Texas Instruments TPS62840 High-Efficiency Step-Down Converters, available from Mouser Electronics, offer ultra-low quiescent current operation of typically 60nA, ideal for power constrained applications. These devices also minimise current consumption in 100% mode to just 150nA, further extending operational life in battery powered applications. The TPS62840 operates with a typical switching frequency of 1.8MHz, and, using TI’s DCS-Control™ topology, minimises output ripple, ensuring a clean power supply, highly desired in RF circuits, for example. In Power-Save mode, the device extends the light load efficiency down to load currents of 1µA and below. 16 predefined output voltages can be selected by connecting a resistor to pin VSET. This
feature makes the device flexible for various applications with a minimum amount of external components. The device’s STOP pin immediately eliminates any switching noise to take a noise-free measurement in test & measurement systems. These high efficiency step-down converters provide an output current of up to 750mA, have an input voltage range of 1.8V to 6.5V and support multiple power sources. Typical applications include smart meters and thermostats, tracking devices, wearable electronics, medical sensor patches and patient monitors, smart sensors and ATEX and Intrinsic Safety. For more information in Texas Instruments TPS62840 High-Efficiency Step-Down Converters, visit Mouser.com.