Hey, thanks for joining me this is Robert
Newman and I am the founder of Inbound Real Estate Marketing which is an SEO
based real estate lead generation company that builds websites and does
SEO to drive traffic and get lead generation. This particular post is going
to be about my favorite real estate blogs. Now I’m gonna going to really
arrogantly title the blog post, the 10 best real estate blogs of 2018 and it
really should be the 10 real estate blogs that Robert Newman likes, but I
feel like I’ve got great taste. I know for sure why I like these blogs and I’m
gonna walk you through them. First on my list probably because I really relate to
this guy. There’s a blog out there called The Geek Estates Blog. Okay,
its general information on real estate and he touches on, this blog
touches on many different subjects but here’s the thing. The blog is written by
Drew Myers, and Drew Myers is very similar to me.
He is a former exec from a real estate marketing company, in this case Zillow. I
was Agent Image and ImForza which are more on the smaller agency side building
real estate websites and he’s on the bigger side doing real estate marketing
at a very large level. He takes off around the world and he writes blog
posts. You can find out about him if you’re interested here at Trumansites.com/about
and you can learn more about him than I can ever
explain it to you. The truth is though I’ve followed his blog for a little while.
He’s also started a mastermind now I’m hoping he accepts my membership into it.
This mastermind is supposed to be people talking about real estate. Here’s
the bottom line, you’re gonna find really different, really unusual blog posts on
his blog and I can’t really point to any particular one area of expertise.
I can merely say that if you’re interested in and looking to learn in
real estate information but from somebody who’s talking about it from a
slightly different spin, very personal, very passionate then Geeks
Estate is a blog that you should follow. second on my list is Fitsmallbusiness.com
Now fit small business is a small business blog. In the last year and
a half they’ve taken the. I mean they’ve become quite literally one of the top
websites in the entire world. They have a million visitors to the site. They have a
section of the blog that is dedicated to realtors. They have
reviewed, done reviews on Boomtown, they’ve got articles on almost every
single element of real estate, and these articles are extremely well researched. They’ve got real estate lead generation
tips. They are essentially doing real estate marketing content better than
almost anybody else and they have a very small real estate marketing team. Like
J. Gurner and their team, their writers tend to be
people that have worked and/or still work in real estate. So you’re getting
you’re getting really good information on real estate. The only thing that I
don’t like about Fits Small Business because their information, their format
its best-in-class. I chase them all the time in rankings and things like
that. In terms of real estate marketing blogs but they make their money off
what’s called affiliate traffic. Now affiliate traffic is where you get paid
to send traffic other places and especially if people visit your website
and then go and subscribe to a service. Their number one real estate partner or
the person that they certainly advertise the most,
I’m not saying I don’t know what their financial situation is so I may have
misspoke when I said the number one but the one that I see the most is Zillow.
You can see even here like everything that you do seems to tie into Zillow.
They’re always sending people to Zillow, Zillow, Zillow, Zillow. I’m certain that they’re
making a ton of money off referral traffic to Zillow. How do I phrase
this? There’s nothing wrong with Zillow. I don’t know what it is about my
particular mindset but I’ve always had a very scrappy mindset and I’ve never
really appreciated the gorilla in the room especially in the marketing
industry. I’ve spent 10 years in real estate marketing and Zillow is the
gorilla times a thousand. I hate sending business to them, they
have enough of it. I mean if for no other reason than they
have enough of it. They were very clever, they repackage the agents own
listings, they make the data more usable which is great for everybody on the
internet. So I’m not trying to say they don’t do a service but the simple fact
is they are so big and so dominant that I don’t think that anybody should be
trying to build their business or the dominance anymore. They’ve got plenty of
it which is probably why they can afford to pay fit small business a big enough
Commission that fits small business features them all the time in their
articles. like all over the place. So that’s it but, circling back
around the founders of fits small business which you can find on their
about Us page is Mark Prosser and another gentleman whose name is escaping
me but I’m gonna write a blog post to and I will have all this information on
my blog post. These guys have taken a personal loan. I can tell you guys for
being a blogger that getting a blog going, getting the kind of traffic that they’ve
got, it’s extremely difficult trying to create really great useful content that
people are gonna get a lot of value out of. So that in turn you can get value out
of your blog. It’s very hard, it is not an easy job.
Anybody who’s tried blogging will know that and these guys have definitely
put, if their story is to be believed they’ve put the reputation,
their money everything on the line to establish fit small business and they
seem to do a very good job. I do enjoy their blog, I read it a lot.
Bigger Pockets, this is a real estate investment blog. I don’t spend as much
time on it because I haven’t quite gotten to the place where I’m gonna do
real estate investing but I’ve said it quite a few, I send quite a few real
estate investors to this blog because I get people on my website
asking me questions and they’ve always been very happy with the information
that’s here. The website has an incredible, deep reservoir of content.
The posts that I’ve read tend to be from real estate investors who are doing what
I call contribution blogs which is where actual investors who are flipping
properties or improving properties or the numerous ways that you can make
money off real estate investment. They’re blogging and what I like about Bigger
Pockets is if you’re looking for somebody with the boots on the
ground kind of insight into real estate investing. Bigger Pockets is my go-to
resource and if you haven’t checked it out I think you should. and one of the
things I’m gonna do, be doing some shameless plugs on what is basically the
vlog element because my YouTube following is much more rapid than my
blog following at this particular moment. So I’m going to encourage everybody to
go to the actual blog where this video will be housed and tell you that I’m
gonna do additional research and have the name of the founders of bigger
pockets and some company information background which I’m not
going to cover because I quite frankly haven’t researched it yet. Activerain is
number 3 on my list. So Activerain is a real estate blogging site.
People who are Realtors blog on Activerain. Of all the sites that I’m
gonna cover, I live the most on activerain like I spend a lot of time.
You know what do I use it for? I use it for its review. That’s this. Okay. So since
the user base for activerain is almost entirely real estate
professionals and real estate marketers, real estate realtors.
Here’s the interesting thing about activerain and I’ve blogged about
ActiveRain. I love ActiveRain is that when you’re watching these reviews
these are actual Realtors reviewing real estate products. There’s no payment,
there’s nothing but these things that called activerain points that you get
for putting a review. There’s no money connected to them, it’s literally just
like a game, like where you collect points and things like that. It
doesn’t mean anything. So there’s very little reason for anybody to do reviews
unless they feel like doing a review which is exactly what reviews
should be and since all of these reviews are from real estate professionals you
get a much clearer view on how products and services work. In terms of ActiveRain
reviews. If you’re in the real estate niche and space, and almost all of
you watching this video are going to be, you should definitely either have signed
up for active rain, saved active active rain to your real
estate blog section. and by the way again shameless plug if you’re gonna go please
for the love of God follow me or follow my company account. I’ve got two accounts
one under Robert Newman and one under Inbound Real Estate Marketing. I’d
love it if you’d follow both of them but in the meantime whether you do or don’t
I definitely spend a lot of time on Active Rain. I haven’t blogged there in
quite a little while I’ve gotten pretty busy with running the agency side of
my life but one of these days I’ll get back to it. I love active rain.
Real Estate Tipster, this blog is done by Seth Williams and in terms of coming of
like blogging 101 this has got to be one of the better blogs
that’s out there’s. Like two or three images, lists, talking about real estate
information. At this point Seth has gotten enough popularity in his blog. A
lot of stuff is guest blog posts. I honestly don’t read this one as much as
I read the other blogs on my list but I do like it. It’s a good blog, I like
how visual the masonry is on the site. He’s done things here like rental
properties, podcasts, he’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades, tax and legal,
technology. He’s got a lot of topics covered on his blog and the content
tends to be pretty solid, he curates it pretty well. If you’re reading two or
three other real estate blogs I don’t honestly know that you’re gonna get
anything unique or original of RE Tipster but if you’re not reading other real
estate blogs and you want to kind of have a go-to blog that covers a lot of
different topics, this is a great place that you might start. oh and again I’ll
have more information on Seth in the blog itself, on my actual written blog on
Inbound REM. In my opinion no list of real estate blogs is going to be
complete without the Placester real estate market Academy. Now when they
started it wasn’t called, well that’s not true they always called it the real
estate marketing Academy but it was basically a blog but they’ve since
turned it into an actual Academy. They have all sorts of learning here ebooks,
infographics, videos, presentations, you name it they’ve got it. Most of it was
the brainchild of Seth Price. Seth Price is without question one of the leading
content marketers inside of real estate. He’s got a real good eye. They’ve done a
great job with SEO. They have a lot of search coming into the site. More
importantly this search is based on as all content marketing should be the
usefulness of the content on the website and they have everything here sign-up
sheets for real estate agents like if you’re new and you’re in real estate
there’s only one or two blogs that you should be reading, starting off reading
and this is probably number one. This blog right here because it’s organized
and has everything that you’re gonna need. sign-up sheets, ideas for marketing
yourself, it’s gonna have lots of ideas for marketing yourself, for
next to no money and their website product is very cheap before you deeply
go down or assume that I’m endorsing the Placester product line, you should watch
my review on Placester because I go deep into it and I use a Placester
website. So you should look at that before you make any, read in deeper
into my comments but their blog and the things that they’ve got on their
site is really quite frankly one of the best that you’ll find. There is, I love,
what they’ve done here. I reference it all the time. I run across the content on
every social media platform that I belong to. They’re all over Pinterest.
Their videos are pretty good. Their ebooks are way above par. Their
presentations are excellent and if you’re new to real estate a site like
this would be invaluable. In terms of additional information you can go to my
Placester post it and find out all you want to know about this blog and this
company. Zillow Porchlight boy oh boy that I struggle with putting
Zillow on my list in any way shape or form but here’s the thing I find myself
on their blog and I’ve always said like the amount of times that you
run across bloggers or news outlets or all sorts of people that say one
thing and do another it just it kind of drives me a little bit crazy and I
promised myself a long time back I’m not gonna be one of those people.
Transparently I end up on Zillow Porchlight, mostly I end up on Zillow
Porchlight because they’ve got blogs about celebrities buying homes.
That’s how I seem to end up here enough and frankly I don’t start at this URL I
just end up at it but the fact that they have a lot of content
I’ve read is an unmistakable fact whether or not you’re curious or you’re
interested in strange homes or unique stories because that’s what this is
about Zillow Porchlight. One of the things that
I use Zillow for occasionally as a Content marketer is these stories, these
quirky stories about real estate are great for fillers. Content fillers, like
social media content photos, things like that. So if you’re looking to find
engaging content that maybe you pin, it’s related to real estate, you can send it
out to your audience the Zillow Porchlight blog is a decent place to
start and I’m not gonna post nor publish any company information
about Zillow I’m simply gonna put them on my list and everybody knows who
they are and I don’t feel like, I don’t, frankly I don’t feel like talking
about them but I do read their blog. Housing Wire or re wired sorry or
Housing Wire it’s weird cuz their tab is one thing, their URL
is another. I find myself coming to this blog reasonably often. It covers
real estate trends so it’s different than everybody else. like all these other
blogs have have a different take on content like I do a lot of educational
blogs because either because I’m reading them because that’s the kind of content
I write or it’s because I am legitimately looking for something to
reference and these blogs that I’ve been mentioning happen to reference. This is
different, this is like marketing trends mortgage marketing trends, housing
marketing trends, demographic marketing trends and it’s a great blog. It
seems to have a lot of contributors, once again I haven’t finished my research on
it. It will be on my blog post. You’ll find a more and deeper explanation about
who the blog is either owned by or operated by perhaps what their
philosophy is but for the time being I have many, many times used Housing Wire
or encounter their content and then repost it into various places. Whoever is
curating the blog or whoever’s doing the blog is doing a very good job because I
found a lot of useful stuff on here and I’m sure you will too. number nine Easy Agent Pro. can’t talk
about Easy Agent Pro without talking about Tyler Zey. Okay, if you’re
talking about sports or athletes you know I’m LeBron, he’s Jordan. you know
it’s like this guy who’s apparently like Clari… I don’t know where the
professional clarinetist is called but a he plays the clarinet. I like the word
flautist a lot better but he’s a professional musician. I’m very
creative not a musician but my other life I do a lot of other creative
endeavors and those things move me so I found it so fascinating and his blog is
so he’s still fairly new into real estate when I dig under the hood of a
lot of his blog content I discover that it’s mostly written for people that are
new into real estate. I don’t really learn a ton off his blog and if you have
Placester, then you have a blog that is got similar content but better organized
but when you start watching his videos the way he talks like he’s got that
creative edge he’s passionate or seems to be passionate transfers passion
and they do cover a lot of unusual topics. like that they cover a lot of
stuff on YouTube and or sorry yeah using YouTube for real estate and they
have taken it, have a different take on their websites I think originally they
wanted to be, turn their users into content marketers and then probably
discovered that that’s a little bit harder than they originally
expected but here’s the thing I read their blog a, like a lot.
it’s definitely on my list. There’s no doubt that I found a lot of information
on here that is useful or unusual. I go to this website to see what their
ideas have been and I’ve also done a review on Easy Agent Pro and once again
I please don’t misunderstand this like my commentary here to be if you want to
see what I think of their product or their service you need to actually look
at my review which is a comparison between Easy Agent Pro
and Real Geeks but you will get a very detailed review. Last but not least, and I
know, I know it’s so shameless but in memory of my blog I legitimately
think it’s one of the best blogs out there and honestly if you’re measuring
by comments or user engagement I’m not just making this up you know my post
on the 10 companies make the best real estate websites has 20, 30 user comments
on it and some responses from me. What makes me different about other people is
in most of these cases I’ve either worked for these companies my level of
knowledge is much deeper and I spent four months on this blog post and I
really go into depth and when I reviewed easy agent Pro and real geeks I actually
used their websites I didn’t just open them up or spend five minutes looking
at them on the screen and then talk about them. I used them, I’ve use the Real Geeks
site for 90 days and then I blogged about it. Nobody else is doing that kind
of in-depth content on the web, nobody. I’m doing really deep, well researched
product reviews. You’re not gonna find that anywhere else, like a bit. I focused
mostly though on real estate marketing. This is one of the few blog posts I’ve
done in the last year and a half that’s kind of general and I’m gonna try to get
a little bit more into that because my audience. I’ve got a podcast now and I’ve
got a YouTube following is growing, that’s really starting to kind of kick
up and gain momentum and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a lot of requests
for different types of content. So I’ve decided that I’m gonna try and serve
that audience and create more content but when you look at what I’ve got here.
A couple of my posts are fluff but even when I’m doing fluff like
I have I have a slideshow, quotes, tweetable quotes, 50
images in history, like this is 6,000 words. I try to produce something that
you’ve never seen that’s much better. Now I’m still a novice at it
there’s other bloggers that I follow that are outside of real estate and they
do it much better than I do. I’m still learning like my presentation isn’t that
great. I’ve got mistakes here and there. I’m the first to admit it but in terms
of some of the things on my blog I truly believe you cannot find them anywhere
else and they are a hundred percent unique and informative in a different
way. If you’re not just a person that wants to spend five minutes and
learn something you want to do a deep dive I think I’m one of the better
resources on the topics I talk about. Especially right now my product reviews.
I hope to increase the amount of content on my site and increase the depth. so
that there’s more for people to refer to but right now for sure on
the product review side I’m the only game in town if you want a detailed
review. Alright that’s it thank you so much for tuning in. Please subscribe or
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