– Your website is a key component to your marketing and sales model. Without it, how would you be converting leads into customers? – I’m not really sure. – I don’t know, however, – The average website conversion rate sits around 2.2%, which isn’t great. – Not great, and your website is supposed to help you connect
those website visitors, those buyers, with your sales team. – For sure. So that’s why we’re introducing the website conversion assessment. – To help you understand how to use your website more effectively, to help you, number one, increase your conversion rate. And number two, connect more of your buyers with your sales people faster. And we have two plays. – Yeah, so there are two plays that we’re gonna give you a sneak peek into right now. One of them is the second net. – Second net, it’s so
easy to set this play up. Find a page on your
website with a form on it. Add a box to that page and just ask, “Hey, wanna skip the form?” It’s that simple. – And then you can
connect with more buyers proactively on the pages where you want them to convert anyway. – Super easy. Second play, which is also really easy. – This is the conversation starter. So, this is gonna run
on a page that has a ton of traffic, like your homepage. And instead of asking a question like “How can I help?” or “What brought you here today?”, you’re gonna ask a
proactive, targeted question that hits on a pain point that your company helps solve. So, that was a lot of words. But essentially, what
you’re going to do is engage with your visitors
in a way that you would at a regular sales conversation. So if you on to drift.com, our bot asks a question, “Hey, are you currently driving qualified “conversations on your website?” That’s like a yes, yes question where we know that you’re on our website because you’re looking
for help with doing that. So that’s what the conversation starter’s all about. – Use this website conversion assessment as a way to make your
website more personal to each person visiting it, so you can increase your conversion rates. – So we have a few examples of customers who’ve actually seen a ton of success using these plays. – One is Perfecto. They used these two plays, and went from a six to a 10% website conversion rate. – That’s amazing. And then there’s Aprimo, who just shortened their sales cycle from eight months to 45 days. Which is crazy. So head to the URL here, here, wherever it’s gonna be, um, so head here, to get your free website conversion assessment today. (light music)