Daiei Film Co. Ltd. “We’re sick of soldier stories!” they say. I feel the same! Nowadays just like 20 years ago, I feel
disgusted every time I see the *khaki colour!
(bLoodZ:*colour of the Jap. Army uniform) That’s because, within Manchuria, a few miles
from the northern border with the Soviet Union, in a town named Sung-ho,
I’ve lived for 4 years as a soldier. The Yakuza Soldier
(Heitai Yakuza) Rather than a town, Sung-ho
was just a bunch of barracks. Containing only 40.000 troops, a bar
and a brothel open just for soldiers. Connected to a southern far away city
only through a single railroad track. Even if you wanted to escape, you couldn’t.
It was a huge prison isolated by wilderness. Inside, there was a unit that was famous for its
strict military discipline and intense training. Most of the freshly enlisted soldiers
couldn’t cope with the hellish training, and attempted to escape, committed
suicide, or were arrested. Well, actually there was only one exception. A man named Omiya Kisaburo. By all means, I want to convey you his story. It was the early Spring of 1943. The succession of victories in the Pacific War
was broken through the Battle of Midway, followed by the failure in Guadalcanal.
Gradually, the situation wasn’t looking too good. I forgot to tell you…
I am Superior Private Arita. I deliberately failed the promotion
exams for 3 years in a row. While all my comrades became Sergeants and
Corporals, I was pretending to tilt at windmills, awaiting in anticipation for the next year
to meet the requirements for military discharge. In any case, I loathed the Army! Superior Private Arita, the Warrant Officer in
charge of personnel affairs is calling for you. Superior Private Arita, reporting for orders! Arita, as you already know,
this April a batch of new recruits will arrive. In that regard, I have a favour to ask of you. What is it? Our squad will receive 6 new recruits, and
among them there’s one preposterous fellow. You’ll be responsible for taking care of him. Preposterous? What kind of guy? This Omiya Kisaburo fellow, they say he
overturned an entire battalion in Tokyo. Meaning? He has no consideration for any superior,
he even threw down a *non-commissioned officer.
(bLoodZ: I’m gonna use *NCO from now on.) Apparently he won’t listen to anyone. In other
words, he has no concern towards the Army. Why not send such a fellow to the detention
barracks and throw him into prison? That won’t do, right now the Army
needs every soldier available! Anyway, before Omiya was enlisted
he had a dubious occupation. In other words, he was a
“do this and that” kind of guy. A Yakuza? However, be it either a noble or a thief,
in this place we’re all the same. Still, there’s no change compared
to the previous enlistments. Cooperate with Superintender Shirai,
and overseer them together! Superior Private Sir, I’m counting on your help! Why push onto me such a hard task? The Commander suggested to fight
violence with violence, but I objected. “Willows are weak, yet they bind other wood.”
The best way to tame such a ruffian is with this! I chose you because you’re a university graduate. However… Next year in March is your auspicious discharge, I understand your concern to reach it safely, but…
Think of it as your last patriotic act, and accept it! I beg you, as a comrade, help me out! Since the Squad Leader requests it,
I have no choice but to accept. In return, Omiya’s custody
should be entrusted to me, entirely. Certainly. That’s exactly what I wanted. In Manchuria, the cherry blossoming Spring arrived. Barely entering into their first stage of maturity,
therefore meeting the conditions for enlistment, 400 new recruits finally arrived from Tokyo. The rampaging horse, Omiya Kisaburo
was amongst them. Do you know why the Japanese soldiers are strong?! Because they can sacrifice their lives for
the sake of His Majesty the Emperor! The superior must value his subordinates,
the subordinates must trust their superior! To fight as one, that’s what
the Japanese Army is all about! The recruits where divided into 12 per company,
furthermore splitted into 6 per squad. That day I was pretending to have a cold
in order to skip my military drill duty. Attention! Private Kagimoto with a total of 6,
reporting our arrival! Somehow the physique of the recruits
gets worse from year to year! Alright, firmly state your ranks and names! Yes Sir! Army Private, Kagimoto Norio! Army Private, Katayama Son! Army Private, Kijima Shinkichi! Army Private, Yasuka Masaru! Army Private, Nogi Kazuo! Army Private, Omiya Kisaburo. Louder! Army Private, Omiya Kisaburo. Not loud enough! Again! Army Private, Omiya Kisaburo! Still not loud enough! Again! Army… Again! The recruits are inferior!
Stop being fussy! Yes Sir! Alright, identify the beds with your names,
and disrobe your equipment! Yes Sir! Do it quietly, the Superior Private is resting! It’s ok, don’t mind! Yes Sir. This is the comrade in arms who will be
watching over you, Superior Private Arita. So you’re Omiya?! I am Omiya Kisaburo! Recruit, your attitude is inadequate!
Stand up! You son of a bitch! Take this! You son of a bitch! Taking me lightly! Ouch, it hurts! You… did you just smiled? What’s so funny? Your Superintender’s slaps? Stand up! Aren’t you getting up?! You also smiled, didn’t you? I didn’t smiled! “Didn’t smiled”?! That’s right, within this unit the slapping
was taking place day in and day out. The slap in the face was the resolution for everything. You’d experience it over any trivial matter. Halt! Prepare for assault! Charge! Get them! Stop! Put more spirit into it! Go back to your positions! Don’t be so slow! Prepare for assault! Charge! Halt! Line up! You bastards, haven’t you learned
how to immobilize your enemy? What about the most efficient crucial points? Do you think you can win the war
with this sort of determination?! You son of a bitch! Let go! Do you intend to defy me? I was just blocking it. “Just blocking” he said, nevertheless it hurts.
Look how swollen it became! He has an unusual amount of strength. By using a stick, you’re at fault. Other types of punishment, except verbal
and slaps, were forbidden since last year. But slaps won’t work on him. Omiya’s body is hard as a stone.
He’s an invulnerable monster. Attaining obedience thru hitting is the Army’s way,
but having no effect on him… That’s inconvenient! Particularly, Omiya isn’t a bad soldier. Omitting his attitude, even if it’s trench
digging, he’ll do his duty properly. He’s a little peculiar
just because he’s moving slowly. However, it will be troublesome
if it turns into mutiny. Alright! I’ll give him a warning. Where’s Omiya? To shed the dirt and sweat from the maneuvers,
I sent him with the other recruits to the bath. It’s not our time to bathe, right?! That’s right, today is Military Engineering’s turn. Military Engineering? The ones from Communication training. What Company are you from? From the 2nd Squad of the 8th Company, Sir! Infantry recruits, huh?!
You’ve got some big balls coming in, get out! You idiot! You bastard! What’s this? Isn’t it a garment?! Hey! Is it ok for the Infantry to do
their laundry in the bathtub?! Who taught you like this? The infantrymen have slackened. Just how severe the military discipline is,
I’ll knock it into you! Attention! You son of a bitch! Superior Private Arita Sir… Into the bath, Omiya… with the engineers… A brawl? Omiya? Are you here Omiya? Private Omiya!
Where are you? You idiot, hurry up and run! Since this incident, Omiya’s name spread
thru the entire unit, making him a hero. But in the Army, if you’ve done wrong to one from a
different squad, you’ll be targeted by his comrades. Furthermore, infantrymen and military engineers
are totally strangers to each other. The engineers were sighting Omiya, awaiting
for an opportunity to take their revenge. Hey, recruit! You didn’t salute me, right?! I didn’t noticed you Sir! Attention! For one thing, all military personnel
should maintain a strict etiquette! In the Army the etiquette is compulsory! If you make such a mistake in front of the Emperor,
do you think a “didn’t noticed” will cut it? So you’re Omiya, huh?! Superior Private Sir. Is this ok? It’s ok! Can you tell without looking at it? I can tell. Superior Private Sir, you’ve never
complained about me, haven’t you?! You’ve never hit me either. Is that so?! Why is that? Superior Private Sir, a Military Engineering
Corporal came to the NCO post, and asks to bring Omiya Kisaburo in. Omiya? He said that, despite being
lower in rank, he didn’t salute! Omiya, do you have anything to say in self-defense? If the other side says so,
it must be true, right?! So, did he hit him? No, he just lectured him. What did our Squad Leader say? He said to bring him in. He’s such a weakling.
He should’ve refused. After all, military engineers are just freeloaders! I’ll go! I can easily endure a few of that Corporal’s slaps. Alright, I’ll go with you. Shirai, what’s that Corporal’s name? It’s Kurogane. Find out for how many years he’s been in the Army! Understood! Omiya! In the Army:
“Where might is master, justice is servant.” No matter what you’re being told,
you must endure it. You mustn’t fight back! Whatever the reasons, just apologize! Yes Sir. Superior Private Arita, reporting for orders! Private Omiya, reporting for orders! Omiya! You know why I came here, don’t you?! I don’t know! If you don’t know, I’ll tell you! Earlier today you didn’t salute me!
I won’t let you feign ignorance. Moreover, you didn’t even
report it to your Squad Leader! By discussing it with your Squad Leader, it’s been
decided that I’d show you some special affection. Spread out your legs! Clench your teeth! I’ll show you how the Military
Engineering’s punishment is like! Unlike Infantry’s, it’s rather rough! Just like the rumors say, you’re a tough bastard. However, my slaps aren’t ordinary either. Shirai, is it you? Indeed! Have you found out? Yes. Kurogane is serving for 2 years now. 2 years? He must know some martial arts. Before enrollment, apparently he was
a boxing fighter in college. Squad Leader, please step out! What for? Omiya’s custody was entrusted to me.
Leave this into my care! How about it, did it started to take its toll? Hey, Corporal! What?! Despite being merely a Superior Private,
what the heck is with “Hey, Corporal”?! For how many years have you been eating army food? Can’t say it, huh?! 3 years. Liar, it’s only 2 years! You’re a 2nd year soldier,
I’ve properly investigated it. Just because you went to college, you took the
promotion exams and became a Corporal. So what?! Hey, 2nd year soldier, I’m a professed Superior
Private of the supreme *Kwantung Army!
(bLoodZ:*Japanese armed forces in Manchuria) I’ve been eating this Unit’s food for 4 years now! So what about it?! The Army isn’t all about the rank insignia! The collar’s insignia yields to
the number of years spent! Just like in prison. This thin metal washer has no meaning whatsoever! This isn’t a university! I’ll teach you this because you seem intelligent. Omiya is from Infantry,
you’re from Military Engineering! Since you aren’t Omiya’s superior,
you have no right to discipline him! That makes this a duel, not a sanction. Did you know that duels have been prohibited?! The point is… what you did was uncalled for. I’ll have to settle the score. Omiya! This is a duel! Even if Omiya fights back, it is neither
mutiny, nor an insult towards a superior! Superior Private Sir, can I do it? Do it, however, don’t make an external wound. You can wreck him on the inside,
but don’t spill any blood! What about the bones? You can do it, but don’t kill him! Don’t worry! Do it quietly! I’ll do it where it’ll hurt him the most. So that you won’t be boxing for a while,
I’ll break your fingers one by one! Bastard… playing the NCO card! Help me out! Please help me out, Superior Private Sir! Please stop him! Omiya! That’s enough!
Stop it! You go back to our squad,
I’ll deal with this fellow. Private Omiya, is going back! Hey! When you return to your post, tell them
that you fell down and hurt yourself! Omiya broke your fingers for your own sake. Understood? Since you’re the hard working Corporal that’s
considered the pride of the Military Engineers, It’s needless to say that you’ll be humiliated
if you tell them that a recruit beat you up. I believe that, what Omiya and I did that time,
was the correct thing to do. Otherwise, I couldn’t have lived within
an unjust and irrational system like the Army’s. In the end, Corporal Kurogane yielded.
Thus, Omiya’s admiration towards me increased. 3 months later, Omiya’s and
the others’ instruction concluded. Finally, collective maneuvers began. This maneuvers were agonizing. Because, equipped with a 30kg luggage, we had
to walk around 300km in 3 days, thru sloped hills. It’s a brutal forced march that pushes human’s
mental and physical strengths to their limits. Unlike fighting, Omiya wasn’t fit for marching. Are you all right? Walking is really difficult! On the first day we made around 4 km per hour.
Somehow, Omiya managed to keep up, but… On the second day we increased from 6 to 8 km
per hour, towards the end we started to run. Omiya rapidly started to feel exhausted. Omiya… keep it up! The camp is just a short distance away. If someone falls before you, just trample on him! He barely finished the second day safely. However, on the last third day, soon after the
departure, Omiya had already reached his limits. He was on the verge of collapse. Hand me your gun! It’s ok! Keep going, if you fall out of the ranks
during the night, the wolves will get you! Get up! Squad Leader. What is it? Omiya is completely exhausted. I want to let him rest for a little while. I can’t allow that. But, it’s better than falling out of the ranks. If anyone falls out of the ranks, your marks will suffer. I’ll escort him. We’ll take a shortcut. And we’ll catch up before nightfall. You do that. Take some live ammunition, for the wolves. What a cruel training, our commanding officer
is an idiot for making us walk this much! Murderer! What do you want to do after the training ends? I want to drink sake,
but not the shiitake one from the army! Alright…
I’ll treat you with some authentic Kiku-Masamune! No! Considering it… I want a woman first. I’ve had enough of the enslaved ones!
I’d really love a geisha from our country! I’ll definitely have you embrace one, so…
Keep going! Re… real… really? Then it’s settled. Superior Private Sir,
why are you being so kind to me? I just can’t ignore a preposterous guy like yourself! What were you doing before enlistment? Superior Private Sir, are you from Tokyo? That’s right. There was a street stall near *Yochi’s, right?!
(bLoodZ:*I couldn’t figure out what this is.
It could be a post office or a store.) Our clan opened a business there
and I was running it. I was also boss’s bodyguard. Did you do anything interesting? A girl. We did it together in a comfort station. At that time… even Nishida was shivering. Why did you become a yakuza? At first, I intended to become a *naniwabushi storyteller.
(bLoodZ:*traditional Japanese narrative singing.
They use naniyabushi, but I’ll use naniwabushi.) But after one year I was banished by my master. Why? Because I was always getting involved in fights. My boss was attracted by those fighting skills, and we *shared a cup of sake.
(bLoodZ:*Welcoming ritual in the Yakuza.) Someday, you should let me hear your naniwabushi. Sure. Let’s go, we’re halfway there. We went smoothly through the shortcut,
arriving to our Company’s camp by evening. With the intent of gazing towards Tokyo’s
far away sky, I climbed on a nearby hill. It’s you! Back then, you really treated me with kindness.
I’ll never forget that! The recruit named Omiya or something
like that, is he all right? He’s all right. I apologize for the previous incident. Hey, Superior Private of the supreme Kwantung Army! You said this and that about a metal washer,
but I’m not wearing that anymore. I was promoted to Sergeant. I’ve noticed that. Instead, I’m carrying a pistol. Is that a threat? Hey Superior Private, You definitely saluted me. However, if I claim that you didn’t…
What happens then? There’s no witness. Between a Superior Private and a Sergeant,
the Sergeant’s statement wins. You didn’t salute me! Therefore, I intend to punish you. No one is going to complain about that. You’ve also been in the Army for 3 years, I’m sure you understand this reasoning. Hey! Tell Omiya to come here
tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock. What’s the matter? Nothing. What happened? I fell on the ground and
hit a tree trunk with my stomach. Please tell me the truth,
Superior Private Sir. You’re repetitive, I told you that I fell! This isn’t from a stupid fall! I can tell. So what if you can tell?
Just leave me alone! Does it hurts when you speak? I’m fine. Anyway, I beg you! Stay out of it! You’ve been trampled, right? Who’s the opponent? It that Military Engineering Corporal, right?! The time to settle the score
with the other side has come. Tomorrow, I’m going to pay him back. Don’t say stupid things!
With this, we’re even! I hit him and he hits you, Superior Private Sir,
hmpf… It doesn’t add up! I made you hit him! Originally, it was all my fault. For making you like this while protecting me…
I just can’t let this go! Wait! I hate vengeance, there’s no end to it. Even if you meet with the Military Engineers,
can you promise me that you won’t touch them? I can’t do that. I don’t want to get involved in any childish internal
fight, because my discharge is approaching. I beg you, Omiya! If the other side apologizes, I won’t do anything. Alright!
Tomorrow morning, I’ll go with you. I’ll go warm up the soup. Like I’m gonna let that boxing
son of a bitch disregard me! Squad Leader, tomorrow morning,
please gather our 3rd year comrades! What for? It’s dangerous to let Omiya go alone. The other side will definitely
bring some soldiers along. If you’re involved in a group fist fight,
you’ll end up court-martialed. If you act rashly, you’ll be imprisoned. I beg you, as a comrade, please follow my lead! So, you came! I brought him with the intent of apologizing to you. Omiya, here’s my thanks for the previous incident! Get him! Hold up! This is a quarrel between the Sergeant and Omiya. If you assist in a personal struggle, you’ll definitely
be punished! The detention barracks awaits you! Even so… will you do it?! Omiya, hitting you when you came to apologize,
it looks like a dialogue is futile! Pay him back for the surplus! Get him! Retaliate for the bath incident! This bastard, spit all over the Military Engineering! Give him more! Over there! Hey… Military Engineering 2nd year soldiers! If you dare raise your hand against 3rd year
soldiers, let me see you try! I don’t know what kind of engineers are you, but do you intend to turn every infantrymen
from the settlement into your enemy?! It’ll be impossible for you to remain in Manchuria! If you dare, let me see you try it! Omiya, get up! Watch this! Ok! Omiya, stop it! Don’t kill him! Superior Private Sir, now, we’re even! The standoff between Infantry and Military
Engineering was settled through this fight, but… Because of it, the Company Commander reproved
my Squad, forbidding our usual 8 hours outing. Kumi. Yes. Nogi. Yes Sir! I’d love to go home! Yeah… we’re out of luck, being unable
to embrace a woman after training. Nogi, is that another letter from your sweetheart? Let me read it, as a diversion. What the heck is this? It’s hair. Hair from where? From here? This is surprising! Hey, lover boy! What does your girlfriend do?
Is she a nighttime entertainer? She’s a female college, student. What a great female college! She’s older than you, isn’t that great?! How’s it like, with older women?! Superior officer! Arita, come to the Warrant Officer’s room, immediately! By inspecting the arm band passes,
I see that one’s missing! Someone went outside, even without permission! Arita, who do you think it is? Is it Omiya? That’s right! After the training, one hour ago, that rascal
urinated on the Commander’s official residence, and nonchalantly left thru the gate! Unexpectedly, he’s got some wit. Form a search party at once!
It’s obviously that he deserted! Deserted?! Good grief, the quality of this year’s recruits
is really bad, this is the third one! Abe, if he’s caught by a *Military Police patrol,
he’ll definitely be shot to death!
(bLoodZ:*I’m gonna use MP from now on) Quickly, aren’t you going?! Wait a minute, please! Omiya is neither weak-spirited,
nor foolish enough to desert. Then, where did he go? He went to town. Into town? What for? Alcohol or woman? For a woman! I’ll definitely bring him back,
so please let me go out! You’ve given me Omiya’s custody.
I’ll search for him with responsibility! Alright, I’ll trust you. You can’t come in, this isn’t a place for soldiers,
this is exclusively for commissioned officers! That’s why I came here! Hey! As you can see, I have money. Go back! I can’t do that! I put my life on the line to come here. Mr. Private, if you pretend you don’t understand,
even if you’re a soldier I won’t overlook this! What are you going to do? I’ll throw you outside! Let me see you try! I didn’t even bulge! This is how it’s done! Bastard, I could easily bash someone like you! Soldier, if you rampage I’ll call the MP! Mrs. Okume, leave this to me! Come now, let’s go in, Mr. strong soldier! Otomaru, charge him extra! Omiya, wake up! Someone came to get you. Omiya! Who… who’s there? Omiya! Did something happen, Superior Private Sir? Don’t give me that!
Why did you go outside without permission? I also have times when I can’t control myself. It’s the same when it comes to
a woman’s emotional comfort. The Warrant Officer thinks that you deserted! Deserted? Even if I return to Japan, I have neither a boss
nor friends, right now the Army is my everything. I get a low salary, but… I don’t lack alcohol and women. For the time being, I’ll stick with the Army. In any case, return to the Unit! This is a fine woman! There’s still enough money left. Superior Private Sir, if you’d like, help yourself! I don’t need any sympathy comfort! Tsk… It isn’t like that. Mr. Omiya, you’ll come again, right?! Of course! Aren’t you open exclusively for commissioned officers?! If you get involved with a soldier, you’ll
lose your commissioned officer clients. Even in this place, the number one girl has enough liberty to do whatever she
likes with the man she likes, right?! What is it? It’s about Omiya’s punishment.
Could you please overlook it this time? I can’t do that, Omiya’s behaviour was intolerable! If I’d let him go, the military discipline
becomes meaningless. I need to be fair! If you punish Omiya, he’ll be enraged,
and will defy orders more and more. Please pardon him out of consideration for me,
and he’ll never again cause anymore troubles. By giving him a preferential treatment,
you’re always protecting Omiya. I’m getting complaint reports because of that. Last night, my supervision was negligent. If you must punish someone,
please punish me! Is that so?! Since you cherish Omiya to that extent,
I’ll forgive him. In exchange for that, you must punish Omiya, properly! Me? Do it thoroughly! Prudent sanctions like some sassy slaps won’t suffice! If you beat Omiya up, the other soldiers
will be satisfied with it. Do it with all your strength! It’s been decided that I’ll have to punish
you for last night’s incident. I really hate physical sanctions! In all 3 years since I entered the Army,
I was hit, but I have never hit anyone! However… Today I will have to hit! I understand! I’ll do it with the *shinai.
(bLoodZ:*a bamboo sword) Please proceed! Spread out your legs, and clench your teeth! I’m fine! Do it, please! That’s enough! Go back! Superior Private Sir! I said that’s enough, so go back! Ouch, this hurts!
(bLoodZ: Really?! :p ) Attention! At ease! Superior Private Arita,
I now see you in a different light! Just now, Omiya came to my office, and
reported that he received your sanction. You gave it to him really good! He was all covered in blood. What did you use? A pipe? A slipper? Well, It doesn’t matter.
You did an excellent job for a university graduate! Omiya! That face… Why did you do it? Because they pressured you, didn’t they?! You are… such a fool! The wind that blows like that is a blissful breeze.
(bLoodZ: This is supposed to be naniwabushi.) This is the greatest sound that the boss’s sworn
brother could make at the separation moment. Eventually, Summer came to an end. Shortly after Autumn came to Manchuria,
Omiya became a First Class Private. In these days, the situation
in the Pacific deteriorated, and the Army’s orders were pressing
towards an honorable defeat. The Soviet Union managed to repel
the German troops again, therefore, Manchuria was heading
towards the forefront of fire. The 2nd Squad has finished! Ok! Wait! Show me! Hey! What’s with this grain of boiled rice? Attention! You’re receiving your meal from
His Majesty the Emperor! You realize that, don’t you?! Yes Sir! Then, why haven’t you eaten
every single thing that was used? It’s a huge disloyalty to oppose His Majesty! I’m very sorry! Recruits nowadays are such a letdown! Get up! A love letter, huh?! The war situation is aggravating, you know! Do you think it’s ok to be infatuated
with a woman? You coward! Discipline him! On duty! Arita, something terrible happened! What is it? Both of us can’t return to Japan anymore. What?! You know, all 3rd year soldiers, even if they reach next year’s discharge,
they’ll instantly be called back, anyway! Therefore, without change, we’ll serve in this Unit. Can an absurd thing like that really happen?! Every man throughout the world partakes in the war. Soldiers are always insufficient. That’s no concern of mine! If they won’t let me go… I’ll set the barracks on fire! Superior Private Sir, do you want to go back to Tokyo that much? Don’t ask like you understand! I want to be free! Loosing my prospect for discharge, that evening,
in the canteen with Omiya I got dead drunk. At that time… What’s with that outfit? Nogi deserted! Nogi? Apparently he took a greatcoat, a rifle and 3 live bullets. What’s the cause? In the kitchen, he was sanctioned. The slaps are this Unit’s specialty. Who’d desert over something like that?! Unlike Omiya, he’s a *young master that
was pampered while growing up!
(bLoodZ:*bocchan=son of a rich family) He also has a frail body, yet he
lost his military service absolution! We’ll start the search! The recruits will go to the MP post,
police ward, town hall and train station! The Unit’s core will search in the north! Halt! Let’s take a break! Nogi is a stupid guy, running away is futile. He’ll either starve to death, freeze to death,
or get eaten by wolves. We can’t find him. Should we go back and restart tomorrow? Searching a vast field like this with either
10 or 20 people is futile anyway! Let’s go back! Omiya, we’re going back! I’ll search until I find him! Come back! Hey! Nogi! Nogi! Stop it! Calling him out may scare him and
he might kill himself! Nogi! Stay alive! Over here! Omiya, carry him! Superior Private Sir, I called him out, thereupon, Nogi pulled trigger. That’s just a coincidence. Don’t worry about it! I killed him, didn’t I?! Omiya! This isn’t like you! Forget about it! To be honest, I once killed a man in Tokyo! I had a scuffle with another Yakuza. It was about the turf. At that time I used a dagger. That son of a bitch was an evil bastard. There were plenty of reasons to kill him. I intended to surrender right away… Did you run away? No! A substitute went to prison. Death penalty? 10 years of imprisonment. He’s still serving. Nogi is the second person I’ve killed! The weak ones die. The strong ones live. The Army is that sort of place.
It’s not your fault! Forget about it! However, I will never forget that I’ve killed someone! (bLoodZ: This guy is an MP.) Is this the recruit who died during the maneuvers? That’s right! The truth is that he deserted
and killed himself, right?! Sung-ho’s recruits have slackened! Do you intend to make him your third kill?! Like I could stay idle after that insult! Nogi isn’t at fault. It’s the Army’s fault! I loathe both the Police and the MP! The next day, Nogi’s corpse was secretly cremated. Only the well scorched bones of an arm
were sent to his family in Tokyo. His cremated corpse was buried into the soil. Order, ARMS! What’s the matter with you two? I even took the trouble to bring some precious
sea urchin, why don’t you try a little?! Where did you get it from? From the Army’s kitchen. Did something happen? A recruit, deserted and died! That’s a pity! However, there’s a great amount of
more pitiable stories about *us.
(bLoodZ:*prostitutes) It hasn’t been long since then,
but we had a girl with a lung disease. After she died, when we removed the *futon,
(bLoodZ:*mattress) under the *tatami there were some
of that girl’s decomposing remains!
(bLoodZ:*Japanese straw mat/floor covering) You never know what could happen, even to me! Come now! Let’s forget about everything, and enjoy ourselves! Do as you please! Even *hesozake is ok with me!
(bLoodZ:*heso=navel, zake=sake) What’s hesozake? You pour sake on her navel,
and drink what flows down. Even if it’s a big shot commissioned officer,
I won’t let any other customer do it! Only the two of you. The shape of your navel is kind of bad! In what way?! The sake overflows sideways. That isn’t appealing, unless you
pour it from the chest. Then, let’s do it like this! Try it out! I see! That’s better! This isn’t working! I can’t get into it! Don’t stop midway! Tonight, I’ll leave it to you, Superior Private Sir! Don’t say stupid things! Mr. Superior Private! In moments like this you should
become an animal, wholeheartedly! After all even you… You’ll never reach your military discharge. You’re exactly like us. We’re hopeless! Go ahead! Omiya, me too, Otomaru also,
we were all unfortunate. Hesozake, was the ephemeral enjoyment
of the unhappy people. Damn it! I’m going to take revenge! Where are you going? Who the heck are you? Which one of you hit Nogi? Show yourself! You son of a bitch!
A mere recruit, how dare you complain?! You son of a bitch! Who’s… the bastard that beat Nogi? Superior Private Arita came with a
report for our Squad Leader! All right! Hey! Omiya dashed to raid the kitchen! He intends to avenge Nogi. He’s so stubborn! Stop him! It’s already started! That’s a tough opponent. The kitchen soldiers are nothing
but daredevil hooligans! Even Omiya doesn’t stand a chance.
He’s gonna get it! The kitchen’s Sergeant, Ishigami,
for how many years he’s been a soldier? He’s 1 year ahead of us, so he’s a 4th year soldier. Abe, gather our Company’s 5th year soldiers! That’s impossible! Like they’re gonna listen to me. To begin with, kitchen’s soldiers will hit a recruit
only on their Army Supervisor’s order. Omiya is at fault, for going on a raid! However, you also understand how he feels! I understand, but after all he’s just a Yakuza! Nevertheless, he’s a sweet guy.
I beg you! He may be precious to you,
but I’ve had enough of him! From now on, I don’t want to get
involved in any more troubles! Do you value your own position? In any case, I won’t do it! Then, I won’t ask! I’ll take care of it myself! Where’s Omiya? In the NCO post. Omiya! What happened? Well… This guy’s remarkable! After all, he fought against 12 of our soldiers! He was splashing boiling water
and swinging a kitchen knife. I fell for him! We were just having a reconciliation cup
after treating our soldiers’ scalds. Omiya, go back! Squad Leader Ishigami Sir,
I apologize for all this trouble! We have plenty of sake!
So sit down and have a drink! No thank you! Thanks to your soothing Squad Leader Sir,
this serious incident ended peacefully! I also apologize to the scalded soldiers! Omiya! We’re going back! First Class Private Omiya, is going back! I see, so you’re going back, huh?! Omiya, did that Ishigami Sergeant
really said that he wants to make peace? He said it! He’s not someone who’d stay silent
after his subaltern soldiers were injured. If he’s punished for starting a fight in the kitchen,
he’ll lose the kitchen’s Squad Leader benefits. That’s why he didn’t make his move tonight! Is that so?! This isn’t over yet! Be careful, Omiya! Don’t you ever go to the kitchen again! Even if you’re summoned! Yes Sir. Ah?! You came alone? Today I didn’t come to play. *This is why I came!
(bLoodZ:*official business) Is Mr. Omiya doing good? He’s doing way too good! Tonight you should both come. These days I became quite odd! It’s really boring with only one companion! Otomaru. Do you happen to know the kitchen’s
Squad Leader, Ishigami? He frequently visits Midori’s room! Please bring that girl here! Midori, come here for a minute! Midori, this person says he wants to ask you
something about the kitchen’s Squad Leader! Please be honest! Have you ever received something
from the Squad Leader? Like what? Sugar. I wonder?! I’m not an MP, whatever you tell me,
I’m not gonna make any official report. I won’t cause you any trouble, so please tell me! It’s not just sugar that I received! But also sake, and everything else that I want.
I even received bags brought from Hakone! Even though he’s not a commissioned
officer, he’s my best customer in here! He even listens to me! Is that true? If you think I’m lying, why don’t you ask the chef?! Where did Omiya go? Yes Sir! A moment ago some kitchen soldiers
came by, and left together with them. You idiot! Why didn’t you stop him?! Yo! Let’s have a drink! Were is Omiya? I don’t know! No doubt he’s in an out of sight place. Is it the back gate farm?
Maybe the spices valley? Are you picking a quarrel with me? I have no time to pick a quarrel! I’ll report it to the Company Commander,
and start a search in the entire Unit! I see! I’ll take you to meet him. Squad Leader! Make them stop! But isn’t it interesting? Let’s observe! If you don’t stop them, you’ll be court-martialed! You’ll end up imprisoned! What?! You… You’ve been smuggling sugar, right?! What are you talking about? A large quantity of the sugar you administer,
you’ve carried it to *Iroha, haven’t you?!
(bLoodZ:*the name of that brothel) Stop spewing bullshit! It’s not only to Iroha! You’ve also been distributing sake and
rice to restaurants all over the place. Apparently, you’re dropping some today! If I tell this to a commissioned officer, and if the Unit Commander is informed
about this, you won’t get out of it safely! If you’re afraid of being dragged to the
MP regiment, you should listen to me! Make them stop fighting! Aren’t you stopping them?! Alright! I’ll handle Omiya! You won’t complain if it’s a one-to-one fight. Superior Private. Stop it! Come here, punk! Omiya! Must I kill again?! Here comes my 3rd victim! Don’t kill him! I’m very sorry! Superior Private Sir. Omiya! I’ve had enough… of this kind of incidents! You’ve saved me again, haven’t you?! To repay my debt, next time
I’ll save you, Superior Private Sir! If I get saved by you, it’ll only
cause me troubles when I go back! Eventually… a time to save you will definitely come! The situation in the Pacific deteriorated even more,
thus, the day for this Manchuria Unit to move southwards to the likes of Leyte island
and Taiwan was approaching! At that time, a comfort troupe
from Japan came by, and among them, there was
Omiya’s master of naniwabushi. Master! What! Isn’t this Omiya?! It’s been a long time! So you were in this Unit, huh?!
What an unexpected meeting! However, it must be hard in the Army, right?! Not really! The troupe diminished, hasn’t it?! The men were enlisted, the women were
*drafted, thus only the elders remained.
(bLoodZ:*probably in the “female volunteer
corps” that had to work in factories) This place seems to be more peaceful than Tokyo! Shinjuku’s amusement quarters
had vanished in flames! What happened to my boss? He died, from a cerebral hemorrhage. What about the other clan members? Some were enlisted, others were arrested,
they disbanded scattering all over the place! What about my substitute who went to prison? He’s serving without problems but,
the family he left behind is pitiful! His wife and 3 children are
struggling with severe poverty! I see! Could you please deliver this to that family? I think it’s a good idea! On that evening, we were granted
one cup per person of the best sake. Supervisor! Eventually, this will be officially announced,
but I’m informing you beforehand! A battalion will be extracted from
the entire unit and sent southwards! Southwards? No thanks! That’s dangerous! Firstly, the troop ship will go to *bokachin,
(bLoodZ:*I can’t figure this out. It must be
somewhere in China, Indochina or the Philippines.) if somehow we manage to disembark
we’ll be wiped out anyway! Soldiers are disposable items after all, right?! Whether it’s safer to go, or to stay… When the Soviet Army invades,
this place will become the forefront! Either way, there’s no escape! Who’s going from our Squad? From the 2nd year soldiers: Shimizu, Yes Sir! and Yamamoto! Yes Sir! From the recruits: Kagimoto, Yes Sir! Yasuka, Yes Sir! and… Omiya! Yes Sir! This 5 soldiers will go! The departure is in 2 days. Is Omiya really going? It’s the Warrant Officer’s decision.
I had nothing to do with it! If you go south, you’ll most likely encounter tanks first! What are you going to do? Run away? If you wanna run away, I’ll help you escape. Warrant Officer Sir, why are you sending Omiya? As a 3rd year soldier, you must already know that when your Squad’s battle array
comes into the firing or bayonet range, you’ll always send the meaningless soldiers first!
This is the Army’s custom. Is Omiya garbage? I won’t say he’s garbage, but he’s a difficult guy! I believe that all my efforts till now
turned Omiya into a proper soldier! He’s reckless at times, but he’s not garbage! That reckless part is troublesome! It must be troublesome for yourself, right?! Because if he causes problems your marks will drop! However, he’s got a good reputation
among the other soldiers. They say he’s manly and just! Would you please let him stay? I can’t do that! It’s already been decided by the Army’s directive! Is it really not possible? It’s not possible! It’s the decree of His Majesty the Emperor! Warrant Officer Sir, you promised that
you’ll entrust me with Omiya’s custody! Then why haven’t you consulted
me before making this decision?! Arita, what are you?
Just a Superior Private, right?! You also have a poor performance record
for an Army 3rd year soldier! How dare you pressure a Company Warrant Officer?! Get out! Omiya. The time to part has finally come. I won’t part from you! I’ll help you with the departure preparations. I have nothing to prepare! You don’t need to take care of
my daily necessities anymore! Superior Private Sir, won’t you volunteer and come
together with me to the south? What an unpleasant request.
I don’t wanna be killed in action, yet! That was heartless! Are you abandoning me? That’s really heart-breaking, Superior Private Sir! It can’t be helped! Apparently it’s the decree of His Majesty the Emperor! Master, where are the girls? Some commissioned officers summoned them,
so they’re providing some night entertainment. When are you going to leave? Tomorrow, but why do you ask? I see! I need to ask you a favour! What is it? Well… it’s a little difficult to ask. Thank you for your hospitality! No… We’re grateful to you for coming from so far away,
since this place has no amusements whatsoever! It’s the least we can do for what you’re
doing for the sake of our country! Well then… Have a safe trip! Good-bye! Good-bye! Stay healthy! Count! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Omiya and Yasuka are missing! What happened? Now that you mention it,
I haven’t seen them for some time now. Trying to desert again, huh?! So the southern battlefield frightened them, huh?! On today’s curfew duty is a
greenhorn Second Lieutenant. I’ll juggle him so, Shirai,
take the guardhouse shift! Yes Sir! Divide everyone and start a search! Yes Sir! Arita, so Omiya has finally deserted, huh?! Appearances are deceptive! Just as I thought, he’s a Yakuza after all! Omiya will never desert! Why is that? Because even if I forsake him,
he’ll never forsake me! Attention! The 2nd Squad currently counting 23 soldiers
is ready for the in-ranks inspection! Count! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. In this in-ranks inspection
there’s no change in the soldiers’ count! Alright! Even if you go in the south,
don’t do anything reckless! I don’t know! Since the gentle Mr. Superior Private won’t be there. That’s why I don’t know! I’ll become lonely! I don’t like that! That’s why I don’t want to fall in love with a soldier! Soldiers are pathetic anyway. An order could suddenly send them anywhere. Just like *us.
(bLoodZ:*prostitutes) After I was drafted at 18 from Hakata,
I’ve been to Tairen, Xinjiang and Harbin. Bounded by money,
who knows where this flow will take me! Apparently, there are only 3 Japanese women here. Hey! Just as I thought, here you are! Just as I thought, you came! What happened with Yasuka? He must be near Harbin by now! Did he escape by railroad? He got on the comfort troupe’s truck. Disguised as a woman, wearing a wig and a dress. That was your wit, right!? That’s right! Why didn’t you also run? Running disguised as a woman it’s quite silly. If it were me, I would escape with a bang! Anyway, go back to the Unit! I’ll go back. I was just waiting for you, Superior Private Sir. I’m not going in the south! Saying that won’t change anything! I ain’t going! I like this town! Don’t say stupid things! You’re just a soldier.
That counts for nothing. I won’t do anything that I don’t want to do! Even if it’s the decree of His Majesty the Emperor? Inform that unit, that I beat the
Superior Private up after a quarrel! The harlot says she fell in love with the customer,
the deceived customer says he’ll come again. How is it? Does it hurt? Since we’re talking about Omiya,
it could’ve been worse! No, this had nothing to do with Omiya. There’s no point in covering it up! He gave himself up to the Company
Commander after hitting you. What happened to the battalion that was
supposed to be dispatched in the south? They just left! Right now they’re going out the gate! So, Omiya has finally left, huh?! He’s in the detention barracks right now. What?! He was sent there for going out
without permission and hitting you! To replace Omiya, another recruit
from some other squad was sent. I’m surprised that the Warrant
Officer let Omiya stay! No, the Company Commander did! “I won’t send out such a bad quality guy
for the sake of our Company’s honour!” He said. That’s how commissioned officers are like.
They don’t know how hard is to train a bad soldier! That Omiya… did he think that far ahead?! That’s why he deliberately surrendered
to the Company Commander! He’s definitely not stupid! Superior Private Arita of the 8th Company,
I brought Omiya’s meal! Alright! This is surprising, a fellow 3rd year soldier
is bringing food to a recruit, huh?! Thank you for coming all the way here! Just shut up and eat! There’s some beef in the rice. Does it hurts? Since my body is different from yours! How many detention days you got? Seven days. Alright, for this seven days,
I’ll bring your meal everyday! That’ll be… troublesome! You strategically hit me, didn’t you?! I didn’t wanted to be separated
from you, Superior Private Sir! The war situation is shaking! From now on the Unit’s deployments will increase!
Are you going to hit me each time that happens? I haven’t thought that far ahead. Is there anything you want? A cigarette! I’ll bring you some. You just wait! Attention! At ease! Isn’t that a division staff officer?!
What’s going on? I’m a little late.
Here’s your evening meal and a cigarette! Sorry for troubling you every time! This is the last time! You’re getting out… tomorrow morning! Why is that? This is no time for detention! A division staff officer came today. The entire Unit received a mobilization order! Mobilization order?! Where are we going? How the hell would I know that?!
Wherever it is, a fierce battle obviously awaits us! The departure is in 3 days. It came at last! There’s no way out of the Army, anymore! Unless you’re being sent in a wooden box after
dying in action, you’ll never return to Tokyo! Superior Private Sir, let’s do it! Do what? Desertion! You also hate the Army don’t you,
Superior Private Sir?! I really loathe it! This war was hopeless to begin with! I don’t wanna get killed in action, ordered
by some idiot commissioned officer! Then, let’s do it! The time for me to save you has
finally come, Superior Private Sir! It’s time to repay my debt! I was waiting for you to discard this unit, so that
we could desert together, Superior Private Sir! Are you going to desert for my sake? Well, I also wanna get out of danger! I have to look after the family of the
guy who went to prison in my place! I need repay him back! How are you going to escape? That Yasuka, was caught by the MP in China! Still dressed as a woman! What an idiot, wasting all my efforts! I won’t end up like that! I have a plan made up in the last half year. If we follow it, we’ll succeed! What kind of plan? I can’t tell you, yet! Please procure 2 pistols, lunch packs
for 2 days and 2 Chinese outfits! Are you thinking about it? This is no time to think, this is the time to act! I’ll do it even if you don’t!
I’ll drag you along as well! Superior Private! Just shut up and follow my lead! Alright, I’ll follow you! I also don’t want to part with you! Send my regards to Mr. Omiya! Sorry for troubling you! I envy you guys! You’ll never know what will happen to
someone like me even after the war ends! I won’t get a respectable occupation even if I
return to Japan… it’s the end for this body! Please live on behalf of me too! I pray for your success! On the Unit’s departure day, a heavy snow fell. The Winter has come to Manchuria. In my pouch. Move them into the duffel bag,
the lunch packs too! What about the Chinese clothes? How will we do it?
You can tell me now, right?! Will we jump out of the train? You should sleep while you still can! Another stop, huh?!
Where are we right now? We’ve just passed by Harbin. Still around this area, huh?! (bLoodZ: He’s explaining why the train has to stop
so often. Since I couldn’t figure out why, I left it
untranslated. No one’s listening to him anyway! :p ) When will we do it? Now. Since we’ll soon enter China! Let’s go take a piss! With my eyes, I bidded farewell to the ones
that were my colleagues for the last 3 years. One year later, they were all
killed in action on Leyte island. Where are you going? You came just at the right time! Now that I paid this guy back too, I have no more regrets! Disconnect the coupler! This train stops quite frequently! Superior Private Sir, let’s bid farewell
to this disgusting khaki colour! This feels so good! When the guys from our Unit
will notice and start to panic, we will already have had
abandoned this locomotive… and we’ll be in a town somewhere! Where are we going? The continent is quite vast! Next to us is China, beyond that point it’s even
adjoining with Europe after all! Omiya, your wit seems to have
the best methods for survival! From now on you’re my superior officer,
you can order me around without hesitation! I’ll go anywhere you want!
I’ll do everything you say! Is that so?! You’re a really preposterous guy! I would’ve really wanted to show
this escape to Otomaru too! subbed by bLoodZ @ asiatorrents END