Hello! long time ago yeah the singer Raja yeah
it’s our capital of fucking good thing I know almost no warrior right yes here
was nowhere there’s lots of stones at the beach I see it’s hard to swim right
and yeah would you like to take a photo with you yeah sure why not
we was fight too in the past with which countries you fight it’s a weed with a
lot of country it’s like leather land like British like Javanese and then like
the Portuguese so work this for countries you fight it yes this with the
coast campus but it’s more it’s a long time in here from the Netherland that
sustaining here is three hundred three hundred and half years three hundred and
fifty years yeah but after that we are thing it’s
different everything is one stop for the war this
is great yeah and then we are now it’s like a good each other
keep in peace everything this is what I want to say we have a lot of resources
and a lot of place here on earth we don’t have to fight for it here Papa died go ride or die we just play outside okay
so should play outside so one more example champions we stopped here and
took the offering yes this is good smell we call this outfit sarong so without
return of go inside and we need something for the hair
but you have it’s what you want to be I want a want to be okay guys awesome
thank you for your smile thank you for taking me to the temple and thanking you
for three to one that shall be very nice champion setting
up here my drone we sit a nice spot over here give you some pitch from the top can we just stop for a coffee break I
got from the market yesterday that was 63 they’re very nice made with rice and
see them it’s a good with local copy that looks
like champion guardians so what what is it fellas
yes oh there’s some fish for equality this is my next destination here I think
it’s my fifth hotel in Bali or the six I can still remember how are you I’m good
thank you very much it looks very nice here let’s chicken we
ploughed that’s another cocaine was amazing
let’s take magic mushrooms next time okay this is my next room we’re gonna
stay for just one night tomorrow I gonna go forward and next island champions welcome on Koon walks TV three two one
welcome on walks TV welcome on coal walks TV right welcome who works well on
coal walks TV welcome okay let’s go
that’s right three two one welcome on goon walks TV smile more
hi now we have to do one more time and like this okay okay
right now three two one welcome on TV