Hello, and Welcome to Episode 1 of the
Virtual Assistant Technologies FREE Twitter Marketing Video Course. Over the course of this video series,
we’re going to be looking at a few of the elements that make Twitter such
a powerful social media marketing tool. “What is Twitter, exactly?” Twitter is a micro-blogging service
that started several years ago as a simple means of instant communication
amongst like-minded individuals, this enabled them to share ideas,comments,etc. no matter where they were miles away, or
right down the street all instantaneously. This quickly became one of the modern
standards for communication amongst peers and has grown to mammoth proportions. So, how can a successful Twitter
campaign work for your business? While Twitter started off primarily
being used for personal communications like text messages it has since been
adopted by forward-thinking businesses, small business owners & entrepreneurs. Utilizing a social media vehicle such
as Twitter, companies have been able to successfully get the word out about
their services, keep their clients updated with the latest company news and events,
tradeshows, special offers and promotions, and gather new clientele through
digital word-of-mouth, etc. Since Twitter is so easily accessible
from convenient internet browser plugins to smartphone applications, to SMS
texting services it’s easier than ever to keep in constant communication
with your peers and clients. Many of us now act upon impulse,
and are less patient when it comes to keeping “in the know” that’s why
we do so many things on the go.. read the news, check the weather report,
send email from our smartphones while riding in a cab, sitting at lunch,
or even standing in line. Now that I’ve painted that picture;
think about your prospects, your new leads, even your existing client base how
much of an advantage can you gain, how much leverage do you now have
over your competition when you can keep in constant contact with your clients?
That being said.. Who’s to say that your competition hasn’t
already implemented this strategy? This is one of the things that makes Twitter
such an extremely powerful tool to have an once business strategies.
So what you waiting for.. Go out and get yourself a Twitter account
today if you don’t already have one. If you do already have one, perhaps it’s
time to utilize it to its fullest potential. Here are some examples taken from of a couple
of case studies we’re currently promoting: One is a cutting-edge medical device
design and manufacturing company. And the other is, the Owner of
Virtualssistant Inc. “Craig Donnelly” We’ve just started to promote both Twitter
accounts over the past couple of weeks, using various unique Twitter marketing
strategies that are specifically designed to increase the list of people we’re
following, the people who are following us, and ultimately driving more
traffic to our targeted websites in the shortest amount of time as possible. Throughout the course of our campaigns,
we have been rigorously testing optimizing, and re-optimizing the dynamics
of each of these accounts so we can maximize the results
and as well as productivity. In today’s online marketplace, it’s important
to stay up-to-date with current trends and as the rules change regarding viral
marketing tactics, search engine optimization, promotional give-aways, etc.,
it becomes even more critical that you stay ahead of the game,
and ahead of your competitors. Join us for the next episode.. where we’ll be discussing how to
define your target audience. Until then, I encourage you to go ahead
and sign up for your free Twitter account if you don’t already have one,
and follow us: