– Hi Paigon here, welcome
back to my channel. In this super short
video, I’m gonna show you the simplest and fastest
way to create a blog post in WordPress using Gutenberg. (upbeat music) Here’s the back end of my website. If you didn’t know, I use WordPress and I design WordPress websites. This is what Gutenberg looks like. Basically you’re creating
content using blocks. Each block is used to represent a header, paragraph, image and so on. My honest thoughts are I
hate Gutenberg and I prefer the original, basic word document. It was easier for me to code it myself and it was less time consuming. Now you might be wondering
why I haven’t switched back to the original layout and that there’s two reasons actually. Number one, laziness. And number two, I’m just
trying to keep an open mind. I gotta keep up with technology, even my mom is more advanced than I am. She is the one who
taught me about apps and other things that I don’t use on my phone. Anyways when Gutenberg came out, I needed a faster and easier
way to create blog posts. Then I went back to my
tried and true method. I always type out my blog
posts in a Google Doc, then I just copy and
paste it into WordPress. Usually I can copy and
paste in sections because I can add images or videos in between. But then I realized I can
copy and paste everything and add it in Gutenberg and it automatically creates the blogs for you. Even if I had a link to my video, it would automatically
add the blog for me. So Gutenberg actually
works out better than the original layout. Until I have to code something and that takes fifty million years. Now I can just go back and add
the images I need to add and it took less time than creating
the blogs individually. If you like this video, hit
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comments below how you feel about Gutenberg. Until next week, bye (upbeat music)