoughts and words also
out there, and I’m able to interact with
everybody, like this is just something that I
can only dream of happening. And I’m so grateful that
I’m able to have it. This experience of
making my own hero really helped me be a little
bit more introspective into my own life, to assist
everyone within geek culture, but potentially and
especially for black women and geek in pop culture. So with my hero I wanted her
to be a black woman for sure. And I definitely wanted
my own hero to take up after me in that way. I’ve always thought my character
in the sense of a techno mage, which is what I envision
as someone who can pretty much have lord over
all technology, regardless of where
it comes from. If they came across
a situation where they had to, I don’t
know, get into a building, and there is some
security system, they’re able to connect
right into that building. They’re able to connect right
into the security system, understand the protocols
behind it, hack right into it, and open doors for everybody. So the costumes for
my hero, I always envision it similar
to Rogue in the sense that it’s kind of mercenary-ish. She’s super badass. And it’s just so
sleek and modern. But at the same
time, it’s colorful so that she stands out. I wanted cerulean blue. That’s my favorite color. Blue, in general,
is my favorite, but cerulean specifically. So I had to incorporate
that into the outfit. I would say my
character would be able to use her powers
of techno maging to be able to help fix situations. Lots of times you see
people in communities who don’t have
access to technology, or their access
is pretty limited. I wanted her to be able to open
up that world for everyone. I’ve always wanted this
materializing heads up display, basically a shade that can
just materialize right in front of my eyes and give me all the
information about the world, all the tech in front of me,
all the people in the room. I figure that this
will be incredibly useful for my character. [GASPS] Holy crap. This is amazing. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Oh, my god. I’m about to cry. This is like so cool. Like she immediately reminds
me of like like Rogue, with like a dash of Shuri,
and also a dash of Storm. This heads up display, the fact
that it’s translucent, which means you can still
see the real world, but also you have
some information about the real world
overlaid on top of it. Being a black woman and having
a character that’s now– was in my head, and
now drawn to life just gives me fuel for the fire. It gives me an understanding
that anything is possible. And that’s important. It’s important for me. It’s important for other
little girls of color if you put your efforts,
your love, and your energy into it that you
can make it real. And she’s real. [DIGITAL BLIPS] [WHIRRING] [DIGITAL BLIPS] Thanks, Marvel, for
making me into a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING]