Instant beauty: How instant
and how beautiful is it? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooooood Mythical Morning!
– Today, everybody wants instant results. Why wait one minute for that drip coffee
to come pouring out when you can mix some hot water with some crystals and have
tasteless crystal coffee right now? That’s right. And you know, the beauty
industry is a big instant offender and a few weeks back we did a beauty hack
parody, but today we are going real. – We are going to Real Town.
– Oh gosh. We’re gonna do it for real. We’re gonna
test five instant beauty treatments and see how instant and beautiful they are. (Rhett) It’s time for: Am I Pretty Yet? – Our first product is “The Lash.”
– (Link) The Lash. (Rhett) Fiber mascara. Now, I’ve heard
tell that people who want longer… – …what do you call these things? Eyelashes.
– Lashes! – Yeah, yeah. Will pay like–
– That’s why it’s called “The Lash.” Over $150 to get actual eyelash extensions.
I’m talking about getting hair woven… -…or something, or glued, into your hair.
– Hair on hair action. But this is instant and it’s supposed
to add 300% volume. I see right here it says “Step 1 and 3.”
Obviously we have not done this before now. You’re gonna experience our first
experience with The Lash, but probably… – …not our last if it works instantly.
– (Rhett) Yeah, so, “Apply the tube labelled ‘1 and 3′ to your
lashes using the wand.” All right. I’m not good at
poking my eye with stuff. Don’t poke! You’re not– don’t poke.
That’s not what we’re doing here. You’re putting it on the
hair around your eyeball. – The lashes.
– Yeah, the lashes. The eyeball hair. Oh, it does feel like I’m
about to hit the eyeball, though. – Oh yeah.
– Oh, I went through the lash. Let’s not kid ourselves. We’ve done this
many a time when playing many a character. – And sometimes just on the weekend!
– I haven’t done the lashes, though. – Oh gosh. Hit the pupil. Hit the pupil.
– Oh, really? – Yep, right on the pupil.
– How do I get the other eye? Do I gotta… Do I use my
other hand for my other eye? – Probably.
– I’m pretty good with the left hand. (Rhett) Okay, I’m moving to step 2.
Oh, this one looks a little furrier. – Oh, is it?
– Yeah, it’s like furry. – Step 2.
– Oh my goodness, look what’s happening… – …now! They’re getting super long!
– Oh my word! (laughs) Look at that! – Oh! It’s like some kind of spider web!
– Wow! Lemme try that. Oh, whoah. How is this even– oh!
Dang! Padre, I hit my eyeball. – Is it “Padre?”
– Yeah, call the Padre, I need my… – …last rites, man.
– I don’t understand you sometimes. What is this magical substance?
It’s like something astronauts use. This is tough! What do you do, keep one
eye open? I’m not that good at opening… …one eye. I have asymmetrical eyes. Just
look at my Instagram. You’ll figure it out. That’s a plug for my Instagram
to see my bug eyes. Look at this eye. It’s really… elongated.
Isn’t it? Is this one getting elongated? – You’re missing the eye quite a bit.
– (crew laughs) – I’m going back to Step 1 and 3.
– (Link) Okay. Here we go. – I definitely feel prettier.
– (crew laughs) – Without a doubt! Like by a long shot.
– A long lash shot? – All right, so, what’s the verdict here?
– I’m gonna go out on a limb and say – The Lash works for me. (chuckles)
– (crew laughs) – (Link) Fiber mascara is a big win!
– (Rhett) Yeah, this definitely works. – Okay, next up: Glow Maximizer.
– (Rhett) Oh ho ho! – This is coming from Dior.
– Dior? Which is legit, man. I know enough to
know that. Here, I’ll give you the tube… – …and I’ll read the back of this thing.
– Oh, thanks for the tube. “This innovative primer instantly
brightens dull complexions, sculpts – the face–” It sculpts the face!
– Ooh, face sculpting. – (crew laughs)
– “… and amplifies the skin’s natural – light for spectacular radiance.”
– Is it gonna, like, turn our faces into… – …putty that we can move around?
– It does it itself. Let’s boost some… – …light onto our–
– Does it say “shake well?” – It didn’t, but you should.
– I just wanted to get enough to cover my… – …whole face.
– Step 1: Take your glasses off first. – Step 2: Just be generous. Oh my goodness.
– (Rhett) Yeah, that’s nice, man. Oh, you gotta push the top!
I’m sitting here squeezing the– – (crew laughs)
– I’m like– (laughs) You think it’s gonna come out
like one big long rod… bleeegh! – (Link laughs) It even has a button on top!
– Oh man, I look like the Tin Man! – (crew laughs)
– Mm, it feels good. It’s so refreshing. – Gosh, look at me!
– Whoa! – (all laugh)
– You should be in a music video! – Oh, I love it! Oh!
– (crew laughs) – What in the world?!
– (laughs) What? I gotta go thicker if I’m
gonna keep up with you! (laughs) – You trying to out-glow me?
– I’m just gonna go on the eyebrows. – Oh, look! Look at that.
– I’m going on the beard too. I got– don’t forget to get the neck,
guys. You wanna get that neck glow. – You look a little whiter than I expected.
– (crew laughs) – I feel like I’ve got glow.
– You’re bronzed, man! – Yeah, yeah.
– You’re like metallic. I go out like this, it’s just like, “Man,
look at that guy! He looks so alive!” – (crew laughs)
– Look at me, I look– I look dead! – But is there glow?
– Just rub it in just a little bit and let… it glow a little bit. Just kinda right–
you got some bit– just kinda– I want you to glow too, man.
I wanna be The Glow Boys. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I’d like for someone to do this to my – face for me.
– (crew laughs) – (Rhett) Welcome to The Metal Face Club!
– (all laugh) Metal Face! That’s what it should be
called! I mean, are we glowing? Yes. – Are we getting… looks? Yes.
– (crew laughs) – Is that okay? It’s preferred!
– I think the question is: – (Rhett) Was the glow maximized?
– (Link) Absolutely. – (Rhett) Yes.
– (crew laughs) (Rhett) And the answer to that question
is yes. This does work. Get your glow on. Okay, next product is Paula’s Choice
Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener. – (Link) Why does Paula get to choose?
– You know what? Paula made the choice… – …for you. You should be appreciative.
– Thank you, Paula. Now, you know, if you wanna do the
teeth-whitening thing like at the dentist, it costs a lotta money. It takes a lotta
time. And if you wanna do the thing where… …you put the strips on, that also takes a
long time. This takes, as the name says, two minutes. Now, it says no less than
four times on Paula’s website, that… …”this will remove the stains of berries,
coffee, or wine instantly.” So we have – berries, coffee, and wine right here.
– (Link) In a cup. All right, so we’re gonna swish
and spit out into our bowls here. Okay, here we go. Mm! – Mm!
– (swishing noises) – I don’t know, it didn’t stain too much.
– It’s prolonged use of these products. My teeth are already yellow. My kids
tell me that on a regular basis. – Okay, well, that’s all about to change.
– I love you too! You’re going to “apply a light coating to
your smile zone,” Link. “If large clumps – appear, use less pressure.”
– If you get clumps, you’re pushing too hard. – Lemme get the bottom ones.
– And then what do you do? Swish? – You let it sit for two minutes.
– “Don’t eat–” two minutes, yeah. – All right, let’s wait two minutes.
– Okay, two minutes is up. I have a lot of saliva that has
built up in my mouth cavity. Let’s swish this out. (swishing noises) All right, so, look at me,
look at me. Is it white? – Definitely.
– Oh yeah? – What about me?
– It’s pretty white, man. – I do think that our teeth are whiter.
– (Rhett) A little bit whiter. A shade. (Link) Yeah, if you keep this up,
I think there’s something here. Okay, so apparently neck lifts are a
thing. I was vaguely familiar with the… …fact that doctors can cut the
saggy skin and then pull it back. – When you got the turkey neck thing.
– Get rid of the gobblegobblegobble! neck. – Yeah, right, yeah.
– But that’s gonna cost you $4400. – What?
– Why do that when you can just purchase – NeckTITE Magic, the Instant Neck Lift?
– (Rhett) Wow. – I’m gonna open this up so you can start.
– This is suspect already. – Look at these things.
– This is gonna get rid of a turkey neck? It says, “You will love the Magic,” and
they capitalized the word “magic.” – Oh, okay, so it’s proper magic.
– (Link) Proper noun magic. “One simple application of NeckTITE Magic
gives you a youthful, restored, firm neck and jawline INSTANTLY!” I said “instantly”
like that because it’s in all caps and red. – (Link) You do it first.
– I think I’m gonna do it to you, ’cause I – can see the back of your neck.
– Well, I’ve always wanted to accentuate – my goozle even more.
– “Remove the short side of the protective… …backing and then remove the remaining
backing almost to the end.” “And then place the adhesive side under the
left side of your hairline, under your ear.” – It’s like I go around the back, here.
– (Link) Yeah. You don’t wanna go around the front,
because that would be super embarrassing. We wanna make, like, a buttcrack in the
back of my neck, is what you want. Lemme just anchor it.
So look to your left. Okay. Place the adhesive under the left
side of my hairline, under my ear– oh!– while pressing in place. “Using the left
thumb and middle finger, bring your skin… …together. A good pinch.” Hold on, so
don’t do that. I gotta make a pinch here. – Pinch an inch.
– Oh, hold on. Lemme turn straight, ’cause… – …me turning my head…
– Yep. – Oh. I can’t turn my head back!
– (crew laughs) – And then I just come right up–
– Pull it further, like really get it, man. – Over here. Just– okay. Pull it.
– And now I’m gonna just let go. – (laughs) Oh my gosh!
– (crew laughs) Look what is happening under there!
Look up a little bit? (laughs) Oh gosh! – You look great, Link!
– (crew laughs) Oh look, when I swallow, my goozle
goes up under that… watch this. (Rhett) Oh ho… will you go to every
party with me? It’s so flattering, though! – Please do me, man! Look, I got a neck too!
– Oh yeah, okay. Pinch. You pinch, and – I’m gonna throw this on there.
– (Rhett) The short side comes off. (Rhett) Short side goes on the left-hand
side and it’s like you orient that way. Oh yeah, okay, yeah,
I got it. Right under the… – Yeah, yeah. Get it real good.
– (Link) …right under here. – You gotta make a butt back here.
– I’m trying, man. – Lemme pinch it like this.
– Oh gosh! – (crew laughs)
– Oh yeah. There we go. (Link) There’s definitely a neck butt.
Turn all the way around in your seat. (Link) Show ’em the neck butt. Look at
that. Now, that’s also flattering. Someone… …sees that at a party, they’re like,
“Wow! Is that a coin slot?” – (crew laughs)
– I think the way you gotta do this with me… – (slurs) Hello!
– I feel like it’s a little bit different of a philosophy, but I feel like you
actually have to come up into the neck – area and just grab it and pull.
– Yep. – And then I gotta get another one.
– It’s like– it’s giving me a double chin. – Grab this…
– I mean, look at that. That’s gross looking. – Really pull.
– That’s worse, isn’t it? Please tell me– Okay, now I’m getting it.
Now I’m getting it. – Oh my gosh, Rhett.
– Yeah. I look like somebody who just had – a head transplant.
– (crew laughs) (Link) You know what? It looks
great from the back too. – (Rhett) Yeah.
– (Link) I think that’s a selling point. – (Rhett) That’s the best angle.
– All right, but the question is: Is it – instantly de-turkey-necking?
– (Rhett) Yes! – (Link) Yes?
– (Rhett) No, it’s not. – (Link) No.
– This product is the My Lipz Lip Enhancer. (Rhett) Now, you’ve probably heard of Kylie
Jenner and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge… …where you do something dangerous
to your lips to make ’em bigger. – (both) Don’t do that.
– That’s not what we’re about to do, but I… …think this is a similar principle in that
we’re going to apply some negative… – …pressure to our lips.
– (Link) It’s got a nifty earmuff packaging. – What the…
– This is not Andre the Giant’s thimble. (Rhett) Okay, so, it says that we are supposed
to “wet the area around the lip plumper.” – So I’m supposed to lick the lip plumper.
– You could lick it, I guess. – (Rhett) I was gonna dip it in my water.
– (Link) And then what? Now you’re going to “hold the outside
edges of the plumper in position around… …your lips to create a tight seal,
and then suck in air.” – Oh.
– And what’s gonna happen is your lips, I think, are gonna go into the lip plumper.
You’re going to “hold this for 15 to 30… …seconds. You may
feel a tingling sensation.” 15 to 20 seconds? (muffled) So I put this on–
(normally) creating some negative pressure? Okay, I’m having trouble with the seal,
so I’m gonna do more of a pumping action. – (chuckles) Please excuse me for this.
– (crew laughs) – Mm! Mm-mm-mm-mmmm.
– “It is in there.” – Mm-mm-mm-mmmm.
– “It feels so great.” – Mm-mm. Mm-mmmm!
– “It hurts.” – Mm!
– Ah. Mm-mm. – Man.
– Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm? – (crew) Take it off.
– Yeah. – Okay. Do I have a–
– Hold on, just relax. Look at me. – They definitely got bigger.
– They kinda hurt. I feel like a cavalry – of blood has gone to my lip area.
– If you had some lipstick to really enhance them. You look pouty
from the side. Are you pouting? – I feel a little hurt.
– You’re kinda going… – No, I’m just sitting normal.
– It’s a little poutier, but it really doesn’t top the thing that’s
going on with your neck. – Oh, no.
– (pops) Oh, I made a noise. (pops) So you’re supposed to take these to
parties and then you go in the bathroom… – …and you’re like–
– Yeah, yeah. And you come back out
and you’ve got the nice– – Make sure you lock the door.
– Before you get your Instagram on. You will be kicked out of that
party if they find you with this thing. – So does this one work?
– (Rhett) I would say that there is… …definite, noticeable plumpage– not
incredible, but definitely noticeable. (Link) Also a little bit of
pain, but yeah, it works. – So are we pretty yet?
– Oh I feel pretty beautiful. – That’s all that matters.
– Thanks for liking, commenting, – and subscribing.
– You know what time it is! – Hi, I’m Gerry.
– And I’m Liz. And we’re in Atlanta, Georgia. (Both) And it’s time to spin
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foundation, remove this tape… – (Rhett) Have an argument about bubbles.
– (shouts) Yeah! But what I’m trying to… …say is, it’s the answer!
Bubbles are the answer! – I think that bubbles are the problem!
– Well, listen. – Bubbles are a big problem in my life.
– Have you not been listening to the– – I can’t get away from ’em. I follow them…
– Right. And then they pop!
And I feel like a failure! [Captioned by Caitrin:
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