boyo detling x’ and welcome to another episode of women in death history don’t know what that accent was when you hear the name Madame Tussaud what do you think of a life like house of horrors eerie celebrity wax replicas no mati Madame Tussaud was so much more than a maven of waxwork tourist traps around the world an artist survivor and handler of the dead today we tell the surprising story of Madame Marie tusu born Anna Marie Grosch waltz in France in 1761 young Marie grew up in Switzerland where her mother was a housekeeper for the doctor and wax model ER doctor Philippe hurts you it was kerttu who taught to sew the art of Wax after moving to Paris with her mother and Coutu in 1765 Tussauds talent with wax was noticed by the royal family and she was allegedly asked to live at the Palace of Versailles as an art tutor to Louis the sixteenth younger sister Madame Elizabeth Murray lived at the palace until the dusky revolution broke out and Kurt sue called her back to Paris Coutu and two so made wax death masks of the executed until two so was suspected of being a Royalists sympathizer and was nearly executed herself her head was even shaved in preparation for the guillotine luckily her association with kerttu got her released and to so continued her work of picking through mass graves of decapitated individuals in search of dead celebrity heads Marie Antoinette’s Robespierre with which to make death masks it was gruesome work but it saved her life after the Revolution she married a useless man named Francois – so whom she promptly abandoned and spent the rest of her life showing her wax figures throughout Britain and Ireland she opened her first permanent waxwork exhibit in 1835 on Baker Street in London dying at the age of 88 her son’s carried on her legacy expanding it to the Empire we now know as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum but before the Hokie museums populated with gleaming Elvis’s and together forever Brangelina’s Marie torso was a woman whose life was literally saved by her work with the dead and for that we salute her messy Maui this video was made with generous donations from deaf enthusiasts just like you [Music]