-We’ve been stacking celebrity
boxes and reviewing movies which is all well and good but I want to talk
about wrastlin’. -Whoo!
-Yeah! -Right? Between the two of yous, tell me what got you
into wrestling? Is it something that,
as little girls, you said, “Oh, I want to do this?”
-You know what it was? We saw the women on TV wrestling and we just saw how athletic
they were but at the same time the storytelling and we were
just like, “That’s for us. It was our calling. -You’re very strong girls. Were you always strong,
even before you started wrestling? -Oh, yeah.
-Yes. We wrestled everyone. -We did wrestle everyone. -We did wrestle each other
in the womb too. Supposedly you kicked me
up in Mom’s ribs, and I was dangling
for my dear life. -Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah, I guess so. -So, show me some basic moves. Come here.
-Ooh. -Show me something
I can start out with. N– Oh. Are you gonna do this — -Let’s do this! Just kidding -Show me a basic move. -Well, Brie, put her
in a headlock, ’cause you’re on that side
-Okay. -So, a headlock.
-Oh, holy God Okay.
-Yeah. -And then we have a hammerlock -Oh!
-No, with a hammerlock, you have to use that arm.
-Yes, here we go. -Hammerlock.
-Ow! See, I’m pretty flexible. -Oh!
-Back into the headlock. -Okay, oh, oh, my God,
I’m scared to death. -We have an arm bar…
-I bet you do! -…if we wanted to put
you on the ground. -Yes, you could, very easily
put me on the ground. Let’s hear it for
the Bella twins. Sit down. Sit down.