-Welcome to the show, Travis! -Why, thank you.
Why, thank you. Hello, everybody!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Is this, uh…
Is this an alcoholic beverage? -This? Yeah.
This is ice and a lime. [ Laughter ] And a little tequila.
-Very good. And well-deserved.
This was a very special Super Bowl victory for a city
that had not had a Super Bowl championship
for 50 years. And everybody was celebrating,
having fun at the parade. But I will say, Travis,
you were setting the tone. -Nice. -And your outfit
was really outstanding. [ Laughter ]
-The tone — the tone-setter. -The tone-setter.
-The tone-setter. -So I believe this is a —
This is a Louis Vuitton coat? -Yes, it is.
Yes, it is. -A Louis Vuitton coat,
and that is a WWE belt. -That is a WWE — Shout-out
to the WWE for sending that. It’s actually a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl LIV
championship belt. -That’s great. -And they sent it to me
for whatever reason. I was extremely excited. -You did not request it?
They just sent it. -Nope, they just sent it.
-That’s fantastic. -And gave me something to wear
in the parade. -I think the fear
when you send someone a WWE belt is, “Will they ever wear it?”
[ Laughter ] -And so it’s really nice that
you paid off their faith in you. -Immediately.
-Yes. -Immediately. -Another cool thing is that you have an older brother
in the league… -Yes.
-…who plays for the Eagles and won his own Super Bowl
a couple years ago. Did he talk to you
before the game? Any Super Bowl advice
before you went out? -You know we had dinner the
Friday before the Super Bowl. And my family
was all sitting around, and I’d been getting asked
all Super Bowl week, you know, “What advice did Jason give
you?” I’m like, “He’s got a kid. He doesn’t want to talk to me
about the Super Bowl when he just got
kicked out of the playoffs.” -Right, right.
[ Laughter ] -Like, let me give him a chance,
you know, regroup. -Yeah.
-And I asked when he was in Philly, and he just —
or, when he came down to Miami, and he told me, he was just,
“Just be yourself. Don’t let the moment
get too big. At the end of the day,
it’s just a game. Guys start to do special things
or something different pregame or the week to the game,
thinking that, you know, “It’s such a big moment,
such a big game. I got to do everything
that I possibly can.” And the reality is, it’s what
you’ve been doing all year. You just got to stick to it,
and be yourself.” -Did you find in the moment — Obviously, this was
a thrilling Super Bowl. You guys had to come back. Did it just feel like
a regular game to you? -It felt like a regular game except for there
were stars everywhere. -Yeah.
-It was Miami, so it was just — Every time you looked up
at the screen, it was Beyoncé or David Beckham
or somebody. It was just like,
“Oh, wow! Look! Oh, yeah.
Super Bowl, Super Bowl. Stay focused.
Stay focused.” -Couple years ago,
you and your brother played — faced off
against each other. -Yes.
-And luckily for your parents, you weren’t on the field
at the same time. You didn’t have
to actually physically — -Yeah. It was just an
offensive cheering section. -But you — did you make
the jersey for your mother? -Yes, I had the jersey
for my mom. -It’s very nice that she could
wear this in the stands, a half-and-halfer.
-Nice, nice. Yeah, and then, of course,
I had to put myself on the front because she loves me the most.
[ Laughter ] -I was gonna say,
I noticed that you didn’t go right down the middle. You really put him on the back
so that no one… Only the people
sitting behind her would know that she was also
Jason’s mother. [ Laughter ] He’s two years older.
-Two years. -And you — I read there was
an epic fight back in the day when you were a freshman and
he was a junior in high school. -Yes.
It was probably the last time that we really got into a
fistfight or anything like it. We were in the backyard
just playing basketball like we usually do, and I
started getting a little saucy, started beating him
a little bit. And he wasn’t feeling that
as an older brother. So he started getting
a little more physical throughout the game,
and, of course, when you’re in the backyard,
no blood, no foul. -Yeah.
-So that whole competitive mind-state went from there
and into the kitchen, and it ended up
starting with him punching me square in the face.
[ Laughter ] Usually, when he punches me
square in the face, I fall on the ground. This time,
I didn’t really fall down. I just got more angry
and attacked him. -Sure, as you would.
-And attacked him. And we’re scuffling. We’re throwing each other
around. And, sure enough, I pick him up,
and I body slam him on the kitchen floor
and the oven, which had my mother’s casserole
in it at the time. Breaks off the hinges and the
casserole shatters in the oven. [ Laughter ] And, yeah, my mom wasn’t
too happy about that. [ Laughter ] -Well, look, she got a very nice
shirt out of the deal. -There you go!
There it is. [ Laughter ] -Something I’m always impressed
with is when people go out, extra mile,
give back to the community. You started an organization
not just for Kansas City but for the part of Ohio
you’re from. -Yeah.
-87 & Running. Tell us a little bit about that.
-87 & Running. I’ve been extremely fortunate
that my parents gave me the upbringing
throughout my life and gave me the ability
to understand, you know, there’s people out there
that need help. And with that, I’ve always
wanted to, you know — I think it’s kind of our job
to influence the community in a positive way
as a professional athlete, and my mother ingrained it in me to be able
to start a foundation. You know,
give back to the community, not only where you’re from
but the community I’m playing in,
in Kansas City. And its —
it’s been so much fun not only reaching out
to the Kansas City community, getting out there,
shaking hands, and meeting everyone but raising
funds for the right reasons. -And you also — you just opened
a science lab somewhere. Is that right?
-Yes, a STEM robotics lab. At Operation Breakthrough,
which is a unbelievable cornerstone
in the Kansas City community. It helps the underserved kids
that are in poverty that just need somewhere
safe to go after school, and on top of that,
it provides an unbelievable educational experience
like the STEM and robotics lab that I was able to provide
to the organization. -That’s fantastic.
So, you — [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah, absolutely. 100% deserved. Last question.
So, we still have — We still have
a fair amount of time before the next season starts.
When does celebrating stop? Do you just kind of go… -I feel like it keeps going
as life goes on. Right? [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, yeah. -I mean, once you win one,
you won it a million times. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Every time
it comes back around, I’m sure I’ll just be
sitting there, laughing. You know?
Just enjoying it. Hopefully,
I’ll go back next year. And I mean,
that’s the mind-frame is, once you get one,
the unbelievable confidence and aura that it gives you,
it makes you want to go back again
and do it all over again. -Well, that’s fantastic. Congratulations on being
a Super Bowl champion, man. Thanks so much for being here.
That’s Travis Kelce, everyone.