Hello. Welcome to Thomas Built Buses. #thisisdaimler in High Point, North Carolina. At Thomas Built Buses we’re making school buses. One of the best vehicles on the road, very identifiable. The history of Thomas is one of the most special things. 103 years old. That’s a long time for a company and now the future comes down to one, doing the right things we did historically and building a classic school bus, and then expanding the product, adding features for safety. Then having great product features that insure safety for our school kids. My kids are on the Thomas, they ride with Thomas. I enjoy it and they enjoy saying: Hey my dad works there at the plant, where they build school buses. It’s a great feeling. I just love to try to make everything look as good as I can. I just love when I come in here and see everybody’s smiling face all the time and have lots of fun – even when we’re at work. When we come to work every day, we remind ourselves and our employees of our purpose to safely transport children. And I think we’re blessed in a product that we’re able to make, to what we’re able to design, sell and produce. I like to see how the technology is changing the yellow school bus market. We are first to the market with the advanced technologies, and I think that is appreciated by our customers. We have a voice for those who don’t really have a voice: which are kids. And I think that’s a very big part of who we are as a company. I think this is a little bit of the conscience of the company that we say: we want to protect the future! Which will be the future truck drivers and the future car drivers. And so for us, it’s just a beginning of a life-long long relationship with that. We put a lot of emphasis on safety-related technology that help keep kids safe getting on to the school bus as well as getting off. So we’re focusing on quite a few new innovations in that area. We like to win. Everyone likes to win, and being the market leader says we’re winning in our customers’ eyes. We’re really proud of that. Pride runs really deep here at Thomas Built Buses. I really think we’re blessed by the product that we’re able to produce and I wish more of my employees had the opportunity to get out there and see, but when we travel around in North Carolina, we see our products going up and down the street, that gives us all a sense of pride. Goodbye and Greetings from Thomas Built Buses.