Hey. What up, guys? It’s The Animation Girl coming back to you live with a brand new video. Today, my family and I are going to go the Bahamas. But first, we’ll fly to Columbus and stay at a hotel shortly. And my mom got me these airplane earplugs because I have sensitive ears and I cannot handle air pressure very well. During our stay in The Bahamas, I’m going to record our daily events and talk about them when I get back to the hotel room. I’ll be in the balcony most of the time, reviewing what we did for today and the next day. Oh, I almost forgot. I will get a chance to look at wildlife with my new binoculars. So I got my things prep and we’re ready to touch the sky, yo! (giggles) Why the chicken is pink. Check it out, Swine Wine. Vinegar and spices. Shake and pour on pulled pork and fries. Plus they even have their own BBQ sauces here. And I tried some steamed barbecue pork
dumplings. The dough was pretty sticky, but it was pretty good. Also, there was deep fried calamari, but no dipping sauce. It’s just some hot spicy mustard, but not too spicy. And I tasted some Spanish Wells ice cream. I’ve got to admit the food was delicious and staying at Coral Towers was pretty cool. Hey, look. Chocolate chips. Is that what’s on there? Yeah. Ooh, man. That was a rough day. First my mother, took me to the casino for the first time. And then I was a gambling fool. So I spent a lot of money on some jewelry. Also I got a wristband that’ll take me to the Aqua Park. Now most people think that dolphins are
cute and playful creatures, and they are always happy all the time. Well, I don’t believe in that bologna because they look like they’re smiling, but, actually, it’s the skeletal structure that matters. I will not participate in the Swim With Dolphins program, but I will participate in the Stingray experience, where I get to feed one of the cow-nosed stingrays by hand and swim alongside them. First, my mother and I went to the Mandara Spa for the first time for my facial treatment. And my face was glowing, baby! And then, my dad and I went on the Rapid River Ride and it was pretty cool. And we felt the rush! Except for Cousin Neareal, she was a scaredy-cat and she did not want her hair to get wet at all. No. After we had lunch at the burger joint, where it had some kind of 50s-60s burger joint theme, I was able to retrieve my ceramics dolphin and it turned out pretty nice. I can’t show it to you right now because
it’s all wrapped up, but I will show it to you later on. Then, we rode on the big paddle bikes and walked around the hotel a bit more. And we discovered more shops. And guess what I discovered? Chocolate cookie dough balls from Oh
Sugar! They’re little chocolate chip dough cookies chopped into pieces and then covered in chocolate. They’re really good. You should try some. Later that day, I found out that I have to be in the water in order to interact with the stingrays. But I can’t do that because I don’t know how to swim or snorkel. However, I will learn how a kayak tomorrow with my mother and that would be a pleasant experience. I did not get a chance to kayak today because we went on a private tour of The Bahamas. And, boy did we buy a lot of souvenirs, especially the silver spoons myself. After that, my father and I played a few games at the arcade. Fun Fact: Before I was born, my dad used to play old games, like Pac-Man and Galaga. When we got back to the hotel, we just had a late lunch and two hours later, a light dinner and some ice cream to fill us up. And I had the Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream and that was delicious. Filled me up quickly to the brim. Hey, guys. We’re leaving Coral Towers at 3 p.m. And, just to make this up, I will record stingrays and people having fun on slides while I’m still here. We went home at 1:30 in the morning
because there were a few short delays during our two flights home. But now that’s over. And as promised, I’m going to go ahead and show you the dolphin that I painted. I’ve hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions about me and other places I would like to travel, be sure type in the Comment section below. And don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button for more notifications. This is The Animation Girl, signing off.