Hi there. This, I tell you, this is not a usual travel video blog episode, because after four weeks here in Rosario I felt like I have to continue my travels and decided to go for a weekend trip to Cordoba, which is a student city in the north of Argentina, and it’s famous for it’s lively night life because of the fact that it is a student city. So I enjoyed like walking around there in daytime drinking coffee, checking out the park and the city which is actually quite nice. But then on the second night I was out with friends and on the way back to the hostel, three quarters or three blocks away from the hostel it happened. There were like two guys in front of me, just like immediately, it was like without saying anything they just like punched me in the face, put me down in the street, kicked me, kicked my head, punched my head and robbed my iPod, my wallet and my mobile phone, but this really is not the thing which is shocking. The shocking thing is just the violence that happened. I had to go to the emergency, I got stitches. I got four stitches here, four stitches there, half of my teeth were just missing. Let’s face it, these are things that could happen everywhere in the world. Just months ago a friend of mine was robbed in Berlin, maybe not was this violent. I had really bad luck, but also part of that is maybe also stupidity because I was there alone. I mean I walked alone in the morning at 6 o’clock back to the hostel, and I saw like it’s just five blocks, that’s not that far, it’s like doable and it’s safe, but it was not. So I should rather take a taxi for like 20 pesos which is like 3 euros which is nothing, and I would not have encountered that. What happened afterwards made me even love this country Argentina more, because the reactions of the people were just overwhelming. There were the people who picked me up from the streets, called the police, accompanied me to the hospital, paid the taxi actually, to get to the hospital. The hospitals there look horrible, they look really rundown, but the doctors, the personnel which was there, the staff, the equipment they used, it’s just high professional, and they were so nice, they cared a lot about my situation, made me feel comfortable as well as the guys in the hostel where I stayed in the Mate Hostel in Cordoba, which is just a great place to be. They organized medicine for me, they organized the dentist who could fix my teeth just in like one day, and it now looks like quite normal again, and then also the guys from this hostel. I mean I am now in La Lechuza again in Rosario. That’s my little family here in Argentina. They are just great. They make me feel really, really good and I’m able to recover really quickly here. Also because the Spanish school helped me to find a doctor. Actually it was a teacher for them who is now doctor, who just came to the Spanish school to take my last stitches out, so now all my stitches are out and I’m on the best way to recover completely. My sponsor, Hostelbookers, guys, you’re just amazing. They raised money for me in the office to replace some of my lost valuables. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks guys. I’m really lucky that I had you as the sponsor for this Hola Gringo trip. And last but not least, all the reactions, the personal reactions I got from people here but also through Facebook, through emails, just people writing me really long personal messages apologizing for my situation, trying to help me. Some of you guys even offered me money which is totally not necessary. But all the messages, emails and comments I got, helped me really, really to recover very quickly, and now I am at a stage where I would say I’m almost recovered. I mean it’s just like the last part here and some wounds, but they will heal up quickly. I really, really love you guys. Thanks a lot and I’ll see you on the road.