All the Koreans in the chat are telling that diamond in Korea is gambling. dude Trust me when I tell you this Diamond in every server is gambling. I’ve played on 4 servers now EU, Turkey, actually 5 Their all gamble Diamond doesn’t change No matter what server you go on It’s the same sh*t Pure luck What the f**k are you doing Oh he went this build that I said is bad He solo’d the buff Aaaaaah He actually solo’d it. Aw my gosh I should have put a f**king ward here, I thought he would start blue and do a level 3 match I’m trying to bait this but it’s really hard to do Ok, really cringe by the way He still didn’t get level 3 I don’t know why Elise wouldn’t just hover me for 2 seconds and STOP F**KING JUNGLING HIS F**KING CAMPS Like you know? At some point you’re going to lose your mind Like dude, there’s two free kills here, right? They’re literally playing as if you don’t exist And if you just give your Gromp, it doesn’t matter if you’re level 2 Be situational you motherf**cker Kill this guy Did I not use cookie already? I swear I used my cookie, and it didn’t go off Man I just died for free If I used biscuit I would survive with the mana Q away I want to fight this guy Bro I main that champ too man If you hold your E against Trynd, just like that exactly, he’s f**ked I don’t always have to do the same combo which is to E and double Q Like you don’t have to do that combo You could just Q on him and hold the E, if he auto attacks you stun him If he doesn’t auto, then you just keep auto’ing him I was trying to catch like Maybe I got like 20 gold for it Thats worth aaaaaaaaa Don’t do it Don’t touch me Dash forward and see what happens They’re both so scared they both just long distance R you. But they don’t actually dash forward You know what ENOUGH. I knew it… DUDE ITS.. *some type of monkey* F**k off Was that a 1k gold shut do- oooooooh my gosh Of course… It might be a 1k gold shutdown but I showed dominance. It’s actually so cringe We never have a good 4v4 man Haha, where are you running you stupid cat OH THANK YOU Wait what the f**k bro DUDE WHAT THE F**K How did my Q go on cooldown right there? JEBAITED You f**king b*tch Please die These f**kers won’t let me split push will they Aaaah, so cringe Their stunned and their Lee Sin is so much better than my f**king team Oh nice he actually healed so much Maybe it don’t matter that their Lee is better Why are you guys running? DUDE WHERE IS MY… I DON’T HAVE A TEAM DO I? Do I even have any f**king players helping? HELLO? You want them to like send their entire team on you And then your team is just jerking off? What the f**k This feels like NA again… Dude Diamond in every server feels the f**king same YES I STUNNED HIM TOO, YES WE WON for no reason Literally just won off RNG NA ARAM is the best gameplay How many f**king games have we won with RNG man? Thank god We should of lost that game 100% Oh my gosh.. Why didn’t he just E at the beginning so he couldn’t auto attack I think he kills him though Wait that’s so good, worth Thank god he kills him I almost thought he was GOING TO DIE PLEASE Thank you Ight peace out baby girl I just freeze this permanently This was a really good freeze To make him miss minions Yeaaah, that guy’s f**ked Unlike you Rush we have actual good jungler That knows how to play the game That’s right 🙂 Actually I think I use cookie first here What he didn’t expect my damage Wait you think he’s going to face check this? Well he’s not respecting it cause he’s tilted at this point Look he still thinks he can win this Dude dude look at the chat CHAT STOP LOOK AT THEM oh wait I thought he was going to kill em oh nononono, I’m sorry Gragas You’re dead my friend He doesn’t have flash So I can wait on my.. E AGAIN WHAT IS THIS GUY DOING HERE AGAIN MAN HOLY SH*T THAT GUY IS ACTUALLY SO CONFUSED He has no idea where I just came from HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO GAREN Is that Senna even going to try to stop? Huh? OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY WE GOT DIAMOND BOI’S OoooooOOOOOOH BABY Aw that just looks beautiful Now I can type Diamond 4 TF Blade has finally gotten it