You know, it’s not easy being me right? Not only am I a gamer the most oppressed group on the Internet. (nothing new of course) I’m also PewDiePie, oppressed by mainstream media, left and right. I fought all these battles. and here I am getting attacked when, when I’m at the weakest. Finally I have met my match T-Series is taking over. (its a hard knock life.) it’s inevitable at this point #Pewdiepieisoverparty Is this what oppression feels like? Is this what it means? Then I don’t like it. Okay? So let’s look at other people being oppressed, so I can feel better about myself. Yes of course I’m talking about… Tumblr In Action So we can look at other people having a hard life, and feel better about ourselves. gottem. “Oppressed by H&M’s mirrors” THIS IS SO SAD! “Dear H&M this image of two mirrors in your store on the right is my normal “efrection” *REFLECTION* on the left you can clearly see I’m- I’m shorter and fatter” OPPRESSION!!! (epic meme) Dear H&M, as you can see from these photos, the perspective or the reflections make me look bigger if I’m closer to the object. How does this work? Dear H&M, can you please fix the laws of physics? This is so sad This kid literally brought a jug of water to class and is just drinking out of it (stay hydrated kids) I hate college and I hate why… *laughs* Now the question here is: do they hate them separately, alright? Or do they hate them individua- or like, collectively? Because of this person, you know, it’s not really clear. Imagine- Imagine coming home from- from college, you’re still living at home, you come in a really bad mood like *erghgehr* Your parents are like, “honey, what happened?” “You wouldn’t believe MOM, my day is ruined; someone drank water out of a jug”.
Your mom is just stay there shocked. I hate white people too, good job. You know, SUDDENLY, me complaining about T-Series doesn’t feel so bad, what else do we have? Becoming disabled by choice, Trans-abled, *Visible confusion* What? No People are becoming disabled on purpose and calling themselves transable. Why does this exist? Who came up with this? it’s a mental illness. Yeah. It must be a mental illness… Apple Emoji finally acknowledged that women work out, too *rocking back and forth in mental pain* *laughs* This makes me hate the world! *CLAP*
WHY DOES THIS EXIST? STOP IT! This is not real. This is not real. Can we… Oh God, it’s real. Ugh… Ugh, it makes me sick. “Women run, lift weights and surf and-” Oh man… *CLAP* *CLAP* They finally did it, guys Apple, finally Finally, this giant company that I buy my overpriced cellphone- phones acknowledge the fact that women exercise. This is a big day. This is amazing We truly run out of things to celebrate I didn’t know what I was gonna find today. But this is this is beautiful Motherboard another fantastic new media website guess how many women Elon Musk follows on Twitter Hint: same number of people currently on Mars I use Twitter for news organizations. My insta has same women as men. This is not real This can’t be real no no no no n-no no no n- *laughs* Oh My god I thought- I thought the articles of me were petty but this is just- this is just next-level It’s not a real thing are you do a bit I can’t tell a question mark The term spirit animal is deeply religious and is- and using it is cultural appropriation Please use “patronus” instead *Headphone users* Mute Okay, all right, all right, I’ve read it it’s already made me laugh let me explain it HART MAIN started He was fed up with his sisters candles from being all flowery smelly So he created man cans with candles that smell like campfire and coffee and he made them out of soup cans So he would donate the soup to homeless people while still selling the kids the candles and he sold 80,000 of them which means 80,000 people got a meal and Tumblr’s take on this is I’m not behind this still a white boy re- boy reinforcing gender stereotypes I don’t give a CRAP how good of a person he is I’m pretty sure there are some (r word) out there who have donated to charities or done something good Hitler’s family probably thought he was a great person misogyny is still misogyny Did you just compare a 17 year old boy who fed their homeless to Hitler Tumblr: everyone is Hitler! Pro t- Pro tip here’s a- here’s a pro tip for you guys, alright This is a pro tip from the tumblr-verse don’t learn a language If you do not come from the languages bearers i.e; don’t learn French if you’re not French don’t learn chinese, if you’re not Chinese don’t learn Icelandic if you’re not Icelandic It just appropriates culture more what would be ideal here If everyone just stayed away from each other at all times. Okay that must be a whoosh, isn’t it? It’s a whoosh did I just get whooshed It must be a joke, right? This can’t be real but everything else has been real And it’s from tumblr Tumblr can’t make jokes about themselves. Hey, they say it as well. You know, what’s messed up about the cultural appropriation nonsense It’s just ridiculous. I can’t tell if it’s satire or sarcas- ME NEITHER! Well, this actually kind of makes sense Okay. So here’s the difference between social activists and social justice warriors Social activists. “Oh, look, there’s no wheelchair ramps in that building. Let’s build a ramp!” Social justice warrior: “let’s persecute the people using the stairs and make them feel bad for having legs” How dare you have legs? Don’t you see these stairs? You’re not thinking about the trans-able people How are they gonna walk up these stairs when they remove their legs, huh? You tell me. you disgusting Look I d- I never want to pull out my “I have a comparative Women’s Studies degree centered in black feminist and- womanologist- woman womanist?- ideology with a concentration in media” Debate language out on y’all But y’all be pushing me there don’t make her pull out her useless degree again, Is it real is it real? It’s a comparative Women’s Studies degree centered in black feminist woman- womanist ideology with concentration in media. I have so many questions I’m just confused. Where are these people? Where are they? I never see them. I just see them online This is gender neutral this is gender neutral this is possibly the farthest away you can get from gender neutral I just like this comment saying I’m raising my baby chaotic neutral Because they’re the most interest It’s a vagana not feminine. Why are there so many gay men who don’t date a woman Just because she has a vagana like that is stupid disCRIMINATION We’re so deep into social justice that being gay is now discrimination We did it guys, we finally came full circle Full circle and beyond! oh my god! this video! I saw it I think me and Ethan were the reason this video were pulled because after our video ,we reviewed it ,and it got deleted YouTube pulls controversial music video with graphic homosexual sex after it racked up 700,000 views Controversial let’s s- let me see if I get it It’s a controversial video with graphic sex but it’s totally normal video with the women almost naked Dancing sensual moves then it’s okay. No, they literally eat each other’s poopoo That’s controversial Trying to make- trying to write a joke that won’t offend anyone on tumblr This is the worst point I have ever seen if you have trouble making jokes that aren’t racist to everybody Misogynistic then you are funny. Actually. Do you want to build a snow person? Fine alright, maybe T series is taking over- my chanel isn’t such a big deal after all smash subscribe so we can take over the Indians No oppression intended Okay, I’m sorry But we can’t let them win smash subscribe so we can still be the biggest Most subscribed channel on YouTube leave a like if you enjoyed this video and I will see you tomorrow with another video What’s he gonna come up with next? You’re just gonna have to find out tomorrow. See you then. Bye [Music]