Hey guys! Paul Argueta! I’m gonna
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and so today you get to hear from me and it’s the same great content, but I’m
gonna be doing it sitting down at a table with my laptop here so it gives it
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for you. If you are a business owner. If you are
an entrepreneur you know that you are the CEO and the janitor of your own
business. There were many times and there still are times where I show up to
the office in a three-piece suit in the morning and by the afternoon I’m
plunging a toilet. I’ve been there. I’ve done that I can spot the business
owners a mile away because they take pride in everything that they do. They’re
the ones picking up the garbage that is littered out on the parking lot
floor because they want to make a good impression to their consumers. They’re
the ones who are there attending me even though the sign outside their business
said closed and yet they welcomed me in, greeted me with a smile, and still helped
me get that whatever ice cream it was that I wanted for instance. Those are the
business owners. They go above and beyond what people expect of them. Now I’m not
saying that all business owners are that way because clearly they’re not
or there would be more successful businesses, but I will tell you that you
know that those are common traits. Now here’s the thing these
business owners will do whatever it takes to succeed in their endeavor. You
have to have that type of mentality. Blogging is one of those things that you
are going to have to do to enhance your online presence, period… end of story.
Now here’s the thing, most of us are content consumers. We spend hours a day
consuming content and that comes in a variety of different forms. It could be
through social media. It could be through online videos. It could be through
through music. The point is we are consistently consuming content. The minute you flip the switch from being a content consumer to a
content producer that’s where your business changes and blogging is one of
those tips or excuse me one of those techniques that you can use to help you make the
switch. Now will it happen overnight? No. Clearly it won’t. This is a long term play so you’re gonna have to get good at writing these blogs and
doing this stuff on a regular basis consistently. This isn’t going to happen
within three to four weeks, and here’s the other challenge that I see
knock a lot of business owners out the box. Number one, they’ll spend time on
this piece and go write it and it’ll be eloquent and it’ll be intelligent and
it’s something that I appreciate and I know that everybody else could
appreciate it as well, and then that business owner gets frustrated because
when they put that piece out there on the web nobody looks at it. They get no looks. They get no comments. They get very little interaction. They get very little feedback from anyone about that piece that they put out. Put it out anyway. Put it out anyway. Put out more content
and do it again. You know I have a saying that when things are starting to
get challenging and you’re considering giving up I want you to double up, double
up right when you’re thinking about giving up on the blogging concept
right when you’re thinking nobody’s really looking at my content.
That’s what I want you to double up and do it even more. Trust me it works. It’s a long-term play and it’s gonna help you out and I’m going to give you
ten reasons as to why as a business owner you need to be blogging and if
you’re not excuse me if you’re already blogging then all I’m gonna do is
reinforce what you’re already doing and just give you a few of the tips on how
to make it better. So, let’s start with number ten. The number ten reason that you need to have a blog is because it is therapeutic. We go through a bunch of stuff during the day and so there’s good days and there’s bad days and you’re gonna have highs and you’re
gonna have lows and there’s gonna be times where you’re gonna want to vent. The blog can serve as an opportunity for you to vent and to be able to share
what it was that you went through with your readers, and look you don’t want to
turn it into a total diary where all you’re doing is sharing your doom and
gloom but the truth is especially in this instant gratification world that we
live in now it’s important for people to hear the message that hey today wasn’t
such a good day. I didn’t really get to accomplish everything that I wanted to
accomplish. Tomorrow is gonna be a good day and I’m ready to go conquer tomorrow. There’s no shame in that. There’s no
shame in sharing that and so my suggestion is you use the blog also as a
therapeutic tool to vent for yourself. Now, after you’re done blogging and writing all this content out you may not necessarily want to share it with the world and that’s
okay. This might just be something that you can for yourself that you end up
saving and I’m not saying that you have to share all the negative stuff.
I want you to share all the victories as well because if you’re sharing all the
small victories that happened you know that’s powerful information and one day that’s information that somebody’s going to
benefit from. I already did number ten so now we’re
gonna do number nine. Reason number nine that you
should be blogging. Legacy content. See my wife and I have five children. Yes
they’re all our kids, and yes we have TVs almost in every room. That was a
funny joke back in the day. These days I can’t really use that argument as most
people are consuming content on their mobile devices, so the whole like do you
have TV’s in your house joke doesn’t quite work anymore guys. Sorry! Stop using
it on me. Anyway, so legacy content. The beauty of these blogs is that I get
to write content that somewhere down the line my children will be able to
appreciate. They’ll be able to read. They’ll be able to consume that will
give them a glimpse into what Dad was like you know when I’m long gone, and for them to be able to read that and for
them to be able to know hey you know that’s where we came from and these are
the experiences that he had. Now I’m not saying that they’re gonna go out there
they’re gonna read it today. In fact, most of my five children probably won’t read any of that stuff right now but give them some time and eventually this will be content that they might appreciate, that their kids
might appreciate, and then my great-grandchildren might appreciate. This is legacy content. This is your story. This is stuff that you can hand off to your
children and your ancestors. So they sell these oil blotting pads… sheets, thin sheets. Clinique sells them. I know a few different companies sell them so that that way when the lights are on you your face is less shiny, but you know what I also discovered was that I don’t have any right now
so these toilet seat covers actually do the exact same thing and when you’re in
front of the camera and you want to block some of that oil off of your face
so that your skin isn’t so shiny you can substitute for these… The number eight reason that you need to have a blog if you are an entrepreneur… Stop with the “so.” I need to stop with “so.” Number eight that you want to have a blog if you are
an entrepreneur is because that content has a good chance of becoming evergreen
content. Now what do I mean by evergreen content? Well that means that it’s forever
green. That it’s content that is still good. Content that is still
relevant. Content that people will be looking for. Now, not all content is
going to be evergreen so for instance I’m not going to write a blog
on how to repair old dial-up phones right or old dial-up modems because
clearly that is not content that will stand the test of time, but if you’re
smart there is content that is applicable to almost all businesses businesses that you can write once
and will still be good for many years to come. In fact, if you don’t believe me you
can do a general search for something on Google and when you do that general
search you will see that yes there are plenty of articles that are written as
you know it recently right within the last few months, but there are also some articles that were written you know four, five, six, seven years ago that
still show up high on the search engine results page. Why? Because that
content is still evergreen. That content is still stuff that is applicable and
it’s still it’s stuff that people still want to read, and so long as they
keep clicking on it so long as they keep reading it so long as they keep staying
on that page then that entry that blog entry that blog post that blogged
with it or that a video or that blog will remain on the first page of that
search engine result. Your goal is to create content for your business that is going to be evergreen. Stuff that people will still want to
read years from now, and I realize that again it’s not everything especially
with technology right when you’re writing by technology not everything is
still going to be applicable or it won’t make sense years from now. There’s no point in me writing this huge blog about how wonderful the BlackBerry devices are. So, you have to have a little bit of a strategy behind what you’re doing
but just make sure that you’re writing content right that will stand the test
of time. Reason you need to have a blog as a business owner is that if you write
enough content believe it or not number one it’s much easier for you to
go out there and actually write or self-publish a book but number two you
can take all that content you know how easy and how fun it is to go back to all
of your blog posts or blog entries and just copy and paste that text and then
go out there and convert it into a digital book or convert or self-publish something. You don’t believe that it works. No problem.
Mark Cuban did it with all of his blog posts and I purchased that book on Google
Play and on Audible. People do it all the time, so what
you can do is you work on all this content and eventually down the road
you save all of this stuff and you convert it into a book and you
self-publish it and even if you don’t use all of the material there’s
plenty of material there that you will write that you can recycle and
use for other things. In addition to that, a quick protip is any of the videos that you
make right now such as this one what we’ll do is we’ll create captions for
it we’ll download those captions and then we’ll convert those into blog post as
well. Just a little tip. The sixth reason that you need to have a blog as
an entrepreneur is so that you can also become a guest blogger… guest writer on other blogs so as you get better as you’re skills
start to improve and again this is for all those people that are saying I don’t
like to write I don’t want to write I get writer’s block. You know the truth is
if you just write about your experience if you’re an entrepreneur trust me
there are experiences there are things that are happening to you on a daily
basis you are consistently putting out fires, there’s ups and
there’s downs, and if you just document everything that happens to you on a
daily basis whether you do it in writing or you do it in video if you just document this journey there are people that are gonna
benefit from it and I’ll talk about that a little bit later on but you’ve got content. Trust me you have it in you. It’s already there. You just
have to put it out there. There was a period in my life where I thought you
know nobody would really want to hear about what I’m doing or what’s going on
and lo and behold the more that I just started you know putting my daily
experiences on paper or on the keyboard or in front of the camera. The
more I did that the more I realized you know what there’s a lot of valuable content here. I just didn’t recognize it on my own. When you
do this and you write these posts what will happen is eventually you will
become known as an expert in your field whatever that field might be. It may take some time but it’ll eventually happen if you consistently do it and you
do it enough times so you will get invitations from other people to have
blog posts. It may even be podcasts, and who knows what it might be but they’ll
invite you to go write on their page or they will invite you to be interviewed
for their page and that is valuable content for you that you can then share and then if you’re smart what you’ll do is you’ll ask the
person who is asking you to guest write or be a guest in your interview on their post, so ask them to put a back link back to your page so you’ll say
okay no problem thank you for doing this for me but just make sure that you
include a link reference back to my website so that it also builds your
search engine optimization… Number five. The fifth
reason that you need to have a blog post if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a fledgling entrepreneur wannabe entrepreneur. Whatever you want
to call yourself. The fifth reason is that you will then be offered
speaking opportunities. Now, some of you don’t want speaking opportunities
and that’s fine. Some of you don’t want to be in front of the camera that’s fine. Some of you just want you know for your business to succeed and that’s okay, but
understand that the more content you create in writing. In front of the camera.
The more stuff that you do and the bigger that you become the more
successful that business can become as well so don’t limit that. You know and by
doing all of the things that I’m telling you to do it will create speaking
opportunities. Now, listen don’t think that just by doing this you’re gonna get
tons of calls and people are going to be coming to come to ask you to speak.
That’s not gonna happen either. Even the greatest speakers had to go out there
and they had to either call people or network or introduce themselves
or send inquiries to organizations just so that they could
speak. I don’t want you to think that just by blogging you know you’re gonna
be paid thousands of dollars to go speak. That’s not gonna happen either. You know
building a speaking business takes time, takes effort, takes blood, sweat and tears just like any other business okay but by blogging by writing and
sharing your content it does offer you social proof so that when
these organizations do in fact ask you well what do you have that we can
reference, that we can read, that we can see. You’ve got that content on the internet
for them to look at. Social proof. I did a whole training
on what social proof is and one of the bare minimum social profiles you need in
order to succeed as a entrepreneur and as a business owner. Social proof is
just that. So when people go online what are they gonna find about you? And if you don’t have any content and if you don’t have any videos and you don’t
have any articles and you don’t have any blog posts and they can’t find anything
about you on the Internet then there’s a very good chance that
they probably won’t turn into clients/ customers and they won’t consume any of
your content because you don’t have any content for them to consume, so
make sure that you you have blog entries so that that way it does provide some
type of social proof. It’s very very important and it helps enhance your
online reputation. If you don’t have anything to reference on the
internet then what kind of a reputation do you have these days? In the first
place that they’re gonna go and look for you is on the internet so you need to
have some type of a presence. This was also a hurdle for me and
something that I needed to accept and I needed to build and eventually I just
got comfortable with it. You have one of these called these WTF moments. These moments that happen to you where you finally just don’t care anymore. You’re not
concerned with what people think or say. You’re more concerned about the success of your business. The success of your endeavor. The success of
your entrepreneurial mission. Whatever it might be. The top three. We’ve
finally reached the top three reasons that you need to have a blog post if you
are an entrepreneur or a business owner or somebody that wants to start their
own business. The third reason that you need to have a blog for your
business is because of authority. Again, the more content you create the more likely you are going to be recognized as an authority in your field. That’s just the way it is, so you want to get good at
creating content and I spoke earlier about transitioning from a Content
consumer to a content creator and once you’ve done that you then are deemed an
authority. Number two. The second most important reason that you
need to have a blog for your business is for search engine optimization and now
some people like the word search engine optimization some people don’t like calling it optimization. Whatever you want to call it. SEO. Bottom line is
it’s finding you on the internet and finding you on the first page of
Google which is where everybody wants to be. Nobody goes to page… Well I shouldn’t
say nobody but most people aren’t gonna go beyond page two. You’re lucky if you even get to page two. Most people will do their search on page
one and that’s where they’re going to face most of the decisions on. In order
to get your page and your website and your business effectively optimized you
got to be on page one. Well, by blogging, by creating these articles, and
creating this content what it does is it improves your search engine results and so that is one of the most important reasons that you want to have
a blog. Now here’s the thing. I mentioned it earlier. If you really want
to maximize this is a pro tip if you want to maximize your blog if you do any
guest interviews if you do any guest blog post if you do anything with
relation to another website that is showcasing who you are you want to
make sure that you ask them for a link back to your site from their post
or from their interview. That’s what you want. You want them to link back
and all the link back is just a hyperlink that links back to your page and you know in exchange for doing that for you would probably
want to create a hyperlink back to their page as well. That’s
called backlinks… And the important reason that you want to have a blog for your
business is because of web traffic. So again I know that I am in the real estate industry and so what most
people would consider our biggest competitors probably a website called
Zillow. Now, if you go to Zillow initially when they got started most of
what they were doing was offering free home evaluations. You go on there
you punch in your address and you get the value of your home, and that was
great. If you go to their site now you will see that their site while yes it does have all the homes that are available for sale and while it does
give consumers the opportunity to be able to get their own instant online
valuation there is a ton of content and while it may not be real estate-related
its content on interior design, interior decorating. It’s content on celebrity
homes. It’s content on virtual tours. It’s content on photography. It’s content on
DIY do-it-yourself repairs. There’s content on everything that you can possibly
imagine related to the home or to home buying or to home searching or
to mortgages and they are writing content on a regular basis. They have
people there clearly on staff that are writing for them daily/hourly. What
happened? And that is one of the reasons that their site is so successful
amongst many many many other things but my point is is that if the big
guys and gals are blogging and they’re writing all this content and you’re
still saying that writing this content isn’t going to work for you then you are
sadly mistaken. Now, I know what some of you are saying look I’ve got enough
stuff on my plate. I don’t have time to sit here and write any of this stuff now.
I don’t even know where I would begin. The truth is there’s never going to be the right time to start something. You’re gonna
have to find a way to make this a priority and to fit it into your schedule, so you want to work on this. Now what I would suggest is you find some it could be you know interns or some high school students or your own children that want to help you do this
and you should be producing content or at least one blog post per week. That
means that in the span of a year you should have at least 52 blog entries no
less than 2000 words about whatever it is that your business is about and you
want to make sure that you do this and you want to start now. Find a way. Make a way. You need to have a blog for your
business. There’s no if, ands, or buts, and there’s no really no real way
around it. I tell you that I do this now on a regular basis. I have staff that
help me. I have my children that help me and it has had a huge impact on my own
business and on people finding me and on finding my companies on the Internet as
well. Now, I hope that this content helps you out. If it does, please
do me a favor make sure to participate in our dialogue below. Comment below. Let
me know if you’ve had any success with blogging. Let me know if blogging hasn’t
worked for you and I might be able to offer some insight and the more we all
participate in this conversation in the dialogue below and we all help each
other out the more successful that we will all be. Please make sure that you
subscribe to the channel also make sure that you click on the alerts button so that you can get those alerts and if you did find the content valuable
you know again I put out everything that I have all of the content and all of the information and all of the training and all the seminars and all of
the conferences and all the webinars and all of the traveling that I’ve done. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars that I’ve gone out to go learn
that I’m now sharing with everybody else for free. If you saw value in any of this
by all means please share with other people and make sure that
we all help each other out. I appreciate your guys time. Cheers to
everybody’s success. Talk to you guys soon.