Boo! Hello guys, welcome back to Jim’s Funhouse featuring me: Demons Jim Today, I will be talking about the Maestas siblings. And I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know if that is how you say their name and it’s hard to figure out. So, I’m really hoping I’m saying their name right Um, and they were two teenagers that were involved in the Attack of a ten-year-old and three-year-old And I will get more into those details so just you wait. So, um I like to call this one “a drug deal gone wrong” even though that’s technically like, not really what happened. It was more like “a drug deal and a rip-off that led to a very violent attack”. It’s… bad. Trying to make true crime fun? Have y’all seen, or have y’all heard- listened to that podcast Wow, I 100% forgot what it’s called It’s those two women who like talk about true crime but kind of like joke around a little bit They don’t like joke at the expense of the people who were hurt, it’s more like “Hey, how can we make true crime stuff a little bit more light-hearted sometimes?” In some respects, to make it a little bit nicer to listen to, I don’t really know how to explain it I know I forgot the name but I will like put it in in “post”. I’ll put it in I’ll let you know what I’m talking about So, there were these two girls, 10-year-old Brittney and 3-year-old Kristyanna And they and their mother, Tamara- again, I don’t know how to pronounce things, I’m really bad at this They moved to Mesquite near Las Vegas all together and their mother had a boyfriend there or something Both the mother and the boyfriend- their mother and father had both done a lot of drugs and drank a lot They weren’t very stable, in terms of parents. And the mother was usually unemployed and on drugs and their father had actually gone to jail. So, you know, not a perfect family life They lived in an RV park near a hotel in Las Vegas- a hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The mother and the boyfriend, so not their father but their mom’s boyfriend, gambled a lot and were high. A lot. And, apparently, in two months they ended up spending $18,000. Which is, uh, nuts. So, 10-year-old Brittney usually ended up taking care of her sister a lot because the mother and boyfriend would go off gambling, doing drugs doing whatever, and then would leave their kids alone. So, we’re gonna kind of switch over here for a second so Beau Maestas, who was 19, and his sister Monique, who was 16 were also from a kind of broken family that drugs were a big issue in. And, in January of 2003, they were drinking and doing drugs at a party and they purchased methamphetamines- I wrote these notes for me but I didn’t put down a ton of information- They bought drugs worth about $125 from Brittney’s mom But what they didn’t know, until later, was that they hadn’t actually been given drugs They had just been given table salt. Like, they had been sold table salt for over $100. And they didn’t find out until they had tried to like, inhale? Snort? the drugs? And that would suck. If you thought you were getting drugs and you were given table salt That would not be a comfortable situation So, they went back to Brittney’s mom and were like “Hey, give us our money back”. Threatened them a little bit, these two teenagers, the mom was like “No.” And then the two siblings were asked to leave the casino So, they wanted revenge So, in January of 2003, the two young girls were at home alone in the trailer while the adults were out gambling, watching T.V., and they fell asleep. And at 1 A.M. someone knocked on the door. That someone was Beau Maestas. So, Brittney didn’t open the door but Beau was saying to her like “Your mom’s hurt at the casino and needs help” and Brittney knew not to open the door for strangers Not to go anywhere with strangers, she was, you know, a smart kid like most kids know. So she did not open the door Then, Beau got his sister and his sister knocked on the door, Monique And Brittney opened it for her, probably under the guise of “Well, if two people are coming to the door saying this” and also maybe “I trust another girl more”. Bottom line is: Brittney opened the door. And Monique said “Your mom’s hurt and your dad asked us to get you.” And so Brittney was like “Okay, I’m coming” and put on her shoes. And then Beau came in, grabbed her, covered her mouth, put a knife to her throat. Both of the siblings were hitting her, kicking her, punching her, she was trying to save herself By biting them, doing whatever she could because, according to what I read it seemed like she really wanted to protect her sister, her 3-year-old sister So, Beau had a knife and stabbed little Kristyanna who was, again, 3-years-old He stabbed her. Monique stabbed Brittney 27 times in her arms, her chest, her back, her legs, all over. And Beau had stabbed the little girl Eventually, when they were like I don’t know, “finished” with the attack the teens ran back to their car. Brittney couldn’t move but she could see that her sister was laying there dying and so she tried to get to her, tried to scream for help So, when their mom came back, she heard screaming. She tried to stop the bleeding as best she could Neighbors called the casino security for help and security at the casino called to the police, and then eventually the police came The first officer on the scene, Bradley Swanson said that he looked at Brittney And she said she didn’t want to die Both girls were taken to the trauma center at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas And were rushed straight into surgery. Kristyanna had been stabbed in the head and neck and her skull and brain were pierced. She was 32 lbs. She was so small. And she did not, sadly, make it. Her injuries were too great. Brittney’s spinal cord had been severed. She was alive, She made it, she survived the attack but she could not walk and most likely wasn’t going to walk again. And, while all that was happening, Beau and Monique had stolen their grandmother’s car and were trying to escape to Utah but the police, within 5 hours, found them and arrested them. Beau apparently confessed immediately and tried to protect his sister Monique and said that she hadn’t been involved but the police kind of already knew at this point that she was involved and that was something they would’ve found out pretty soon because obviously, Brittney lived so she could’ve said they were both involved And so three years after this original date they both pleaded guilty So, they couldn’t really get away with it. Beau was sentenced to death and his sister got life in prison- 47 years to life. I’m a little fuzzy on how ALL of that stuff works but I get the.. whatever. Brittney went to a lot of counseling- physical therapy but probably a lot of other stuff And it was obviously really hard for her to come to terms with the fact that she had lost her sister in such a terrible way And she, I think, the police among lots of other people recognized that she needed parents who would actually take care of her and be able to meet her needs, especially because now she’s confined to a wheelchair She needs a lot of special care So, she was taken in by a couple- Judy and Bill Himel? They had fostered over 30 children suffering from medical issues throughout their life or so far So, Brittney eventually adjusted to her new life, started going to school, she played a lot of different sports Even though she’s in a wheelchair, it didn’t stop her from getting out there and doing things Some of the sports include: track, tennis, basketball, swimming, and skiing which is awesome Her mom and her mom’s boyfriend ended up going to prison for neglect And they tried for custody, they fought for a really long time But Brittney wanted to be adopted by her new family and she was So, her birth mother didn’t get custody and her foster family ended up adopting her Awesome. She really tries to treasure every day. And she”s still in contact with her birth mother and she isn’t angry And I wrote down a quote where she said, “Am I angry at them? I’m not. In a way, I’m saying thank you, because, you know it happened in a bad way, but it gave me a great life. It gave me a great family, great home, gave me everything.” Which I think is such a great thing because what happened is such a tragedy in every way but Brittney got something out of it and that something is that she got to have, got to end up getting a family who actually cared about her and actually cared for her and her safety and her wellbeing and she got to have some semblance of a childhood and even though her sister wasn’t around, she still got something and I read some different things that said Brittney wasn’t mad at Monique and Monique maybe wrote an apology to her. Stuff where it’s clear that people are trying to find the good in things that are bad and that’s really cool. You can only find some updates, I tried to find more updates on how her life is going but it just sounds like she’s doing well And then when it comes to the Maestas siblings In 2015, Beau asked for a re-trial due to “attorney misconduct” and he asked for something similar in 2012 and was denied. He claims that when he signed the original plea deal his attorney didn’t say, didn’t tell him “Oh by the way, you could still end up getting the death penalty” So he is trying to claim that there was attorney misconduct but it sounds like most judges are like “no, you knew what was going to happen” Thanks for watching! Leave a comment or a like if you enjoyed I guess And if there’s anything specific you want me to talk about, feel free to say because who knows, I might do it but if you couldn’t already tell, I’m not good at actually committing to things or doing things so Respect your neighborhood ghost and I’ll see you again next time