So, you just ran out? Like, no goodbye? Nothing? I panicked. That’s a savage ghost. Look. It wasn’t the plan, okay? But there I was, you know? Winning Codenames, smelling her vanilla-scented moisturizer, holding her hand. I had to get out. But if you like her, isn’t that a sign that you’re ready for something new? But I’m not ready for something new. I just want casual sex. So, why did I reach for her hand? And why did I even go to that birthday party? Oh, no. Oh, God. What? What happened? I’m the stereotype. What stereotype? I’m the lesbian that brings the moving van to the second date. That’s me! Look, Kat. You are not a stereotypical anything. Remember the “I like it rough” girl? You didn’t try to make it work with her. Yes. And the girl from my hometown that stuck her tongue down your throat? That did not last long. Right, right, right. You should just talk to her and let her know what’s going on. Tell her you really don’t want a relationship. Alright. I’m gonna break up with a girl I barely know. Oh my God. Cheers! Cheers!