Although my own terms of traditional beliefs and old-fashioned values
could not completely agree with this marriage, I must never judge on your prerogative. And I never will. As your teacher,
I can only see your love and honor before me. I believe that’s the reason you are here today? Yes. Is this your mutual consent to spend your lives together? Yes. From this day forward, your lives will be forever changed. Will you love and cherish each other until eternity? I will. No matter what the future brings. No matter what people say, I ask that you always put your trust in each other. I, Manassaporn, will take you Haruethai as my wedded life partner. In health and in sickness, I promise to be faithful to you. I will love you, and honor you till Death do us part. I, Haruethai, will take you, Manassaporn as my wedded life partner. In health and in sickness, I promise to be faithful to you. I will love you, and honor you till Death do us part. You have declared your consent before all of us here. Now I will pronounce you both partners for life. Pim Isn’t this cute? No, this one is. You are mine. Crazy head! Let’s go. No. Nam Are you alright? Of course. Be careful. Stop bumping the others. Come on. That’s okay. Nam.
Yes? Do you really need to do that? Pim, it’s empty already. This is not nice. You know
it’s not environmental-friendly at all. Let’s dance.
No! You are wasted. No! You really have no shame. Indeed. I haven’t. Don’t you think it’s fun? You are soooo wasted!!
Pim. Wait up! Shitheads! What? Those stupid dump ass. They ruined my camera lens here. What about you? What are you doing here all alone? Isn’t the Moon beautiful tonight? Yes, it is. Do you know a Japanese song called Kojo No Tsuki? Never. What about the song Duen Pen (Full Moon)? I know. It’s my dad’s favorite. Even we live on a different part of
the world, the Japanese and the Thais, still we share a glimpse at the same side of the Moon. We write homesick songs. I read about Japanese samurais’ war story. They said Japanese kills one another
until there’s no soul left. Nothing remains, but the tragic ruins… and the same old Moon. That’s right. How did you know that? You just mentioned about Japanese and Thai similarity. So I figured it must be the Moon. Pim!!
I’m right here. Pim!!
I’m here. What’s up? It’s time to go. Hurry up. I have to go.
Okay. Pim!!!!
I’m not deft. Wait up!! Wait! Where is Pim? What did you do to her last night? I danced.
Only dance? I hate to tell you this, But you looked like shit last night. Now I know why Pim is angry at me. Can you guys do me a favor? What? Can you help me make it up to her? It’s a huge task.
Please. I’ll buy you something yummy. Help me.
You know what Pim is like. And I know you know that we love…
Freebies. Right. What is the matter now? Aren’t you the cutest one of all? Stop it. Who is that? She kinda looks familiar. Forget about it. Pim. I want to talk about my scholarship in Japan. I know. You’ll go for a few years. And I am here, waiting. Right. I just want you to apply for the same scholarship. If granted, then you can transfer
all the credits and live in Japan. We both will be the coolest couple over there. It’s not that simple. My parents need me here. Besides, I have just started college here a year ago. I’d rather stay here. You are all grown-up and hard to convince now. I ask you not to bring this topic up again. Promise? Alright, then. Blimey! What a surprise! Hello, Pat. Hello there. Fiat-Fe. How are you doing? I’m doing just fine. Where is Noni?
He’s inside. Is he?
I’ll go fetch him. Thank you. Noni. Pat is here for you. Fiat. Coffee is ready. Yes, sir. This smells so good. Here’s your coffee. Alone today?
Yes. Where’s your beau? There’s never any beau. If you say so. It’s the norm here. We hardly see a
solo traveler in Pai. Mostly lovebirds. They ride on the motorbike, taking selfies here and there. Hate them! Let them be, Noni. I think I am okay with being single. I see. I just love your place here. It’s so happening. I wish I can own a place like this. Do you?
Yes. You’re serious?
Yes, I am. If you are really serious, why don’t you give it a try? How? Next month, I’ll move to Germany to live with my boyfriend. I’ll let you run this place.
And I won’t charge you a cent for it. You are kidding me.
No, I’m not. All this. For free?
Yes. And I’m giving you Fiat-Fe as well. Only if you double my wage.
No problem. I hope you take it serious.
I promise. Call me if you mean it. I will. I’ll be right back. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Pai is booming, really. There are hotels and cafes everywhere now. But our coffeeshop is the best. I know it. I couldn’t agree more. If you really like it here, we can start off as a cafe. Then we expand our business into hotels. What do you think?
Woww… Actually, I inherit a plot of land here from my grandfather. Do you?
Yes. Alright. I’ll show it to you.
Okay. Nam.
What’s up? This movie looks really interesting. Do you wanna see it? Yes. The poster is beautiful. Let’s ask them. Hello. Welcome to Film Cafe Hello. Hi. Movies or coffee, sir? Nam. Yes? I don’t wanna see it anymore. Let’s just go. Why now? I am enjoying it. I’ll go then. Pim. Wait up!! Dad. Hi, dad. Good evening, sir. Mom. I’m home. I’m in the kitchen. These foods look really good. Thanks to my wife. How have you been, Nam?
I haven’t seen you around lately. I got a lot on my plate now that
I’m finishing college pretty soon. Pim said you are going to Japan for Master’s degree? That’s correct, sir. I applied for the scholarship. Did you get it? I did. I plan to leave Thailand right after I finish the college here. When exactly do you plan to tell me about Japan? Pretty soon. Your mom asked me that day, and I was being honest. That’s all. What about me? How further will you keep me in the dark? I’m looking for the right moment. I guess I would be the last to know as usual. Pim. Pim. Collect your ticket and proceed
to the club room on 4th floor. Manassaporn. Manassaporn. Here’s your ticket. The club room. 4th floor. You coming?
Wait up! Alright. I’ll use the toilet quick. Manassaporn. Free Bird Club Where on earth is… Is this yours? Yes. I’m wondering where it is. Thank you very much. I’ll help you with it. Thank you. Attention! Welcome everyone to Free Bird Club. Pat… Why do you join this student club? I don’t really plan to. My friends talked me to it since the freshmen year. Now I’m stuck here. What about you? I guess I enjoy giving back to society. If there’s anything I could do to help, I won’t be hesitating. But you are in architecture? Actually, it’s just one of my interests. Architecture is my chosen path. May be I’m just a girl who loves arts, simplicity and nature. What about you? My family runs a design company. So dad expects me to take over. Or I can design my own business adventure one day. Do you have one now? No. Not yet. Probably after college. It’s all just in the plan. It sounds like a good plan. I know the owner. So she offered me to take over her
cafe for free now that she’s not here. It can be a good business. We should discuss it with her. How well do you know her? Are you sure she won’t charge us later? She said she won’t at our baby steps. But if it gets bigger, she promises a fair deal. Don’t worry. I have known her for ages
through my many photo trips in Pai. The trip you took my photo without permission? Talk about permission. It’s you who happened to block my view. I didn’t allow that. I didn’t allow you to include me in that photo as well. Hello, Pat. Hi. Who is this? Hello. What is your decision about the cafe, Pat? Don’t you see? I’ve brought my business partner with me today. Hello. Hello, there. Let’s get inside, shall we? Yes. Well, how well both of you know about being a barista? None at all. Hey! Do you know where Pim is? No, I haven’t. Okay, thanks. Hey! Have you seen Pim? No, I haven’t. Where could she be? She shouldn’t have turned off her cell. Nam. Where have you been? It’s getting dark now. What are you doing here? Because it’s getting dark. That’s why I’m so worried about you. Where were you? I was in Pai with a friend. Which friend? A college friend. It’s the student club activity. Do you have any idea how many
times I tried to reach your cell? The signal reception in Pai is awful. What are you trying to accuse me of? I know for a fact that all college friends
of yours are at the campus while you were in Pai. Who exactly have you been with? Tell me. I said it was a friend. A FRIEND. What do you want from me? Pim. Nam. Be honest with me. Okay? I’m tired. Please let go of me. No. Pim. We should talk it through. I have nothing to talk it through. I told you it was a friend. Just friend. Then who is that friend of yours? And what were you two in Pai for? Pim. Pim. Pim. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling. I was just too worried. Please don’t get mad at me. How can I make it up to you? Pim. Pat. What are you reading? I’m reviewing my course curriculum. It’s been only 3 years for you, right? I enrolled in every summer courses.
That’s why it’s faster than others. Then, what is your future plan? I don’t know it yet. Dad wants me to continue my study abroad. But I just don’t feel like it. I need time alone with myself. To think. To travel. Here. I love Chiangmai. It’s peaceful with mountains and big trees
only a few minutes drive out of town. I’m so fed up with Bangkok traffic,
pollution and skyscrapers. What about you? My place is here, so I guess I wouldn’t be going
anywhere far from my parents. Also the fast-moving city life doesn’t really suit me. So I guess I’d rather be living a laid-back lifestyle here. Isn’t that your boyfriend? Why don’t you answer him? I don’t want to. Are you feeling alright? I’m fine. You are not fine. I’m all ears, if you want to share. I have nothing to talk to him. Lately, he looks angry at me all the time. Let’s forget about him. In two months, I will have to go to Japan. But first, I will just need to arrange my
documents a month ahead in Bangkok. Yes.
Yes? Is that all your response? Have you even checked out the
scholarship papers I prepared for you? I don’t think it’d be easy just like you said. Don’t you need to worry much about it. I think my mother can help arrange
with everything in Japan for us. I don’t worry about it at all. The thing is… I don’t want to go. If it’s about your parents, I can talk to them. No! If you do, we’d better go separate ways now. I’m sorry. I just want us to be together. I just want to go home. Alright. Let’s get you home. Nam. Hi. Tong. Is everything alright? It’s Pim. She looks indifferent to me recently. She just ignores what I want best for her life. It’s like talking to a kid. If she isn’t ready to change, you must not force her to. Or may be, you both are not yet ready for the next step. Don’t worry much about it. Ouchh!! Tong. Are you alright? Nam, what do you think you are doing? Pim.
Tong. Pim. What is going on? Pim. You are getting it all wrong. I don’t think so. I believe in what I’m seeing now. Pim. Come on. Let go of me. Pim. Opps.
Pim. Next time you don’t need to slap me this hard. It really hurts. I’m so sorry. Can I slap you back? So, what would you do next? I don’t know. Really don’t know. What you are about to see is the Raster photos. It’s the graphic in Photo No. 2 and No.3. This one in the green color is the use of
pixel form with color dots aligning as the table. And then it’s the characteristic of visual
processing which focuses on graphic processor. Okay. Class dismissed. There’ll be no assignment today. Thank you. Hey. Are you alright? Sure? Bye, then. Hey. Do you think Pim is acting strange? Yes. I haven’t met or talked to her lately. She just disappeared.
May be she and Nam got into a fight. Pim. Are you alright? Look. It’s blood. Come here. Are you okay? Pim. Calm down. I’ll take you to the doctor. Easy. Easy. OMG!! It’s a lot of blood. You walk slow. Slow. Hang on. Did you inform the patient’s guardian about her abortion? I did. They are very sorry. But they couldn’t visit because they live in the province. Don’t you worry, nurse. Pim and I are close friends. Our families are too. Alright. Well, the doctor also found out that the patient
also got syncope which makes her really vulnerable. There’s a possibility that she couldn’t get pregnant again. Yes. Tong. Thank you very much. Are you feeling better, Pim? Yes, I am. Nam left for Japan already. So you should really let him go. I just feel a bit guilty. Well, you shouldn’t. What’s already done is done. If it’s meant to be, then it’s bound to happen anyhow. You should get some rest. Pim. Reading books doesn’t exhaust me. But I believe resting could. Such a genius. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to catch up with you. There’s no need to. Because I won’t be going anywhere. If I go, who is going to take care of you? Especially when your parents live quite far away. That makes me so worried. Pat. Espresso. Americano. Iced Mocha. All is ready to be served. Do you need a hand? Pim. Don’t just stand there. Come on. There you go. Which table? You could at least tell me you would be here. I thought you’d still be mad at me. This shawl really looks familiar. It has been waiting right here for you. It’s already cold. Put it on. Pim. Sit up and finish it first. Have some lady manner, will you? You already know I would just Sit right up! I’m comfortable here. Pat. Please look after her for me. She can no longer work too hard. Not to mention when she could be
so annoyingly childish sometimes. I will. Please. I know you will. I watched this one since last year. You can always watch it whenever you want here. Pim. Are you alright? Sit down. Sit down. I’ll call the doctor. Pim. It’s alright now, Pim. I’m scared. I’m right here. What are you afraid of? Afraid of us, not being together. You don’t have to worry. After graduation, you’ll help me here. At Pai. At our very own place. Yes. Have you thought it through? Where is Nam, by the way? I don’t know. He could have a Japanese girlfriend now. What do you think about Pat? You! Your daughter is asking you. I totally agree with your dad. What have I agreed on? I really don’t know what to say. This thing is too new for me. What would people say about you? How can you survive here? I intend to be more involved at Pai cafe. It could be a good place for tourists, and for me. I believe that if we listen to everything people say, we would never discover who we really are. At some point, all the damaging
comments would simply vanish. So we have to learn how to let it go. Show them that we don’t care. And then happiness will finally find
both of you on your chosen path. Yes. Alright. Although we may never become grandparents, we still have other kids to rely on that issue. Yes, dad. Get lost! I never want to see your face again. You are such a shame to me!! If you will go on with your unorthodox marriage,
you will dismiss yourself from me. Go away! Get out! Dad, please.
Get out! Come on. Pat, you should leave now.
Let go of me. Now! I really hate to cause the trouble
between you and your dad. Don’t worry, Pim. He will finally understand one day. My parents, they are always grumpy and short-tempered. But soon they will come to their senses. Please focus on the happy days
that we will spend together. Look around us. We are not in this alone. It’s still called Love, no matter what. Let’s celebrate what we have today, shall we? You have declared your consent before all of us here. Now I will pronounce you both partners for life. Pete. Aren’t your parents with us today? Hello. Hello. That is so beautiful. I should go. Hi. That’s all I can do. Just the fences. The next step would depend on you two’s decision. Pat. Where should we find additional money support? I have no way-out for you. There’s no certain law supporting your case at all. I’ll read it for you again. According to Civil and Commercial Code section 1448, it says “A marriage can take place only when the man and woman
have completed their seventeenth year of age.” In your case, there is no regulating law. Is there anything you can help? We only request some protection
from the law enforcement. We’d want nothing more. I’m sorry. I know that the world has now changed. But the Law is, and always will be, the Law. We can’t rephrase it by ourselves. I understand your feeling, but I can’t help my kid either. Have you waited long? I have just arrived. Here’s the documents you asked for. Thank you. You know mom has been worried. She wants to help you out, but she can’t make it today. How is she doing? She’s doing fine. It’s about you that keeps her worried. What about dad? He’s still mad at you. Hey, but mom has already signed
the bank guarantee papers for you. She has? Thanks Pete. I’m so thankful to her. Please tell her I’ll visit very soon. And please talk with dad for me ok? Yes, I will. The document is here. About the real estate? This way, please. This way, please. Thank you. Please come again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The coffee here smells so good. Is it as sweet as your face, baby? You can always add more sugar in coffee. I am already sweet, baby. You’d better watch your sugar intake. It can kill you. Yes. Are you her mother? Her girlfriend. Superbbbbb. What superb? My two feet? That’s hot. That’s fierce. Sorry. I’ll see you later. Can I have cappuccino, please? Right away, sir. If you like creamy and sweet coffee, then it’s Latte. But if you enjoy a pinch of cocoa in it,
then I’d recommend Mocha instead. What is Americano? It’s black coffee. Without milk. But you can always add sugar, if you like it sweet. Can I have a Mocha then. Alright. One Mocha for you. Here it is. Fiat-Fe. Please take this outside. Would you like any dessert to go with it? No, thanks. Alright. Could you please wait a moment? Of course. Excuse me? Why is you coffee so salty? I’m so sorry. I’ll make you a new cup right away. So sorry, sir. You shouldn’t call yourself a cafe. Pat. He’s our customer. You used to do it too. Serves you right. Let me help me. Hello. Ms. Manassaporn and Ms. Haruethai. Hello.
Hi. May I ask your major motivation
to run this business so successfully? It’s nothing. I think it’s because we understand each other quite well. Yes. She understands me. I understand her. It’s that simple. Yes. For me, I believe understanding is… Why do you turn it off? Pat. Yes. What’s up? Do you think what we do is against God’s will? Why do you say that? I wonder if we might be. When God creates the Earth, he creates Eve for Adam. Look at us. We are different so it should be against what God wants. Pim. Stop saying that. I can assure you that what we have for each other is love. And love is androgynous. So I say it’s not against God’s will at all. Okay. That reminds me of our wedding day. But you didn’t have your dearest one with you on that day. Take the best care of yourself in Chiangmai, alright? Don’t get me worried. Mom. Chiangmai is not that far. What if a guy hits on you… I’m still a kid. You don’t need to worry about that. Let’s hope it’s true. Pat. I really want you to sit down and
have a serious talk with your parents. I feel terrible that I caused this trouble. If they see you, things may get a little better. Pim. This is Pat. I’m on the plane already. I will look for a new coffee machine for you. What brings you here? I miss my home. I miss you guys. At least, you still think of us. How is your cafe? It’s going well. We can make some profit now. Have you ever thought of your mom and me
when you decided to put this shame on all of us? How would I have to handle this humiliation? Have you? Talk with mom. Can you do it? If you return home again, we want you to stay. We don’t want you to leave us again. Ever. If you break your promise, God will punish you. Pat. Pete. Come on. Things are going to turn out fine
if you give dad some more time. I’m on your side. Be strong. Let me help you. Hello. It’s WeRomance. Alright. Thank you. Goodbye. Pat. Our coffee bean order has arrived. I’ll go get it. Okay. The car key is right behind the counter. Pim. Wait up. Pim. Yes? You are still not fully recovered. I will do it. I need to go to the bank as well. Okay? Alright. Pat. You forgot your papers. Thanks. I’ll better get going. WeRomance. Good evening. Yes. What?!! I am coming. Hi. The patient’s name is Haruethai. The doctor is right over there. Doctor. The patient’s name is Haruethai. She is in coma from a car accident. Now she’s in ICU and urgently needs the operation. We need someone to sign the
authorization form. Are you her relatives? I’m her girlfriend, doctor. What can I do to help? No. It must be the husband by legal only. Where’s the parents? Any relatives? She has no one, doctor. All she has is me. Can it be me, please?
No, it can’t. Can’t we just now focus on saving her life, doctor? And I am also married to her. Please let me sign the form. Please. The patient needs me. I don’t have time for this. Doctor. She doesn’t have much time left either. She really has no one. She only has me. Can I sign it, please? It must be the husband by legal only We are married. Please let me sign the form. Please. I don’t care who you are. Doctor. Please. You have to let me sign it. We have to save her life. We have to save her. We need to save her, doctor. It can only be the legitimate husband by legal. We are. We are legitimate.
Aren’t you listening? We are married. I need to see the patient. You listen to me. You need to let me sign it. I need to sign it. Listen to me. This is the patient’s cell. You can keep it. Hello. Hello. Pete. This is Pim. Pete… Pat… Doctor. My daughter. I’m so sorry. We tried our best to save her. Dear fellow, our All Mighty God requests the
presence of His sheep back to His heavenly garden. May we rest her body back into the earth,
in which earth it will become. But God is the first to resurrect among the departed
so He will guide our humble soul with his blessing. To give our beloved brothers. To ask for God’s permission to join in his sacred heaven. And to bring her back to life at the Judgment Day. Mom. Hold on. My dad is really upset now. You shouldn’t be here. You. Why are you here?
Dad. Why are you here? Calm down, dad.
You got my daughter killed. Get out!! Can I please just come in?
No! Get out! Dad. Be careful. I think you should leave. We have enough on our plate right now. Please go. Please sit down. I’ll come back for your order. Please wait. I’m not here for coffee. I’m here to see Ms. Manassaporn I’m the executor of the estate of Ms. Haruethai, assigned by her father to inform you about the assets and money in bank accounts
that are under Ms. Haruethai’s names… Yes? Following her death, all of her assets will become
her legacy to legitimate inheritors, which in this case are her parents. You have no say in it at all. Wait. How could it be like that? My money is in her account too. You can’t just simply take it away from me. Then prove it. Prove the source of it. If you refuse to move out, I will have to ask
for the court judgement to evacuate you. Therefore, you have 30 days to pack up. Pim. Pim. Closed Down Closed Down This is your silver necklace. This is the document. I am not an unkind person. I just do my job. I understand the feeling of parents
who just lost their child to the car accident. It’s tragic. Ms. Haruethai could still be alive if she’s married to
a guy who could legally authorize the operation form. Anyway, please keep me posted of your new cafe location. I really love your coffee. Pim. This is Pat. I’m on the plane already. I will look for a new coffee machine for you. It can help us a lot when we have
lots of guests at the same time, right? I’m gonna search for varieties of coffee beans. Because the taste really depends on its quality as well. It always feels wonderful to me
that we meet and live with each other. I have lots of friends. But to completely understand
one another, it takes a really long time. Forever, may be. But I’m so lucky that I met you. We are a perfect match. Your name, Manassaporn, carries good meaning, you know? It means the Heart Keeper. You keep my heart so safe. I just want to tell you that in my life, I have never loved anyone else as much as you. Always tuck yourself tight when you sleep. Pai could get so cold at night. And don’t open the cafe until it’s too late. I have arranged insurance for you. It was so difficult to get one done. Here, they could make it happen for us. I am so worried about you. Everything is under my name. If anything happens to me, how could you survive? Sleep a lot. Promise me? So you wouldn’t faint easily, if no one watches over you. Miss you. Miss you. Miss you. I just don’t want to go. In Thailand, marriage between same sexes is still illegal.
There is no justified lawful protection as of now. Anyway, there are numerous attempts to
push forward the same sex marriage legislation, the constitutional draft, the life partner registration
in which overall contents protects marital status. But those attempts are just the beginning step of all.