P: Hello Dan and Phil games chopsticks!
D: and welcome to something a bit different today P:Yes-
D: on DanandPhilgames P: -you may have seen the amazingphil video where we were tasting Japanese and UK P: lunchboxes inspired by Food Wars season 3- P: -on crunchyroll, it was
D: which it was lit-y I wore a schoolgirl outfit D: It was amazing to be honest learnt a lot tasted a lot D: It was fun D. And we thought why not take this food tasting culinary cross-cultural adventure to the next level D: by adding a challenge concept to the culmination of-
P: whole next level D: -I’ve run out of C words D: By making it a bit of a game. P: Yeah, Yukihira Soma loves feeding weird foods to other people D: and nice foods P: and nice foods!
D: not all is weird pickled octopi P: So I thought we could test our chopstick dexterity D: by having a chopstick challange P: and you might be “why is this on the gaming channel?” well first of all, P: HONEY Meme-Lady: You’ve got a big storm coming *le snap* P: It’s a game, second of all I have found this P: random game show wheel generater
D: l-look at that! D: WOW, spoilers. We’ll blur out the things in that- D: -so this is proper gaming hope you’re ready for this
P: so high tech P: We are gonna do a best-of-five P: competition racing to see who can pick the object up off the table and into their mouths D: now you might be saying “okay? that doesn’t seem hard.” D: Well. We’ve got an array of strange and various differently sized objects. D: Which should prove challenging, controlled with chopsticks D: first up in the easy side of the spectrum. We have some mega marshmallows P: Jumbo marshmallows! P: I think there’ll be easy: just stab and grab
D: Phil bought more after the Halloween baking P: It’s just basically an excuse for me to eat lots of marshmallows D: now the next thing, Phil you said you had a bit of an ordering problem when this came P: I ordered a giant gummy hamburger-
D: Which is one of the items P: -which is this size, and I thought the giant gummy spider would be the same size P: But
D: But no, it a giant gummy spider P: it’s actually giant D: okay I don’t know if that’s physically possible, but we’ll give it a crack D: Next up, very appropriate, we have some gummy sushi P: we had that on tour, and I went so loopy from the sugar
D: kept us alive to be honest- D: it’s extremely delicious P: We have some mini matcha biscuits D: That’s just sounds delicious and nutritious I look forward to eating that- D: – and then the challenge mode P: the piece de resistance
D: sugar paper P: or the piece of paper de resistance *ba-dum tshh* D: We do a little thing called the napkin challenge when we’re being badly behaved D: in Chinese or Japanese restaurants-
P: Yeah D: -which is where we try to pick up a napkin with chopsticks, and D: that. shit. is. DIFFICULT P: so this is edible paper D: If you’re us-
P: That we’re gonna try to pick up and munch D: -so good luck to us for that D: But that’s not all, as each of us have chosen a secret challenge for the other person
P: yeah D: “Dan’s Choice” and “Phil’s Choice” and the thing is, neither of us know P: No!
D: what the other has picked P: I’m nervous, I- mine is not too bad, mine is just fun D: Mine is something that I have enjoyed.. too, before P: (whatever) all right- P: -so before we begin we need to get our weapons out D: for the lads
P: the lads P: here is your chopsticks Dan
D: Thank you very much, I will snap them P: You knew you were in the video and you trusted me to get the chopsticks- P: -I may have gone a bit above and beyond in mine
D: for god’s sake, Phil P: STAR WARS CHOPSTICKS!
D: Really… P: You ready for this?
D: Okay, yep sure yeah- D: -this guy *gives up* D: Are those- are those Kylo Ren?
P: These are Kylo Ren D: Wow just in time for the last Jedi- D: -for *high pitched* how do you even use these??
P: I don’t know- P: -is this gonna be help or a hindrance D: can you even, like, you kinda have to touch the lightsaber a bit, which makes that difficult P: *lighsaber sounds* D: You decided to do style over substance P: Now I’m not that good at using chopsticks D: Phil is quite stubborn and I just think he could learn, but he’s never bothered P: it’s all about holding it like a pen D: he famously, when we went to a sushi bar in Tokyo D: threw a piece of tuna across the room in an attempt to get it in his mouth P: I did- P: -it almost landed in someone’s neck
D: Brought eternal shame upon the Lester Clan P: should we get some plates? We’re not eating in a barn P: What is this P: I forgot to mention we have a forfeit as well for the loser *strings of utter surprise* D: I THOUGHT- wait-
P: I did’t mention this to you D: What is it with you and forfeits recently??
P: I just wanted to add a little bit of spice
D: But OKAY FINE D: A bit of spice? oh god, what’s it gonna be D: That’s not spicy- that i- what the FUCK
P: I’ve made a seperate wheel, we’re either gonna be eating P: barbecue meal worms, or salt and vinegar crickets *very fitting crickets sound effekt* D: I am NOT. eating. either of those things.
P: well you better a grease of those chopsticks, laddy, cause you might be D: okay. this just got SO serious. I can’t even D: fuckin you and your- ch- whatever, right P: so excited to use my magical wheel (D: awwww) can I do the first click?
D: I’m so excited to see you eating mealworms P: I’m not gonna eat the worm!
D: okay~ P: I’m quite nervous
D: here are the options! D: edible paper, mmacha biscuits, giant marshmallow
P: Phil’s Choice, Dan’s Choice D: CLICK. TO. SPIN! D: *sings* Phil’s first challenge iiis… *both start laughing* P: are you kidding?? D: it is the Edible Paper! Okay!
P: whaat P: So we’re literally starting with the hardest thing?
D: we’re literally starting with the hardest thing.
P: This is ridiculous. D: Okay. P: Right. How is it gonna work are we gonna go three two one and then pick up the chopsticks?
D: we’re gonna go three two one D: OHH then pick up the chopsticks.
P: yeah. Okay D: then whoever takes a bite out of it wins the round
P: wins. all right
D: okay? D: chopsticks DOWN
P: *lauging* I’m scared D: three, two, one, GO D: okay
P: ah P: AH! P: Oh! Ah! AH! P: *some noise* (what even) *whistle sound effect* D: NOOO!! D: *laughs* D: Fuck! P: nom myam myam myam myam myam D: *violenly destroys his edible paper* P: *laughs* P: I went for the whole stabbing method rather than actually- yeah P: -picking it up D: DOES. THAT. COUNT. P: Yeah!
D: when you are at a restaurant, do you wanna know how Phil eats with chopsticks? D: He just stabbes right through the middle of a piece of tuna and then he goes and eats it
P: I did it. that was- that was so fast D: I will give that to you. P: Yeah
D: on the basis P:Yeah
D: no more stabbing! (P: okay) because that is not picking things up with chopsticks! D: And it’s totally cheating okay?
P: alright, I will not stab anything
D: so you get a one-round advantage, and I’m saying that because you’re using D: Stupid chopsticks, AND you don’t know what you’re doing!
P: okay D: right! next round! D: oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god
P: Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh D: It’s the giant burger! okay, let’s see how the he- I am disturbed by this P: It looks so real!
D: something… P: this is made out of gummyness D: ..yeah
P: and it is all strawberry flavor, I think D: this is the least natural thing I’ve ever P: I’m so confused. I don’t know What to do
D: this is horrifying, what is that ma- D: *cheeky sniff* D: I will have the cheese and the bun
(P: you can have the cheese slice) and you can have the meat and the bun P: what is that? P: Ugh
D: You don’t want to know, Phil D: three, two, one, go P: GAH! (manly man) P: oh no! one of my lightsabers has gone out! D: oh, sorry! (tf you apologizing for) P: eek (much manly) P: *high pitched* geese! (wut) *whistle of victory* P: *impossibly high-pitched* GEESE!!! (whatever you say, man) P: NO!! P: I still don’t have it… D: Delicious!
P: Kylo Ren is letting me down!
D: This is dodgy. P: Oh, Oh! P: nearly D: What is this made of?
P: oh my god D: Feel like I’m chewing a tire made of chemicals and sugar
P: time to get out the real lads D: next round P: Dan’s Choice! D: Oooooooouuuuuuhhhhhh….
P: wait what is that face D: Good news or bad news
P: Good news you’ve got sugar all over your chin D: *sugar interlude* P: the bad news? D:The good news P: yeah?
D: it’s popcorn! P: yesssss D: bad news: it is “Goat’s Cheese” (P: whaaaat?) flavoured Popcorn! P: why would you do this to me? * crumbles in despair and betrayal* D: This is gourmet fa- this costs like three pounds for a packet, Phil.
P: are we having a single popcorn P: *laughs* oh my P: I thought we were gonna have a little pattern like a mound to go for
D: welcome to a Michelin star restaurant, Phil P: and here is your main course P: 321 GO! P: Ah! D: Fucking hell
P: Oh my god! P: I’ve got it! *whistle of victory* P: argh! It’s disgusting!
D: *laughs heartlessly* P: AUUUGHH!! D: *soundless laughter* D: It’s expensive and it’s fancy!
P: ughh it’s disgus- I need a drink! D: so did you tecnically win that by a nanosecond
P: if we do a slow-motion replay, I think I did *slow-motion replay* *Phil wins*
P: *slowed down, deep voice* I DWID IDD (I did it) D: I think it was worth it to see the suffering
P: right. so it’s 2-1 D: okay, you ready? round four P: Go! *le suspence* Both: OHH D: a giant marshmallow okay
P: see, I have a long-standing relationship with marshmallows P: so I feel like I’m gonna blitz it
D: gimme that marshmussy P: ugh, this is so appetizing D: 321 GO! P: Shhhhhine a light
D: oh my god every time P: ok,ok oh! no! NO! D: *whistle of victory*
P: No! NO! P: *laughs* P: How did you do that so fast? P: Oh, it’s quite easy
D: *bursts out laughing* P: I got that once I stopped panicking
D: this was supposed to be the easy one P: Yeah D: these marshmallows Are good D: Well you know what that means, Phil P: what
D: best of five P: ALL OR NOTHING D: this is round five
P: this is it D: ok D: And the choices are:
Phil’s choice, Gummy sushi, Macha Biscuit or Giant Spider. P: I’m nervous about all of those P: I don’t know which one I prefer
D: are you ready? P: yeah D: Here we go
P: spin that wheel GO P: *nervous… sound* D: OOOOHHHH NO P: Phil’s Choice!
D: I’m scared D: but I don’t hate much that you hate.
P: I wasn’t going for something that would gross you out P: I just chose something fun. *more sugar interlude*
D: My chin is still covered in sugar *more sugar interlude*
P: I’m very sugary D: Okay P: it is extra hot Chilli Gummies! *the sound of hell’s flames: an airhorn* D: Why would you put yourself through that? P: because I like spicy food did I think it’ll be fine. D: if it’s a prank gift. P: Yeah. D: I don’t know D: didn’t you prank me once with one of these
P: Yeah P: Yeah, that’s- I pranked you with those gummy bears, so I wanted to see your face again *flashback*
P: just see what flavour you got
(he told him they are gummies which change flavour) D: *realization hits* WHAT THE *bleep* P: I think I’ll go handle it more than you
D: famous last words – Lester P: there you go
D: well… D: Ooh, and it looks like a chili. It’s not even like – a bear D: this is like: “I’m hot” and the here:-
P: it’s so small D: -smol, but Full of Pain™ P: smol
D: like all of you P: the loser of this has got to eat the Cricket or the Mealworm *steamy eye-contact* P: *giggles* D: You’ve been picking them up with your left hand and putting them in your right hand P: Yeah D: I haven’t been
P: well, it’s up to you what you do with your hands after the klaxon(?) sounded D: *achieves his final form* P: Okay
D: I’m ready for this P: you ready? D: yep *dat tension* D: proper countdown
P: proper countdown. P: three, two, one, GO! D: *immediate whistle of victory* P: *high-pitched* NO! P: ohhh I thought I was gonna get that P: how can you do that so fast?
D: *silently burns on the inside* D: shove it in your fucking mouth. I’m not doing this alone P: is it spicy (no fucking shit, phil) D: no (yeah right) D: as long as you know, swallow *lucifers airhorn burns Phil* P: oh my god that’s spicy P: That was- that was horrible P: you ok, dan? D: I’m fine. D: because D: you’ve lost buddy this was your idea
P: *muffled* I’m scared, I’m scared why did I agree to this D: We could have- we could have played for some Haribo, or something. D: But ohhhhh~ nooooo~
P: Why did I do this to myself? P: so there is a special uh
D: Wheel of Doom P: Wheel of Doom D: the wheel titled “UH OH” P:Crickets or Worms
P: I feel like you should spin this, Phil P: oh nooo
D: reveal your own fate P: *whimpering* i don’t wanna eat Crickets P: that’s the worst one! D: I am so glad. I agreed to this
P: I’m calling the police P: *sad puppy* Oh… D: look at those oh all their legs are broken off at the bottom of the package oh watch them fall D: oh all those wings and stuff oh little bits of their eyes have just fallen on the plate
P: stop it P: Please
D: oh dear D: We’re gonna film a close-up Just so you can witness the true horrors D: – so close your eyes if you don’t want that
(P: if you don’t want to see something disgusting) and imagine that this is chococlate P: three two one D: wow
P: augh noo P: They’ve literally got faces D: I would not agree to this
P: I’m brave I can do this D: lots of people around the world P: This is a delicacy in some place
D: literally don’t give a crap about this, and you think about it D: Uhmmmmmm……….. D: Yeah, no there’s no way that I can justify this P: oh, I’ve got him.
D: Oooohhh P: oh it’s one with a real good face on it
D: hey there Jiminy P: Oh D: oh, Buddy where’d your legs go? (P: right we’re gonna…) guess they snapped off in transit P: STOP P: you count down and then I’ll do it
D: They’re salt and vinegar flavour though aren’t they? P: alright, I’m just gonna focus on the flavour
D: it’s just like a crisp P: right P: just count down D: three, two, one, go. P: *suffers* D: *cheeky chuckle* P: Oh P: it doesn’t taste like salt and vinegar! D: *loses it* (you tried) D: *more heartless laughter* P: UGHhh P: I need the fruit juice
D: the fruit juice’s empty D: quickly! D: the burger! the burger! go! go! go!
P: *whimpers* D: Yes! P: *groan of relief* P: that was so gross P: that was worse than I thought it was gonna be D: But it was salt and vinegar so it was just like a crisp
P: NO do you remember that Jelly-Bean that tastes of centipede? P: it tastes like that centipede.
D: salt and vinegar centipede D: I’m gonna set fire to that bowl later
P: won’t be finishing those for a while D: there we go. P: there we go.
D: that was the Dan and Phil games chopstick challenge! P: please give me a thumbs up for my suffering
D: just, thumbs up for Phil! D: I mean this guy
P: Gosh! D: he came up with this idea when he knows he’s bad with chopsticks (P: I know!) cause he just wanted to entertain you P: what was I doing D: to be fair it was very competitive he altually thought he could win for some reason
P: I- I thought I could- P: so you can thank crunchyroll making this video happen D: Yes, thank you D: and if you want to watch the anime that D: Inspired this insane video, Food Wars, we’re gonna link to it down in the description and remember if you wanna get a free trial P: Yes D: to watch 30 days of premium D: *snazzy* HD Anime~ D: on your fav devices~ D: no ads~ P: you can go to crunchyroll.com/Phil D: stream them all~ D: it’ll really ruin your life over the Christmas period P: or crunchyroll.com/Dan
D: you can- you can go on the Phil one D: so you can subscribe to the gaming channel more gamingmas contact
D: ayyyyy Phil Lester Gamingmas P: contact? D: contact?
P: conTENT D: *noises* P: Our channels are below
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D: premium content P: have a good day P: Don’t eat crickets unless you really want to D: bye.
P: Bye