Sam here from creative minds in this
video we’re going to do a basic run through of the cm download manager plugin from creative minds is a file sharing and document
repository tool for your WordPress site it will create a customizable
downloads page it supports various file types and
there’s also a download counter along with modification access control
and notification settings for your site’s users so let’s check out the index page
includes the list of all the files uploaded into the CM
Download Manager you can show the list in three suggested
views tiles, list and category users can use the
search bar to look for a particular download and as you can see that category names
are at the top and for each download you can see the title the author and how many times it’s been
downloaded you can also do some basic adjustments to
the page look and feel for example there’s some sidebar widget
that you can find and integrate using WordPress widgets under settings if you could index page
settings this is where you can control the
appearance about index page you can choose the default download list
view whether tile list by category you can also choose how to order the
downloads by the latest notification time the download named you can also give a
title to your downloads listing a search placeholder you can also
choose to enable a description over the download on the
list page and how many downloads you want on that
index page the download page conforms to your WordPress sites theme you can customize how the page looks
including the labels for each download form you can also create different tabs
for your downloads page and can change the name for the tabs and
add and remove them for easy navigation now let’s check out the download page
settings here you can control the appearance of that individual download page you can choose
to have the counter increase every time a page is refreshed you can
also include screenshots these are kind of
like a header image that appears on your download page below you can also
upload an image that as your default no screenshot image if you don’t have a
particular header for your download you can also
enable a sideshow have screenshots you can have more than
one and there are various other appearance settings if you go down to
own labels here are tabs that appear on your
download page and each one of these tabs can have its own
content you can change the name za tabs and add/remove tabs for easy navigation the CM Download Manager plugin comes
with a built in support forum for each download to enable the support you need to make sure this is turned on in
the plugin settings and also for each particular download page in order to enable the support tab this
form can help users leave comments and download author can support those
questions related to the download and under the moderation settings this
is where you can auto approve new questions or auto approve new answers to that support
forum and here we have an example of the
download page that has three different files and they’re all audio files you can
preview them as you can see you can choose to download as if its individual files just this
download page is an example I love using shortcode for that download you can see over on the right that there
are three different shortcode options your users can select one or
more to then download under appearance in
general settings that this is where you can control or enable all those different panels and all the
different preview options for your downloads now this is important
if you have an MP3 or audio file you need to enable the player
for downloads and this allows a music player option to
preview that particular music file any plans to choose which kinda music
player you want to use we have to dew player Jplayer as well as core audio and below
you’ll need to enable file preview for dominance under the
occurred section general settings here the administrator can define which
file extensions different users can upgrade you can also
choose which type of download should be
available for a place whether its the File Upload a URL or
short code an administrator can also decide whether and
uploader needs to define a category for their upload you can also choose the maximum number
of categories that can be assigned to any download but there’s also a password
protection option so that means that the users gonna need
to input a password to download that particular file so let’s delve more into categories here you
can feel it above all the categories that you have
defined for different types of downloads anyone add a category simply put in a
name choose it has a parent category are not
given a description and add a new category so when users are searching for a download when
the upload download to the repository we can assign
one or more categories to each download now let’s go ahead and
added download this is what it’s gonna look like when a
user goes to add a new down the road you can give a title as well as the
version number you’re going to choose the DOWNLOAD type whether
the file a URL a shortcode and then you can go ahead
and just simply select files and the CM download manager plugin
allows for multiple file upload and then below you can choose whether or
not the user can download single files there’s also the option to
enable previews for that particular download and you’re gonna need to assign a
category you can give your download a description and include installation instructions if
you want to do screenshots here’s where we can select the
file that’s it going to be the header about download page as we’ll see in a
minute you can choose to password protect your
downloads so that if a user needs that password to be able to download that
particular file the final options here you can choose
whether or not you wanna be notified any new support topics as the
author of that particular download and you can also require a non logged in
user to provide their name and password so one thing for add new go ahead and
view that download so is what the download page looks
like as you can see we’ve got our header
image at the park and we’ve got a short description and those multiple tabs with the support tab enabled here users can start a new topic and add
a question if the feeling you help using that particular download if they
have any questions users can rate a download and over
on the right hand side we have the download info with the name of the author, the version how many times that download has been
viewed the file site the download counters and the upload theme now because this particular download is password protected users gonna need to input that password
before they can download this is an example a when you have a non
logged in user provide their first and last name as well as email when they downloaded so here we have an mp3 audio example
so for this download are on the right hand side you can feel that there’s a little audio
player here and that’s because I’ve been evolved the audio player for this particular download so users sample an audio file. here we have a PDF
file preview example you have been able to preview over here
on the right hand side download the user can simply click Show
preview panel open up in Google Docs a preview about
file downloaded so as you can see the CM download
manager plugin creates a robust infrastructure file-sharing on
your request site its customizable and can be used and various
scenarios I encourage on you to check out this plugin from CreativeMinds.