I want to share the most beautiful equation in math with you, okay So [actually] this is literally if you search google the most beautiful equation in math. Yeah, you will find it So this thing I might need to use a little bit of the board I’ll just write this pi we already know what Pi is right. There’s another number in math, which is called I This is the square root of -1, so somehow I Equal to the square root of -1 which you’re not allowed to do There’s no way you can multiply two numbers together and get a negative one Well there is if you allow what are called complex numbers, or imaginary numbers? So that’s this I you can multiply those two together you can get even more crazy number, not only something doesn’t end but it’s not even a real number, but there’s another number in math also, and that number is called “e” and “e” appears on a lot of these scientific calculators, “e” is another number which is just like Pi in the sense that it’s Transcendental doesn’t stop anywhere and also there isn’t uh… there isn’t a very nice way to express what it is. So this one goes by 2.71828 And so on actually this number is also quite impressive. it’s one eight two eight one eight two eight 45 90 45 and more digits Beyond there okay, so a bunch of nice numbers, but this “e” actually comes also somewhere else in Mathematics Even though I told you this doesn’t have sent any nicer Repeating decimal or even terminating decimal with “e”, you can get “e” by saying suppose I have a box of chocolates with a hundred chocolates And I [drop] them all on the ground and I tried to put them all [back] in this is like these nice chocolates But everything’s different right you can ask like what’s the probability that every chocolate went back in the wrong spot And that probability becomes very close to 1 over “e” That’s this and the more chocolates you have the closer it is to this anyway three crazy numbers It turns out that if you take “e” and raise it to that then I can finish the equation with two more numbers like the most basic numbers in Math Are 1 and [0] and This is true So what’s going on? Here is I’ve just put together 3 completely ridiculous numbers and they together make negative 1 For all of the of the nest that was here because all come back in together right here And this is this is a this is an avis called Euler’s identity and [it] is actually [the] most beautiful equation in math because it combines all of these different constants together There’s your [pi] there, but suddenly the pi got joined with all these other ones So there’s some other other other fun parts here – have you seen this is the shirts with the PI and the [I] the joke where Pi says Get real and I says be rational right there They’re basically calling each other out So I seen those shirts ever since I was in [high] school of like the speech bubble get real be rational It’s like the pot calling the kettle black but Actually that should that shirt should have one more punch line the last punch line should be Let me let me write the joke first this one says get real And this one says be rational the correct way to put the punchline on this joke is “e” should say join me and and we’ll be one so of course that’s a Negative one right there, but somehow this was this this punchline the joke was never said before and though We thought of this joke about two years ago American it we have We have already great t-shirts with it