Good Morning John I wanna make a really complicated video today. Something that was just like awesome and epic But I just .. I just don’t have time. And it’s even not because I’m busy It’s just like .. That was fun Story behind that.. ..uh.. There’s a channel.. ..on YouTube called AVBYTE When I was talking about how obssessed I am with Instagram Somebody linked me to their Instagram Musical And then I loved it. And then .. .. I loved everything else that they’ve done A new musical .. On YouTube.. Every week How amazing is that! So yeah, I emailed them and I was like .. we should do one about Tumblr and I should be in it We wrote the lyrics together They did the music We did the video It was not… It was a long process Not kidding 74 emails were exchanged in the preparation of this That’s a lot I hope you enjoyed it So then the next couple of weeks are gonna be kinda intense for me Going on tour with Harry and the Potters very briefly Again, Oregon and Washington people If you wanna come see us play there’s dates in the dooblydoo And then I get a couple days back in Missoula And then i”m going to Leekycon And during that time It’s sort of like the rush up to the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory Which is .. just a really intense for me I just made a video about it It’s gonna go live on SciShow this weekend and .. I’m so scared and excited It’s just, oof.. I should do a musical about that Oh also. John thanks for talking about my buffness So now everybody wants to like see me with my shirt off which would be a tremendously unimpressive experience for everyone I promise Hope you liked the song It’s not on iTunes yet But it will be shortly I’ll tweet that and Of course I’ll put it on my Tumblr And if you haven’t experienced Tumblr It is a weird but very fun place Try not to spend your whole life there Go do other things Outside things even with your computer though Bring your computer And spin around in circles Like that. That’s nice Good John, I’m excited to see you at Leakycon but first I will see you on Monday Oh my God This is way hotter than the last time I was on this dish