Hey, everyone. Tank Sinatra here. I love making memes
and sharing them with the world with the
help of some funny friends, we’re tackling today’s trending
photos and meming them all. This is Think Tank. Yeah! I’ve invited two of my fellow
influencers, coconut water connoisseur Bretman Rock– Oh! Hey, Bretman! Yes, yes, OK. –and marvelous meme and
video queen Alyssa Limperis. Oh my gosh, that’s me? Oh my God. No, no, no, no, no, no. You ready? Ready. Yes. Bring on the meme. This coworker’s furious
at something obviously. Belly rubs are for
closers, betch. Oh, OK! For me, this is every time I
open up my laptop, software updates. Bretman, what do you see? I would say it’s– hm. I need a moment. I’m having a moment right now. Just imagine you had a
normal life for one second. OK. What do you see in this picture? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. You mean no LV boots? I would meme this a little
bit of something like– they’re like, so why
should we hire you? I’m 100% that bitch. So. Oh. Oh, I love this. OK, we love this one. Look at the definition. It’s so relatable. It really is. So I would– I’m
a big music fan. OK. So I would go,
face down, ass up. That’s the way I
like to snorkel. OK, the twist at the end. Yeah. Snorkel. It doesn’t make any sense,
but I like it anyway. It’s giving me very, like,
Grindr profile vibes. Are you familiar with Grindr? Of course. You should– oh. Yeah, of course. Yeah, this is, like, Patrick’s
Grindr profile picture from– Wow, OK. OK, this is me very much like
at a party avoiding small talk. My friends are like,
come on, Alyssa. Come on out. It’s good for you. I’m like you, yeah,
it’ll be great. I get there. I’m just like, aw. But– but the ass
is fat, though. But the ass is fat, though. So that’s what it is. Don’t talk to me. Look at me. You know what I mean? Don’t talk to me. Just– Enjoy it. That’s right. That’s right. So we’re going to
look at a video right now and just say literally the
first thing that comes to mind. For a couple of hours. And I– oop! I love this bitch. This became a whole movement. And I– oop. And I– oop. And I– oop. This was actually my
face when I walked in on my parents having sex. And I– oop. No! And I– oop. And I– Dad, are you OK? Uh, this is like when my friend
shows me a picture on her phone and I accidentally swipe
right and it’s her nude. Oh. Yeah, yeah. OK. And I’m like– and I– oop. Screenshot, send. No. I’m like, airdrop. [INAUDIBLE] This is for me
when my feed shows me an ad for, like,
something I just thought. And I– oop. I didn’t even say that. Yes. How did you even know? So now we’re going
to rapid fire these. Oh? Are you ready for that? Oh gosh. Oh gosh. This is like straight
gut reaction to the– OK. –picture. This is me trying
to get my friends home after a night of drinking. Yes, yes. Oh, that’s me. On– yes. Alyssa, let’s go. OK, this is like
when you bring, like, a store-bought dish to
a party, and someone asks for the recipe. You know? And you’re like, ugh. Well, that’s a good feeling. It is. Right? And then you just
turn the box over. You’re like, sodium
bicarbonate, uh, flour. Oh, my favorite. High-fructose corn
syrup, which I keep in the cabinet at all times. Xanthan gum. Yeah. Yeah. Oh! Oh. Well, this is obviously just
me looking at high school photos of myself. Thank you guys for coming
by, Bretman and Alyssa. Oh, thanks for having us. We’ll see you next time. Bye. Aloha.