Hey, Dr. Schulze. Thanks for having us here. The liver and gallbladder
five day detox. Yes. Dramatic like life changing
results emotionally. Yes. So are you approaching that from
a Chinese medical perspective? Is that where you
brainstormed this up? Well, you know, the
one thing we have to get away from
an America is we separate illness or disease
by physical, emotional, and spiritual. But in our world, how
can you just connect? What am I going to put
my spirit over here, and my emotions over here,
and my liver over here? We’re all connected. This thing’s all connected. All our cells are
touching each other, and they’re all connected. So there’s no way that
you can have an organ that’s plugged up, and not have
the emotional downside of that and the spiritual
downside of that. Every organ has that. And usually, when the liver is
clogged, you are more angry. You have more anger,
and you notice that when you flush out the liver. Things get more blissed out. You know, when you get
healthy, you don’t just get physically healthy. All the sudden, you
can feel the vibes. You can feel the love. You can feel what’s
going on that’s nice, and you can see your way
through problems you have in life that were right there. And you couldn’t
get around them. Well, you cleaned
out your bowel, and now they’re not
even there anymore. And you get more
blood to your brain. You protect yourself, especially
during cold and flu season. You open up that
kitchen and get it all set up with all that
different type of food. And then all of a sudden,
the Spirit will come alive. And you’ll start–
you know, what you see from me is
a lot of energy, and passion, and enthusiasm. Because that keeps me
healthy, and a lot of power to keep the ugliness away,
the bad attitudes away. The Course of Miracles says that
the only energy in the universe is love. It just gets screwed up when
it comes through some people. I added that. So I know everybody’s loving. But it hit their hot
dog and got weird. You know, so I’m very protective
of myself, and my Buddha field, and the people around me.