-Trevor Noah is here, nominee and presenter, Best Comedy
Album. We´ll get to that in just one second, but on a heavier note,
one of the first tweets I saw this morning was from you about that devastating news we learned about
Kobe and his daughter. What were you — What were you feeling, and have you
processed it yet? -I don´t — I don´t think I´ve processed anything yet. I don´t think anyone has. You know, it´s always strange when you feel like you know
somebody because of all the moments and impacts they´ve had on your
life, and I think that´s what a lot of people are going through with the news about Kobe Bryant and his daughter and the
other people who were involved in the crash. And it´s one of those experiences where you can feel it.
-You can. -You can feel it in everybody. Everybody´s walking in. We´re celebrating each other today, but at the same time, it
feels like now the entire Staples is gonna be celebrating somebody who just strove for
excellence, you know, someone who inspired others to be the best they
could be. -An incredible legacy. And you are in a category with some amazing names, as well.
What does it mean to be in that group of comics? -I won´t lie. It´s been surreal.
Every single moment of it has been surreal. To be with Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Aziz Ansari, Jim
Gaffigan — you´re with, you know, mentors, peers, friends, and legends,
and you´re in the category with them. And for me, that´s — that´s really wild, and today more
than many days, I just — I´m remembering to enjoy it all. Take it in. Enjoy it. You know, I phoned friends.
I spent — I just — You just — You forget. -And it goes fast.
-It does. And you forget to be grateful, sometimes. So, for me, today is all about just being present, enjoying
every moment. This is my first Grammys where I´m nominated. I never dreamed that would happen because I haven´t made an
album yet. Um…´cause Rihanna doesn´t call me back, so…
-[ Laughs ] You´re waiting on the collaboration. Well, you deserve it. You are a class act.
Great to see you, pal. -Thank you so much, Ryan. Great seeing you again.