How often life do we truly think for ourselves We go around looking for answers trying to find something anywhere and anything and other people We try to find something to give us an answer to everything As we go day by day Doing the same thing, but expecting the same result We think we understand so much of the world around us. We think we understand ourselves But do we truly understand ourselves or are we just doing things to avoid what’s within us to Avoid facing those problems to avoid thinking about what bothers us Makes us feel anxiety or stress or to feel depressed Do we really know who we are or You would go about life Pretending and saying we know when we really have no idea Always searching for answers externally trying to find them in others trying to find things to fill the void with emptiness and the answers that Aren’t there yet? We have all these questions that we want to ask these things that we worry about We put out into the world and say that we’re so happy We put out there and say hey Look Just look Look at how happy I am How happy my life is look at all of these exciting things But just beneath the surface of that behind the mask and the fake smiles Surely lies the answer That is of what we are We go around pretending to be things. We’re not And we say we’re happy yet at the same time only searching trying to find the answer to What is the meaning Why are we doing this? why am I doing this and We’re always worried about what everybody thinks We’re always worried about if everybody were except us We’re always worried about If everybody’s going to like who we are We say we understand ourselves we keep going around saying that and Yet We just repeat what other people have said We say that we think for ourselves and then we have our own ideas original ideas then we’ve come up with But are they real err things you’ve thought about or ideas that you’ve had or? Has it been something other people have said to make you come to that conclusion We are to think for ourselves more often because if we don’t We’re just taking the hands of others and everybody around us and then saying that that that there’s our thought how much of our own thoughts are actually opinions that are judgments of others that form In your own mind Along go thinking that you know yourself that you understand yourself How can you go out in the world trying to help others trying to change so many lives if you can’t even change What is within you? It’s like a storm coming to shore Saying that it’s gonna put order to everything But all it brings is more chaos because within it is a storm raging unanswered questions Lost in the void of itself and In the storm, it looks so calm and that is the mass that it wears for the world to see To pretend that they’re so happy That they’re so calm collective quiet and peaceful Be it just on the outer edges of that As you peer into their eyes the eye of the storm That is what you see within the lies dormant The storm that rages within them that they hide all that chaos all that sadness and anxiety everything that bothers them that they just have bottled up inside But they never let out That they’ll hold within and then one day eventually releases and Then they say I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I Don’t know why I was like that But they’ve got this mask on the nobody is able to see through and Just when the cracks the mayor started show They fill in those cracks and try to fill in the void with anything they can externally So the nobody can see it So they’ve pain image of themselves as something that they’re not forever be able to see and When these cracks start to reveal who they are they hide it they conceal their identity The Hydra they really are or things that bother them What they truly think of What is their original ideas? We need to learn to formulate and think for ourselves to be the person that we want to be Not because of the world tells us of how we should be Don’t live by the pains of everybody else Start forming opinions of yourself of your own judgment Only from there. Can you avoid? being the storm that Pretends that they’re so calm And as the I that storm comes ashore It doesn’t bring order it only brings chaos So if you want to go into the world peacefully and to live happily For yourself and others around you Embrace the other side of yourself The side of yourself you push aside That side of yourself that you don’t want to face left side yourself that doesn’t really ask the questions of What am I doing? And what am I? Embrace the other side of you and with that you won’t have anything to hide you can truly be yourself and Truly under stand yourself Then from then on You won’t have to be that storm Pretending to be a cool breeze in the summer You can be more than that You can be the storm from within and understand it Learn what you are and move forward from there Because by understanding yourself from within You can understand the world around you externally