Friends, do you remember the movie 3 Idiots? This one. In it there is a very famous scene where Rancho (Aamir Khan) changes some words in Chatur’s speech. This changes the whole meaning of the speech. But Chatur being an expert in learning does not even understand the speech. and reads it. For which he is humiliated then. Friends, the same thing is happening in real life. In real life, Rancho is Pratik Sinha of Alt news, and Chatur are the poor IT cell workers. The way that BJP IT cell carries out its work of promoting trends on Twitter, I showed you in a video 2 years ago. A couple of guys from the IT cells create a document on Google Docs, which is named the ‘Trend Alert’. In it they decide the hashtags on the issues which they want to be trending. They research on these hashtags and write down 15 to 20 tweets. They literally write down 15-20 tweets in that document. After which this document is available to the other workers of the IT cells. The IT cell workers only have to copy-paste the tweets in this document and tweet them. They have to simply copy-paste it the tweet blindly. They do not even have to read what is written. Because the same hashtag is tweeted thousands of time on Twitter, The hashtags starts to trend. You might have an inclination how the Chatur-Rancho situation is being created here. Once the BJP IT cell forgot to cancel the editing option of the documents. The document generally has a view-only option, however this one time they mistakenly left the editing option. The original document reached Pratik Sinha, and he changed a few important keywords in the tweets. In the tweets in this Google document. Here you can see the example of the keywords changed by him. Poorest became richest, Thousand became zero. Honesty was changed to dishonesty. Transparency became lack of transparency. Because of this we got to see the official handles of BJP tweet these. This is the official Twitter handle of BJP Assam with the blue tick. They tweeted that Dishonesty and lack of transparency is the hallmark of New India under Modi government. Many such tweets were seen on Twitter by the workers of the IT cell. Because they had to get #modiForNewIndia trending on twitter. Even if they had to write that Modi has not made an inclusive development. What is surprising is that some Union Ministers were also involved in this blind tweeting. Like Radhakrishnan ji. He tweeted: Working for the middle class is low on the agenda of the Modi government It’s funny but once you think, you realize that the situation is so bad. Even the Union Ministers are not thinking while tweeting. They are just copy pasting the tweets that they get. Most of these tweets were deleted when Pratik Sinha exposed it publicly. This happened a month ago. But this wasn’t the first time when BJP IT cell were caught red handed doing this. Last year actor Paresh Rawal tweeted from the trend alert document on his official Twitter handle. As you can see here. Even this tweet was deleted later. But we got to know that people like Paresh Rawal also promote such thing. They are openly promoting the trend alert document. An ex employee working in the BJP Data Analytics team, Shivam Shankar Singh openly talked about how the BJP IT cell and Twitter trends work And his experience when he worked there. The question that arises is that are other political parties running their Twitter trends like this? You will be surprised that I have personally never seen any other party operating the Twitter trends like this. It seems like only BJP does this. What the other political parties do when they have a hashtag trend is that They tell their workers to tweet the hashtag at a certain time. But they do not tell them exactly what they have to tweet. They do not provide material for copy pasting. I have seen only BJP doing this. That they give out tweets to the workers to simply copy paste. Whenever a pro-BJP hashtag trends on twitter, you will see thousands of tweets which are simply copy pasted. But if you see a pro hashtag for some other political party, you will see very few tweets which have directly been copy pasted. Rarely anything. Even so, some of the political parties work hard to exploit social media such as Facebook and Twitter for their own benefits. Either by spreading fake news, having their trolls abuse other people, or manipulating algorithms. The algorithms on Facebook and Twitter, are designed in such a manner that they promote controversial things. What happens with it is that the fake news, which is mostly hateful, polarizing and controversial, fake news is automatically promoted by the algorithm of Facebook. Simply because they are designed to do exactly that. Because of these reasons if you want to have a proper and logical discussion on a political issue or a local issue related to the governance, it is very difficult to do that on these social medias. There may be an solution to these problems, Govern Eye app. Govern Eye app is an good alternative for political discussion as compared to Facebook and Twitter. The reasons for this is that on this app the algorithm does not decide the news feed, rather it is decided only by time. You will find the latest post on top of the news feed. You can discuss and post about the local area issues or for any other political issue, you can carry a discussion. The second reason is that there is no option of trolling. All the curse words are automatically blocked, and if anyone be talks disrespectfully, you will not be able to see their comments. Because they will be automatically be blocked by the app. Third reason is that, there is a special tab on this app of fake news alert. You can go to that tab to see the whole news feed of all the fact checking websites, fake news busters like AltNews, SM Hoax Slayer or Boom FactCheck. Additionally friends, there is a special tab for politicians where only the politicians can post. We can see what our politicians are doing, where they are campaigning, and where they working. Here they can also get reaction analysis where the politicians can see the people who like and dislike the post, and what they think and opinions on different issues. Another special feature in this app is that you can login without providing your phone number or email id. It protects your privacy and you can register anonymously. Despite this, this app prevents a person from making multiple or fake accounts. I would like to tell you friends that the person who developed this app is a member on my Patreon, and supports my work which is how I can make such videos for you. So they showed me this app and I thought it is very interesting and different. There is a potential to become an alternative for politics instead of Facebook and Twitter. This is why I am promoting this app to you. So share this with your friends. And we shall meet in the next video. Thank you!