♪♪ -Why sit behind a desk? -Why sit behind a desk?
-Yeah, I never get that. -It’s a power move. -This guy’s horrible. Don’t
listen to a word he has to say. -Delete and block.
Delete and block. -One sec. Hell, no! [ Cheers and applause ] -A top CDC official, the director
of the national center for immunization
and respiratory diseases, said this week
it was inevitable and that disruption to
everyday life may be severe. So, you can either believe
that expert, a doctor and scientist who’s
received numerous awards and worked in public health
for decades, or you can believe this expert. -The virus —
They’re working hard. Looks like by April,
you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer,
it miraculously goes away. Hope that’s true. -What? What are you talking about? It will go away
when it gets warmer? We’re talking about a possible
pandemic, not winter skin. Cable news reacted with shock
at Bernie’s success in Nevada. For example,
as results were coming in and it was clear
that young voters and people of color were going
overwhelmingly for Sanders, one anchor at a caucus site
audibly sighed as she reported the results. -Largely people of color. Of those, the majority
are Latino, and they are clearly,
at least from eyeballing it, [sighs] strongly in favor
of Bernie Sanders with Joe Biden coming in second. -Oh, my God with the sigh! She’s reporting on Bernie
winning a caucus site the way you tell your parents
why your dip[bleep] boyfriend got fired from his job. Well, he was using the copier,
and, well, from eyeballing it, it looks like he, uh — [Sighs] He photocopied his ass
and put it up in the break room. One thing
that I was very impressed with is we drew song titles
that we did not see in advance and then were told to give
five minutes to write a song. You guys wrote a very good song
in five minutes. It was disheartening. -It was really scandalous. I will say it’s the most
beautiful song I’ve ever heard that has a line about 69ing.
-Yeah. -I think we’re going to lean
into the comedy of the show. -Yeah, I think
it’s about time, right? Yeah, ’cause I will say — and I don’t want
to be critical of it — very few laughs in the first
three seasons. -Very few laughs.
And we’ve taken that note. We understand that, and we’re going to lean into
the comedy of it. -I feel like that’s
what we’re missing, is, like, we would love to see the blooper
reel from “Handmaid’s.” [ Laughter ] -Just with a lot of terrible
sound effects like “Wah, wah.” -You said that my show gave you a new way to think
about a part of your body. The penis specifically. -I think about my penis
differently, yeah. -You describe it as the —
It’s the most feminine. -Yes, it’s a feminine object. At very least,
it’s all the stereotypes that are applied to women are
something that you could apply to the penis, you know?
The classic ones. The sort of,
“Oh, they’re so sensitive. They’re needy. They nag you.
They poke you in the night. Oh, are you awake?
I’m awake.” -Are you lonely?
Looking to meet someone new? Then call the Charlie Brown
adults-only hot line now to make a very special friend. -So, uh…what are you wearing? -Wa wa wawa wa wawa. -Good grief. -You had you a job at
a very highly revered website. -It was revered. -Was it revered at the time?
I don’t remember well. But it was Suck.com. -Yeah. And when you say it like
that, you make it sound dirty. The website’s gone, by the way. It’s vanished.
You can’t get it anymore. But it was “suck” for, like,
“This sucks,” not for whatever you thought. -What do you think I thought
it was?! -I don’t know but it seemed
like you were judging! I love talking to people,
especially from my era, and their failed sketches. You had one with Snoop. -It’s 20 years later,
I see Snoop, and he’s like, “Finesse, why they didn’t do
‘The A-pimp-tice’?” Donald Trump had come
on the show the week before we did this
big “Apprentice” sketch. So, Snoop comes on
the week after, and he ads has this grand idea
to do “The A-pimp-tice.” And instead of saying
“You’re fired,” I’ll just smack a chick
and say, “You tired.” And I was like, “Yeah, Snoop, I don’t think NBC gonna let you
smack anybody.” -What was it like
working with them? -Oh, it’s unbelievable because
my daughter was 8 at the time, and it was in the day
in the last century when it was answering machines, before mobile phones
and the Internet. It was a little,
red bleeping sign, and she pressed the button
when she came home from school, and it said, “We offered you
the Spice World manager in “Spice World,” the movie, and she went
absolutely ballistic. And she said,
“Dad, you’ve got to do it! Dad, you’ve got to do it!”
So, I did, and I had playground status
for the next two terms. [ Laughter ]
I was a god. -I just want to take a moment to
just celebrate the simple fact of being on television. ♪♪