P: Hey guys, so I here with a very special guest!
D: ‘AIGHT. Aw thanks- Th-There’s nothing special about me still being here on this channel.
P: I’m still trying to hype it up ! D: Thank you for being nice though! D: how ya’ doin?
P: Anyway, you may know that we both LOVE FOOD – D: Good – good intro, general statement there – D: Dan and Phil, we love a snack
P: We love our fruit P: We’re making this video because we’re addicted to an anime called food wars- (#spon)
D: Yes. P: We are on season 3 and it is so good!
D: Life ruining. D: It’s an anime about young people going to a cooking school in Japan D: Where they become the best chefs in the world and it’s all about just watching people make food and eat it.
P: Yeah… D: So we thought hey, this is like the perfect opportunity to do one of those British versus Japanese thing D: But Phil what’s your unique angle? P: The unique angle is: We’re gonna be comparing… P: UK Versus Japanese school lunches D: That is right people, those little boxes of joy that you carry with you to HELL… P: Yeah.
D: And back. P: I’ve got a UK school uniform D: A white shirt and a tie D: I think we’re both very familiar with that P: The only thing I could find on Amazon at short notice was the Japanese school girl outfit D: So not like a black blazer, which – no, no you got me like, the Halloween costume Japanese school girl, oh okay P: I think it’s going to be a good look D: Why do I agree to come on this channel? P: It’s too late now. P: Strap yourself in Danny D: *Mumbling* is it worth it for the food..? P: TADA! D: I am going to be honest with you, this isn’t even that bad! In fact, I think it’s pretty stylish D: I think that more men’s fashion in Britain should have this weird collar thing in the shirt P: Are you gonna go out and about? D: This is a strong look. It’s – It’s December D: I’m not gonna go out wearing a skirt alright, and that’s just a physical comfort thing P: I’m wearing what I how the cool kids wore it yeah sure I don’t know if that’s the case now P: Let’s get those lunch boxes out for the lads. First of all we have the one the British okay boy from British Qualified British person here. Yes, so this is the classic British lunchbox. I actually had one that was more plastic-y and clicky A giant plastic rectangle
but this is all i could find It’s Mr. Men and the London Underground combined in a strange mix I don’t know how much I’d have wanted this because when you’re a British child you’d go to Woolworths (rest in peace) and you’d be like “I want the Power Rangers one I want the Pokemon one”
from Japan, we have this baby Oh, my god
it is as traditional as we could make it Japanese bento box it’s a cat bento Oh my look at that that is just a beautiful object Japan is already winning with the design.
Is it as practical though? Where’s the handle? I don’t know. (True) I don’t know I’m just saying Dan doesn’t have a clue. What is inside any of this yes? Well, you know I have an idea of what might be inside this But let’s see.
P: have a guess
D: some sandwiches some crisps P: I mean
D: some some, what other thing, that’s basically it
P: pretty much P: so we have some D: Yes mate!
P: the golden crisps pickled onion monster munch
D: okay and that’s your crisps and we also (wheeze) Okay, I thought you’re gonna make a sandwich. (P: No) but this is even more British and kind of gross dairylea lunchable yeah D: So this is like the most plastic cheese, ham, and crackers
P: and you kind of create a fake sandwich out of different layers It’s like Lego meets food
D: it is indeed P: and then we have a carton. It’s important to be a carton (D: a carton, definitely) of Ribena D: To this day, we reference Ribena a lot and people don’t know what it is.
P: Yeah D: It’s a black currant water cordial drink
P: what that’s the thing though in some countries they don’t have black currant as a flavor D: yes so black currants are berries that look like these
P: imagine like a raspberry but on the dark side D: like an edgy raspberry, totally Phil, that’s totally it
P: yeah, one that’s seen things P: a Satsuma D: ah yes the token piece of fruit that wouldn’t get eaten
P: no one would eat that D: usually you’d come don’t really come back and this would just be left P: a baby bell cheese
D: a baby bell P: I would not eat this as you know I’m not cheese fan and also a dip dab which we will get to which I always thought was dib dab So that’s a Mandela effect.
D: This is a very generous lunch box (P: I know!) it has like a dessert and fruit Okay, well, let’s tuck in P: so any kid with any slice of sense would start with the crisps I mean, I mean what else are you living for
D: I mean you need to bang through this in order of priority P: I don’t think I’ve eaten pickled onion monster munch since I was 7
D: I think we need to give them a little intro here these are like simultaneously the lowest of the low the most and unhealthy and disgusting and yet also the best damn thing ever P: oooh it smells of school That’s what the classroom smelled like
D: that brings me back D: I always presumed it was hand
P: I was always thought it was the foot D: let’s not, you know, limb shame monsters
P: here you go
D: Oh, thank you P: prepare for nostalgia P: Mm. I’m ascending. I don’t know what it is if you’ve never had pickled onion before it just is so tangy And it’s so stinky
D: is there even any potato in that P: I don’t even know
D: or is it like just oil In the shape of a hand? if you’re hungover you can smash a multipack of that P: they also have a flamin hot which was like if you were the cool kid you’d have that next up is the Lunchables Let’s snack some stacks D: uh Phil, you’re not a cheese fan
P: I’m not D: are you gonna go for this though? P: oh I can smell the cheese, I don’t think I can do it!
D: Oh, that’s uh It smells like it’s been vacuum packed
P: it’s some strong cheese D: This is some American cheese D: Phil, you have to have the cheese
P: oh I don’t want to eat the cheese! D: you have to, you’re the – okay, do you want to swap do you wanna put on the schoolgirl outfit? (P: noo) right. P: oh it’s such a thick slice!
D: come on P: Oh, I can’t do it.
D: People are judging you right now people are going to school with lunchables P: i don’t like cheese though.
D: It barely counts as cheese, Phil, oh come on Yes, who needs a sandwich when you got that? Oh, get over it P: Okay the saltiness of the crackers D: Oh, wow, okay? This is, I wasn’t expecting like a master chef review but go on P: disguising the cheese which is good if it didn’t have the cheese in I would just like whack a stack of these. (D: Mm-hm.) P: We don’t need to eat a Satsuma D: Yeah, y’all know what the fruit is
P: bye D: Phil, the baby bell
P: i’m not eating more cheese! D: the baby bell’s weird because it’s like cheese wrapped in a tiny wax circle
P: it’s so weird! D: and it would always like, like you’d leave this wax container in the Pocket of your coat or something and then you’d find it three months later P: Or there’d always be a kid that could like model stuff out of it
D: model stuff, and then you just like throw it at people I mean look at that that is a weapon in a school P: i actually had a friend called Dustin that would eat the wax though, don’t know if he’s still alive D: Oh, there’s always a Dustin that people make eat the wax come on Phil P: ooooh why did i do this video?
D: i can’t believe you’re such a cheese-phobe P: Not too cheesy,
D: I love me a baby bell to this day
P: and then the Ribena carton I always did this to my cartons before I drank them, is that weird? or
D: does that do anything? D: i don’t –
P: it just – i thought it made it have more liquid in it D; that, that makes – how, how did you do in physics class, Phil? I’m not sure that
P: it makes sense if you’re a kid P: it’s quite sharp
D: be careful, yeah, yeah, ok D: that’s another weapon in British playground. yes, it is this violent. P: Let’s see who can get in one go. Philly first.
D: you’re not puncturing a lung with some adrenaline right now.
P: i missed, you try D: a depth perception test
P: yea, go! ooooh!!! D: Incredible. I’ve peaked. give us give us your finest succ. Yes look at that. There’s not much – you’re dripping already. I warned you about this
P: oh no, i’ve dripped You don’t get much liquid in one of those P: You don’t, it’s like four gulps
D: that is the shit D: Honestly, if you live in a country where you don’t have squash or cordial or the concept of black current (P: Just move!) (P: you need to move!) you need to move, you’re missing out and then like this isn’t something that would be D: now this is something that wouldn’t be included in a lunch box (P: i always got a sweet!) but an important D: Oh right, rich kid an important part of British childhood who’s going to the tuck shop? P: Oh, yeah, which? D: Schools don’t really have sweet shops anymore. cause they figure you pump a child full of sugar.. They don’t really concentrate D:But part of my day was going to the huge line of people buying it and getting that powderrrr P: or I go to the ice-cream P: Van and you can either get a condensated hot dog or an ice cream or both at the same time P: Basically some mysterious white powder and a lollipop D: sherbet.. P:sherbe- Oh no! its everywhere! P: and then you just D: didnt finish the shebert, awww that is stacked! D: do it phil, do it phil! P: Om both: mMmmm A strawberry lollipop, you little anointed in sherbert and lick the sugar ah here. We go yeah. That was a long white powder If you do it too quickly you cough kind of makes you want to sneeze. So for each lunch, box. I have got a snack bonus round. Okay, what have you got representing the UK? Space Raiders! So I’ve got a variety of flavors. We have saucy barbecue. Ooh nice and saucy. Bow chicka wow. Beef. Beef! And pickle onion okay, I’ll try saucy barbecue Why don’t you try beef. Yeah i’ll go for the beef. Each pack has a little alien With facts about them. Wow mine looks skinny. Fight me IRL. Look at this one. Wow your guys hench. I’m scared of him. Who’s crisps give you lore guys, come on. My character’s favorite snack is beef flavored Space Raiders, so he’s eating himself. I can’t say that smells like beef. I smell like beef. I smell like beef. It smells like crisp beef. They’re meant to be the face of aliens. I-I mean I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t look like an alien face. It’s like “Plsss” “Help ME” Okay here we go. It tastes like the smell of a McDonald’s. That’s- hahaha- that’s how I would say this tastes. That is so intense. Was it? So that’s the UK lunch box. What we’re gonna give that out of 10? I’m not giving it a rating out of 10. What? People are gonna come for me i the comments. I’m gonna give it a strong 7 Ok, yeah, good for you. I think it’s like, it’s really endearing. Yeah, how they’re all products. Like none of its homemade, but maybe like a sandwich, maybe a sandwich it’s all very plastic It’s all very chemically, but it’s you know reminds us of the good old 90s when everything was worse. Yeah. Konnichiwa. It’s Japan time! Okay I’m so excited to open this. Apparently some parents have so much fun making the different objects of food. They’re not ready for this. They’re not ready. Look at that. Look at that! So Phil guide me through this. Have spicy chicken onigiri and an avocado Maki roll. Oh my god It like a little cupcake thing. That’s so cute. But not just that there’s a cute little tomato friend soy sauce. Everything should have a face. Okay well give- Give me some soy with our little tomato friend. If you got out anything in this delicate in a British playground Someone would just, like, throw it. It would not last. I want the spicy one. Okay, you have your little rice triangle- Okay, here we go. -and i’ll have the seaweed one. Mm! I mean- I know I love sushi. It’s sushi! This is what I’ve been craving. That’s why we’re making the video. To be honest if I could choose a lunch nowadays I’d probably go for this. Egg. I love how the egg is a cute little rectangle. Literally looks like a cartoon. They find a way to oh my god. Gudetama. It’s gudetama in real life. Oh Gudetama no! That’s got some wasabi in here or something. Wasabi egg. That is delicious. That is good right? And a lot tastier than the Lunchables. Yes I’m gonna put it that way. So- So far And then forget the dip dab. What is this? A cat face shaped Dorayaki bite. Is that melon on the top? Oh, okay, so it’s like a little sponge. It’s a little pancake. Filled with some strawberry cre- Oh, and then it has a melon cat on it. Look at it. It’s a pancake. I’m sorry Dip Dab. Oh, it’s more of like an American pancake because it’s nice and fluffy not like a a crepe which is basically an English pancake It’s like a tiny bit of iHop in my mouth. Well that was small, but it was beautiful-ly presented. Well, Dan, the good thing about bento boxes is this two layers Oh my god, okay. The shapes! So if you’re wondering who had mad knife skills. Yeah, I’m about to say did you make all this? No, you can actually buy cutters that cut these out into shapes. So if someone’s making a lunch box for their child they can playfully cut everything into shape so here we have some edamame with a carrot fish. You’re using your fingers a lot. Oh sorry yeah rude. In the traditional Japanese. Would you individually eat and bomb a beans with chopsticks? I think you would. Bean. And then what are these here? They are octopus sausages. Everything must be cute. It has to be cute, okay, so it’s- Kawaii -an octopus or a squid. Was this with the star on? We’re gonna get to that. Okay, fine. And then we have some rabbit apples on a bed of melon clouds. Excuse me. It’s an apple rabbit. Look at that. Rest in peace Flopsy, The rabbit has no face. Oops. Oh, no, the grass is removed you’re destroying the presentation. So, then what is this under the mystery star? That would be fermented soybeans. Noooo We did this when we went to Tokyo. I know. Oh god. Okay. Okay. I got it so you can experience it again. It’s like a flashback to our holiday. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, but here we are Appreciating culture. Oh it’s so sticky Why does it have Like a condensed milk trail So you’re meant to put a little bit of mayonnaise a little bit of mustard on it to make it- a lit That is the smallest purest mustard container the world has ever seen. I’m gonna die. I feel like I’m just gonna- I’m just gonna squeeze this rectangle yeah, that’s gonna help hide that and a little bit of mayo. mustard and mayo? It’s like some weird I’ll have everything on my hotdog. Sure. As I ate all the cheese, I think you need to eat this one. Is me eating fermented soybeans really you eating a lunchable slice? Yes! Down it fresher. This is school lunches not university peer pressure. Mmm congealy strings. I-I literally don’t even know what that is. You can do it. Describe the flavors. It tasted like “Oh mayonnaise ooh a lot of mustard that’s spicy and under what’s that underneath you take a bean right which is like the bland mushy nothing and then also a bit of like oh this is tinned food like some some tinned tuna or something and then combine it together – just one smoky Hell bean Well done eating it. I mean Phil I had some Babybel and something come on a single bean. Oh, I’m scared. Come on, get those strings in your mouth. Mmmm. Oh no! Cancel! It’s like cob webs. Phil It’s attached to your hand! No! You’re rubbing it on your face It’s still there! I need a space raider. Whoo! Just annihilate my palate. And you’re gonna need something to wash this down. Absolutely. Don’t worry it’s not squid juice. I wasn’t thinking that. I have got a Pokemon drink. It’s Sun and Moon official merch. Look at, look at Litton. Getting lit with your drinky. I think it’s got a ramune okay There’s something about the being of marble in the top – stop it coming out And then you have to like whack the marble into the ring I you just said the whole process that I’ve never encountered before. It’s in Japanese, so I don’t know what it says. That’s the marble. right so you can’t open that and you can’t like unscrew it. No. And then this. Okay. Is your marble plunger, so you need to put that right on top of here. Oh my god it’s like like I’m solving a puzzle or something, And then whack it in. I’ve got it. Harder! Whoo! Wow. Okay. There it goes. That seems so unnecessary. Why don’t you just have a screw cap? I don’t know why is so intricate but I love it. It’s Pikachu’s tears. Melon flavor? Melon! I think. Ah, that is delicious. It’s like fizzy flavored water. Yeah? But, the complete opposite of like, a lilt or an iron brew. Don’t worry we’re not gonna end on that sour note. Sour. I did get a reward. Okay. Oh, I know the Japanese bonus snack Okay, doughnut biscuits. Right again cute animals. I’m with it. And then some caramel corn flavored shrimp? That’s a lot of things combined into one object there. I think they’re just crisps. Okay fine, let’s go for that crisps first. Okay? What is caramel corn. That’s like an American flavor isn’t it? It’s like candy corn. Right, so, it’s supposed to look like a shrimp. Yeah. It’s like deep-frying potato chips in sugar. Japan, you’ve managed to improve everything. Oh look at those. There we go. Aww. Alright, I’m gonna take one. These look like mini donuts! Do they have a flavor is I’m guessing it’s just like sugar. Yeah. That is sweet. Just sugar in the shape of a circle. I’ll take that over a soybean any day of the week. How do you rate the Japanese box Dan? I mean firstly on presentation no offense Mr. Man London, Underground, but you can’t even compare how ugly is Western culture? So ugly. Granted Why are you even trying I don’t know like it was not just a nice eating thing like it teaches young people to appreciate beauty you just have to show a face on anything. I’m gonna give the Japan lunch box an eight. Wow. You’ve done it Phil. I’ve done it. Your rating system. You crazy guy. downhill from the fermented soybeans Yeah, they have some pickled fishy things as well some other things that you might find strange. Yeah, but overall presentation and flavors is a beautiful experience you gotta think about the environment I mean you take one of those bento boxes into a British school. Someone’s just gonna throw over the fence into a train It’s true. How would you have the time to undo your little soy sauce tomato go like that no it in England It’s like sublime little Lunchables, and then duck. I hope you enjoyed this video. I enjoyed being here Provide to me and to be honest gonna keep that this you know it’s not a cheese suit It’s not a squid sooo. I think we’ve done quite Well for ourselves here definitely and keep it on prove it so as I said we are obsessed with this Japanese who has made all Spiders to make this video, and thanks to crunchyroll. We are able to give you a 30 day trial of crunchyroll premium Yeah, this is something that you can get on any of your devices. Hey CJ You can log in watch all this anime no adverts boom and then you’ll ruin your life like us just go to crunchyroll.com for slash Phil or slash Dan I think they did that do a Little sorry for me if they I must include Dan And you can get your 30 day trial is a perfect thing for when your binge-watching stuff over Christmas. Just yes some anime Also watching another show called the ancient Meeker spry. Yeah, I hope on my live shows about how that’s made me cry – IDO, that’s School there’s my hero academia. My gosh is a superhero School and I’m so good this one for everything your whole festive season is sorted where they stood is down the drain that anime drain yeah, so if you enjoyed this video Please give us a thumbs up you can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. Click on Dan’s down there We’re also making a video every day leading up to Christmas. Oh yeah, I mean turn off so much content That is one here, and I can handle check that out pokey good Maybe don’t you fermented soybeans unless you want to. Bye! Bye!