We’re gonna see just how
hot of a pepper we can eat. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Now I’m going to go ahead and say right off the bat that I have never been so
anxious about an episode of Good Mythical Morning. What we are about
to attempt is making me feel sick to my stomach
just out of anxiety. – I’m nervous.
– I don’t like to eat spicy foods. At least you like to eat
some spicy foods. – Not like this.
– You enjoy it. (stutters) I hate spicy foods.
I’ve never volunteered to, (funny voice) “Oh, yeah,
would you like it spicy?” (different funny voice) “Yes,
I would like it spicier.” (normal voice) Now that– I just–
I– That’s not in me. – Yeah.
– The spiciest I get is this red shirt. – It is pretty spicy.
– But, you know. So I’m nervous. As we get into this, disclaimer:
I might vomit just out of anxiety, or out of eating the hottest
peppers that we could find! – Please don’t vomit.
– Just a quick note before we get into it though, you may have
noticed these episodes of Good Mythical Morning are shorter
than what you’re used to. We’ve done that to make them more
sharable. Thank you for sharing them. If you want more, click through
at the end of this video to the show after the show.
That’s right, an entirely other show called Good Mythical More.
Three to five minutes, – maybe even more of unadulterated us.
– Okay. Today trying to recover
from this experiment. All right. Just a little science here
’cause I like to be scientific. A 2013 Institute of Food Technologists annual
meeting– which sounds like a really – fun meeting to be at–
– Yep. Food technologists. suggests that there is a correlation
between preferences for spicy food and – risk-taking personalities.
– Okay. So, here’s what we’re about to test.
We’re about to find out who’s more of a risk-taker. The person who can go further
on the Scoville Scale is more of a risk-taker and probably should
get some sort of award. You may have heard of the Scoville Scale.
This is a measurement of the intensity of the spiciness. We’re gonna start with bell
peppers and we’re gonna go all the way to the habanero. Yes, we realize there are
peppers that are hotter than the habanero, but we could not find them. The guy at the
grocery store was like, “You’re not gonna find those. And by the way, why
would you want to find those?” So this is a competition, right? Go
ahead and be eating this while you talk. Go ahead and put the ice cream on the
table. I’m just gonna tell you, this is actually the reward. The winner gets to
douse his palate in ice cream and the – other guy just gets water.
– Now, this is not hot at all. – No.
– This is a green pepper. – I’m cool with this.
– This green bell pepper is zero – Scoville Scale, so basically no spice.
– Put it on your favorite pizza. – What’s next here?
– Okay. This is a Pasilla pepper. – (in unison) A Pasilla chili.
– (Rhett) So we’re going up to 1,000-4,000 – Scoville units.
– No different. I’m awesome at this. A little spicier. All right,
let’s get into jalapeño. – I’ve never eaten a jalapeño.
– (Rhett) We have the seeds, because we know that there’s more spice in the seeds
and these are completely raw, not pickled. I’m shaking. I don’t know why.
I feel like such a dweeb. This is from 3,500-8,000 on the Scoville
Scale depending on the pepper. Here we go. (chewing) Whoa, it’s like little piranha
are biting my tongue. – Hm. Now, can I drink some water now?
– No. – Oh goodness. What in the world?
– This is not gonna go well. I’m just gonna try to look at it as like a
natural high. That’s how they do it, right? I’m gonna start hiccuping and it’s
gonna be very embarrassing in a second. – (hiccups)
– (both laugh) – Was that planned?
– That was not a joke. (hiccups) – (both laugh, crew laughs)
– (Link laughs and hiccups) – Are you serious right now?
– (Link hiccups, all laugh) – Okay.
– (Rhett) All right, this is a Serrano– – (Link hiccups, all laugh)
– (Rhett) This is even hotter. This is – 10,000 to 23,000 on the Scoville Scale.
– That was cra– (hiccups) – (all laugh)
– Have a pepper. Oh, man. (chewing) 10,000 to 23,000? Oh, man, the heatness
is going down my neck. – (crew laughs)
– (hiccups) – (hiccups)
– Listen, you don’t have to make noise while hiccuping. It’s just like you don’t
have to make noise while sneezing. – (hiccups)
– (all laugh) You don’t– you’re making
a vocal noise. You’re like making– (hiccups) I’m not trying to! Just
eat the stinkin’ pepper. (hiccups) – This is a chile de árbol which is–
– (Link) I’m like eating and burping. – (Link) And eating.
– 15-30,000. I’m having a good time thus far. We’re eating the bottom
half of this pepper. The whole thing. (chewing) – It’s– (hiccups) It’s hot.
– (crew laughs) – I hate whoever’s idea this was. (hiccups)
– (all laugh) – (groans) Ohhh. (hiccups)
– (laughs) – (laughs and hiccups) Oh!
– You need to bow out? We’ve only got – two more peppers to go.
– Oh. (hiccups) Oh, man. The burn right – here is just (wheezes) catastrophic.
– (all laugh) – Oh my goodness. (laughs)
– (hiccups) That is the most annoying sound
that can come out of a human’s face. – (hiccups) Don’t do this.
– Dude, c’mon. We got two more peppers. (shouts) C’mon! Do it! (normally) This is
a Thai chili. This is 50,000 to 100,000. (Rhett) Five times as hot as the last one. – I need a Kleenex.
– No Kleenex, that’s cheating. – No Kleenex? (hiccups)
– Use your spicy shirt. – (sniffs)
– All right, here it is right there, buddy. – Oh, I don’t really wanna do this.
– (loudly) C’mon, are you a man? What’s gonna happen when this goes
through my digestive (hiccups) tract? – (crew laughs)
– It’s gonna hurt like crazy when you – poop later.
– What about in between here and there? – It’s not gonna feel good. This is not–
– It’s just gonna gain speed? – This is not advisable.
– (crew laughs) This is for entertainment. C’mon now.
C’mon. Just do it. The whole thing. – Don’t think about it. One, two, three.
– (wails) Aangh! (crew laughs) (chewing) (exhales loudly) – (whispers) I feel like a dragon.
– Oh, that one hit me. That wasn’t bad. I think I
swallowed that one prematurely. I didn’t chew that one as much. – (exhales loudly)
– All right, let’s go for it. I feel like we could have gone above habanero. But
this is a huge jump on the Scoville Scale. Are you okay? You’re
not a risk-taker, huh? (softly) Oh, man. – (yells) Don’t touch your eyeballs!
– Oh! (crew laughs) – Oh, no!
– What is wrong with you? Dude… you didn’t–
you gotta tell me before– – (shouts) I’ve never done this before!
– I told you before we did it! I said– No, no, you can’t save
him. This is all part of it. I think I touched my face but I didn’t
touch my actual– I did touch my eyes. It’s not burning, though.
My eyes aren’t burning. Your eyes can’t hiccup, by the way. If
they can, we’re gonna find out what it sounds like. This is a habanero chili
pepper. It’s 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville Scale. We’ve got slivers here
that have seeds in them. C’mon, buddy! (groans) Listen. First of all, before you do this,
I’m really proud of you, because– – I’ve never been this far before. (laughs)
– (crew laughs) That’s a Conway Twitty
song that I really like. – ♪ You’ve never been this far before. ♪
– ♪ I can tell ♪ Oh, you ready? (chewing) Holy moly. (chewing) (crew laughs) (Rhett growls) – It’s not that bad.
– (exhales loudly) I feel like I could eat a whole one. Eat a whole one. Do it. We don’t have any
other ones. You gotta go up. I’m not– – (stutters) I’m not doing anything else.
– For the win. (chewing) My armpits are just pouring. I don’t know
if you can see it. It’s kinda running down my sides. It’s like a stream. I
wanna eat that ice cream so bad. (Rhett growls) I’m gonna eat my ice cream now. – ♪ (game show music) ♪
– I get to eat the ice cream too, right? – No you don’t, you get water.
– Oh, man. Guys, I would not recommend – doing this.
– It’s good ice cream, too. That was easy. I would eat a ghost pepper. They don’t sell ’em around
here. You can’t access them. The follow-up to this episode is gonna be
me eating a ghost pepper, because that was nothing. That was
like a walk in the park. – You know what time it is?
– It’s time to eat another habanero. No. Hi. I’m Shaney from Oklahoma and it’s
time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – When you look up man in the dictionary…
– You’re eating ice cream and habaneros? You see a picture of me eating a
habanero. Now, this one’s kinda hot. Oh, my goodness. (grunts) Whoa, I don’t know how
I’m gonna get this one down. – You want me to spin?
– Something about eating the ice cream… All right, click through at the end of
this episode for Good Mythical More where we recover further and discuss
other things. Suggest your wheel endings. – Twitter, Facebook, you know the drill.
– I spit that one out. Only talk in hashtags.
(silly voice) Hashtag #hottestdayever! – Hashtag #hiccupExtravaganza.
– Hashtag #realman? Hashtag #ThisIceCreamSureHelps
WithThatHeatThat’sInMyMouth (normally) Hashtag #CanYouSee
TheMucusComingOutOfMyNose? – Hashtag #KleenexPlease
– Hashtag #risktaker – (sniffs) Hashtag #Thatwasstupid
– Hashtag #winning Hashtag #Pleasegivemesomeofthat
IceCreamorI’llkillyouinyoursleep I’ll give you some ice
cream in Good Mythical More. – Hashtag #Please
– (crew laughs) [Captioned by GMM Captioning Team]