Donald Trump was hit with a barrage of really,
really bad news this past weekend, further implicating him in criminal activity, and
in case you thought Donald Trump was handling it all in stride, might I basically direct
you to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. On Sunday, the president appeared to lose
what little bit of his mind he had left attacking everyone and every thing that he could possibly
think of. One of the first tweets he sent out that day
was apparently a threat against representative Adam Schiff. When Donald Trump tweeted out shifty, Adam
Schiff is a corrupt politician and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price yet for what he
has done to our country. So Schiff later on in the day goes on some
of the Sunday morning talk shows, talks about the tweet, said yes, it does appear to be
a threat against me, because after all he says, you haven’t paid the price yet for what
you’ve done to this country. First of all, what has Adam Schiff done to
this country? I mean, really, aside from basically running
the impeachment thing right now, what, what has this guy done to or for the country? I mean, that’s a pretty bold claim and it’s
putting a lot of credit on somebody who really doesn’t deserve all that much credit. Adam Schiff did, you know, push Russia gate
on us for quite some time and, you know, that’s about it. You’d have to go deeper into his history to
find anything really substantial that this guy has done again to or for this country. But again, this tweet, not necessarily focusing
on Adam Schiff at the moment, this is about the president of the United States losing
his mind in real time because that’s what we’re watching. We are watching a man’s descent into pure
madness and those are the kinds of things that we probably need to take a little bit
seriously. This guy has control of nuclear weapons and
there is nobody that could stop him if he suddenly just says, you know what? Launch them. Literally nothing we can do at that point. And he’s going more and more insane by the
day. This wasn’t the only tweet though. This was not the only thing Donald Trump got
super nutso about. A later tweet which reads like he filled it
out using Madlibs read as follows, sleepy eyes, Chuck Todd of meet the corrupt press,
just had a totally softball interview with con man Adam Schiff. Never even calling shifty out on his fraudulent
statement to Congress where he made up all of the words of my conversation with the Ukrainian
president. Fake news. Again, like with the random adjectives and
descriptors there. This is president Madlibs. That’s what this man has become, because he’s
so crazy. His Twitter feed is basically a window into
his psyche right now, and it’s falling apart and we’re watching this. And the psychiatrist, the mental health professionals,
the psychologist, they have been warning us about this for several years and all we’re
doing is sitting here watching it happen in slow motion, wondering if anybody with any
power is going to finally put an end to this madness. Donald Trump is not well, and you can tell
that just from his tweets alone. This is not the kind of person we should have
in charge of this country. This is not the kind of person that should
be in charge of the military or a nuclear arsenal. This should not be the kind of man that we
have in charge of our trade policy because we’ve already seen the devastating effects
of that. This is the kind of man that needs to be under
evaluation, that probably needs to be on a couple of different medications and perhaps
even have a live in nurse to make sure that his mental illness doesn’t devolve to the
point where he is a threat to others or to himself.