Now it’s all about the second half of the season. We know it’s a crucial match. And we also know it’s a knockout tie over 180 minutes. We’re going to London to give our all as we always do. We’re a great team. The quality of the players is incredible. If we believe in ourselves, we can achieve everything we want to. I’m well. I’m slowly finding my rhythm. Yesterday I played 90 minutes for the first time after a long lay-off. I’m gradually feeling better and I hope to be 100% fit again as soon as possible. Injuries are never good. I think it’s made me stronger in terms of me being more mature and knowing my body better. It can only get better after these two injuries and I hope I can win titles again now. That’s the most important thing for me and the club. Since I was little, I’ve thought football meant enjoying life. I’ve always enjoyed playing football. Today, I think you have to enjoy life and be grateful. That’s what I try to embody on the pitch: Feeling happy and cheerful. I’m a very happy and cheerful sort of guy. I show that in training and away from the pitch. Yes, I’ve gradually settled in here in Munich. It’s obvious language is the most important thing. I go to a lot of German lessons but I can’t speak the language yet. I’m gradually understanding the coach and my team-mates better and better. I hope I can settle in as soon as possible. I’ve not been here long and I hope that I can talk to the coach and my team-mates in German next season. I really can’t wait to play these games. I want to enjoy it. I want to have fun on the pitch, as that’s where I feel most at home. Both myself and the team can hardly wait for the game and it’s the most important phase of the season where we’re fighting for titles. We want to make our fans and the club really happy. Chelsea are currently in a state of transition to a new era – with new, young players. They’re doing a very good job. It will be an interesting game for the fans. It will be a really big game where we have to be focused for 90 minutes because that will be very important. The people are mad about football. There’s a great atmosphere. English football is different. It’s more physical. We’ll have to impose ourselves – the game will demand that and we’ll have to show it. The first leg is very important – even more so because we’re away from home. A good result can really help us. It won’t be easy. We’ll fight from the start. We mustn’t forget we have the second leg at home and that’s very important. We have to know how to deal with things if Chelsea apply a lot of pressure, as they are playing on their home field. We have to know how to deal with difficult situations because we have to stay calm, take our chances and remain solid in defence. The second leg at home will be completely different from the game in London. We have to be clinical as it’s a Round of 16 tie – and anything can happen in the Champions League.