You You know when you’re a kid you’re very creative you’ve got a lot of ideas and things that you want to do and Then as you get older you start losing that creativity You start losing that drive that Passion to do things that you enjoy The world just takes away from you all that creativity They tell you to conform to not be creative to not be different to not think differently to be like everybody else and then you have groups and identities and everybody wants to associate with different groups and identities and then they don’t get along and then the people that are different they all become the same and then at what point are You to be an individual? How are you to be yourself? independent Everybody’s telling you how to be what to be where to go what to do with your life Where to work what things you should follow how it should be how you shouldn’t be? How are you supposed to find yourself to find who you are and what you are if? Your entire identity is dependent on that of which others think of you or what everybody else tells you that you should be Take time to yourself Take some time to think about who you are What you’re doing? Where you’re going in life? Think about the events and the actions that you’ve taken in life to get to where you are look back in those creative moments and think Whatever happened to that why did I listen to all the people that told me the things that I couldn’t be and then I didn’t pursue them and Most of the times when people tell you that you can’t do something It’s because they have an inner jealousy inside of them they don’t want to see you succeed because That fear the fear of seeing you succeed is something Reminds them of their failures. It reminds them of something that they weren’t able to accomplish in life So they try to taro buddy down around them But look back on it think of when you’re more creative When you’re more free When you were just yourself Going out there and doing that you enjoy living life on your terms So just be yourself do it makes you happy most importantly do what’s right and What’s right for you?