-First up, take a look at
this photo of President Trump. -Oh, come on.
-This meme says… It’s like, “Ahh. So you are…” Next, here’s a photo
of Pete Buttigieg. His meme is called… [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] I love that…
-Yeah. I love it. -Here’s that same photo
of President Trump again. This meme says… [ Laughter ] -Cut! [ “Law & Order” tones play ]
Here’s a — Thank you. Here’s another photo
of President Trump, this time with
Indian Prime Minister Modi. This meme is called… [ Applause ] “You complete me?” Next is a photo of Prince Harry.
His meme is called… Yeah!
-Come on. -That’s a hard thing to do.
-Never done it. -Here’s a photo of a monkey. [ Audience awws ]
This meme says… -Eee!
-Boink! -Here’s that Trump photo
one more time. This one is called… [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Next is a photo
of Elizabeth Warren. Her meme is called… -Ooh. Bow-wow. ♪♪ Chinos! -And finally,
here’s a photo of two dogs. [ Audience awws ]
There meme says… “Let’s go!”
That was “This Week in Memes.”