Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going
to show you a plugin called ultra vid now this plugin is pretty cool you can use it
to pull videos from YouTube onto your website automatically create posts it’s like a vlog
or an automatic video blogging plug-in I’ve reviewed some of these before you can check
out the playlist it’ll come up in one of these cards this one is very similar with one exception
this plug-in allows and forces your viewers to interact with your videos it engages them
and gets them to do something so they’re gonna share your video subscribe to your auto responder
they’re gonna perform some action click on some ads or something in order to continue
watching or to watch that video so this is good for your site because it gets interaction
it’s good for your videos because it encourages sharing and it helps you build your list etc.
it’s very easy to use I have the pro version here I recommend using the pro version it’s
just a little cleaner you can do a little extra things it’s got some sitemaps extra
settings stuff like that after you have it loaded up you can type in a search so I am
gonna search for my videos so I’ll just type in my name and hit Search and you can see
a whole bunch of videos populated right here I don’t have that many videos out but that’s
how many are for my name we’re gonna choose these two now you can choose as many as you
want if you’re confused about what the video is you can just click on it and it pops up
right here and you can watch the video skim through it to see if that is the video you
were thinking of otherwise it’s real simple just check the boxes and away you go you can
load more once they’re loaded and you’ve checked the ones you want you can choose which category
you’d like it to go to I’ll throw them in on categorize for now what you want to do
with the post what type of campaign you want to run with the video so here there are several
options share so this will force the people who visit your website to share the video
on face book prior to watching the video so they won’t be able to click play until they
click that share button they could sign up the custom code so if you have some other
action click an ad in the video sign up to your list to continue watching or share to
continue watching so that means at some point during the video you can set that so I’ll
show you here you can set it to be at whatever time limit you want so if you have a video
that you think gets really good about midway through or 300 seconds in you can put it right
there and just when the when it’s starting to get good you can have a pop-up come up
and say Oh share to continue watching and they’re gonna click share because they’re
invested in that video and they want to keep going you can also do click ads to continue
our custom code to continue so you have four options share sign up custom or click ads
and you can do it either before your video or during your video so I’m going to do it
before so we have a chance to see at work and then you can also integrate the whole
thing with Amazon affiliate products that come underneath your video to monetize them
so for the videos we chose here that are mine that really aren’t any products to monetize
with those but let’s say you have a popular blog for camping products and you wanted to
throw some camping products underneath all your videos you can do so and you can get
paid for referring people to Amazon which is super cool so it’s not only a video blog
plug-in it’s also an Amazon affiliate plugin for now we’re gonna throw in affiliate and
then we’re gonna click continue and you’ll see here our two videos with all of the tags
from YouTube and you can choose what you want to have displayed this is the only downfall
with this plug-in it would be really cool if you could check both boxes and have the
video description showing up underneath your video and the text to content underneath your
video because this text of content is so awesome for SEO if you check out my website Spencer
Coffman dot com and you check out all of the videos you’ll see that underneath I have all
the transcripts for these videos and my site is ranking very high on these search keywords
because I have all of this spoken text on my website the Google BOTS and other BOTS
love the naturally spoken content because it sounds like a real human typed it rather
than just something generated if you read through this description it doesn’t sound
like someone’s talking whereas if you read through this it sounds like someone is talking
and the bots love that so that’s why I think it’d be really cool if this plugin would allow
it to be both because then you’d have the appealing to the eye aesthetically pleasing
YouTube description along with the blog links and such and you’d have this excellent spoken
words so since we can’t do both I’m gonna do one and then the other so I’m gonna do
the description for this one and then the spoken text for this one so you can see how
they look and how they compare and once you’re done checking that you hit post all and you
can see here it says videos posted check your blog so we’re heading and I’m gonna run over
here to our posts and we’ll view all the posts and here they are so let’s view this one okay
so here’s the first one nice title up there thumbnail image here’s the video so now remember
we did share so it says please share this video to continue share on Facebook or share
on Twitter so let’s hit Twitter now I’m going to close that and you’ll notice there’s a
cheat on the plug-in because I didn’t share this video so that is one thing it doesn’t
really see people all the way through to sharing it how could it I mean it would have to do
something with a little bit more of a social media integration another thing is it only
allows people to share on Facebook and Twitter so you’re only capturing those two audiences
if in fact they do follow through and share it because as you see I just closed out the
window and the video plays here is the description so it copied that description in this is a
WordPress setting it converts some links to text I don’t like that you can get a different
plug-in to make any HTTP link clickable I can put that in the description below so you
can grab that plug-in so that all of these would be clickable and then you wouldn’t have
to go through and hyperlink them you can see some social media stuff there all the tags
and then this is the theme aspect down here now let’s take a look at the other one this
is the one with the naturally spoken content beneath it again here’s the video you can
share it on Facebook or Twitter close that and the video plays that’s the way that goes
here is all of the naturally spoken content now this kind of looks bad because it looks
like a big block of text no one’s gonna want to read that it’s kind of an eyesore but that’s
how it’s posted if you check out my website you’ll see I put it in a collapsible element
but I put it just like this so it is an eyesore but it’s collapsible so it can’t be seen so
that’s why I think it’d be cool if this plug-in would allow it to do both because then you
could have the aesthetically pleasing stuff right underneath the video and then further
down you would have this not aesthetically pleasing stuff now one thing I want to mention
is there aren’t any Amazon affiliate products showing up underneath here even though we
used the affiliate keyword so let’s go back here and we’re going to search for a couple
different videos to see if we can get some Amazon products showing up underneath them
I’m gonna do camping it’s a pretty popular affiliate referral so let’s choose this one
right there we’ll go down on categorize share to watch and we’re gonna choose Camping know
Amazon suggestions phone see so there is a problem with this portion of it that it’s
not retrieving anything try that one nothing what if we search with no keyword so the amazon
feature isn’t working properly with this plugin which is or is not a major disappointment
depending on why you want the plug-in it is possible a little update that’s a minor issue
the main thing is that this plug-in looks cool works good and it adds a nice dynamic
posts to your site has auto responder integration so you can get get response Aweber or Mail
Chimp so if you’re not using one of them then you may have a problem keep that in mind if
you’re using get response aweber or mail chimp this would be excellent for you you can have
people enter in their emails before or during a video to capture leads and help boost your
site now one thing to note is that this plug-in does not run on autopilot so you have to manually
retrieve the videos it’s not an autopilot blog builder it’s a manual builder you go
in you type in the keywords you find the video you set up the post you post it there it is
so if that’s what you’re looking for this plug-in is for you it works well it’s a pretty
cool plugin with a couple modifications it could be really awesome and we hope that that’ll
happen up in the future until then stay tuned to this channel subscribe keep up to date
on the current videos check out the other Auto blog and vlog building plugins I think
you’ll find some there that you like until next time