all right a very good evening to you
wherever you’re watching us from this is the Sunday do show the only show on TV
that brings you closer to heaven and we usually dont come up with setups like this so if you see us with something like this,it should inform you that there is going to be so much fire on the show today because we dont usually do such setups let me ask you a question,this heaven and hell issue many people do not believe “what would you do if you ever saw your mother in hell” “what would you do if you ever saw your mother sufferingn in hell” ? How would the feeling be like? Well,the story i have for you on today’s show is really heavy. so if you just tuned in to Sparkle TV,please get some water to drink sit glued to your seat. You are going to hear a lot of things today and most importantly things that will make you give your life to Christ things that will make you give your life to Christ let’s for this quick break when we come back, I will talk to an evangelist we have in the house. You’re still watching the sunday groove show,my name is Kwesi Keyz
I’ll be back 55 realm,if you hear this,it tells you what it means and where it’s taken you so it’s not easy to just enjoy life and enter heaven so it’s not easy to just enjoy life and enter heaven.Under the sea,they have so many foods. like tin tomatoes and others Some tin tomatoes are very thick.They use water from dead bodies and they want to use that to harm you They have added color to it.Which color is that and where does it come from? They prepare it using dead bodies and the womb of women It is blood and they can use it for a lot of things So many of the tin tomatoes we are using today are not good So when you buy something from the market,make sure you pray on it before you use it For that one,God can remove an inferior spirit from it but people will not pray but just eat it When the angel was teaching me those things,you could tell that food like Awaakye You could see someone dishing out such food to people but it is just worms So as you are eating,you are just chopping worms you may think that you have cooked a good meal but satan has changed the meal for you if you eat,satan has already had his way some people say, “i don’t like this food because it worries me”..It is not the food ooo because God created food for human consumption God created food for human consumption So what you need to know is that Satan wants to use that food to destroy you So what you need to know is that Satan wants to use that food to destroy you It means satan wants to infect you with something bad In case you give birth,that thing can affect the whole family The devil always look into the family and go for those with little faith. once he gives it to you,it affects you through to your children’s children especially jewellery stuffs.The angel taught me something.Some Pastors can eve n go under the to take stuffs like handkerchief once he uses this handkerchief on you,forget it.The angel showed me how some pastors take the glory of people A pastor can place his three fingers on your forehead and that will be the end.All your blessings in life have been taken away. Some can also put their hands on your shoulders. The angels was teaching me about things in Ghana The angels was teaching me about things in Ghana.For those outside we dont know them provocation on Santi Odense as a champ
onus on sofa be improve our newest There are some pastors whose offering bowls take away the prosperity of anyone who drops an offering inside the bowl. Some pastors will place a door mat and ask you to drag your feet on it Once you do that,all your blessings are gone.He has bought your soul There are some churches you would have to pass infront of a mirror before you go and sit down.Such mirrors call out for your soul. unless you pray about it for a long time. Narada BB black rockin some 142 verse 5
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want me to get movie unless I would you all right
you go for it break me luck if you must eat sugar then I recommend sunny Gold’s
brown sugar sunny cold brown sugar comes in for nice and attractive packages use
the bottle pack can you get a free spoon as well as a plastic shrink-wrapped
label to keep insects away choose the sachet pack can you get a
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a plastic shrink wrap the sugar sticks are convenient to carry any day and
time best for hotels and restaurants too sunny gold brown sugar is available in
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approved by the FD